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Welcome to Hope Valley
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The inquiry begins, and Nathan starts to question his own actions. Meanwhile, a new family, the Canfields, buy Gowen's cabin and Elizabeth welcomes them to Hope Valley. Lee's sister and niece arrive in Hope Valley.

Past Episodes

A geyser erupts at the oil rig and everyone in Hope Valley drops everything to help. Nathan is summoned for an inquiry by a Mountie from his past and Jesse takes a liking to driving Lee's motorcycle.
Honestly, Elizabeth
Teryl Rothery guest stars as Helen Bouchard, who starts the edits of Elizabeth's manuscript. When Lee gets injured, a newcomer's words of comfort cause Rosemary to reflect on what she wants in life.
Elizabeth has finished her manuscript. A visitor causes trouble for Nathan and Allie. Rosemary and Lee cut their trip short. Faith arrives back from medical school. Clara and Jesse haven't been getting along.