Sunday February 24
8:00 PM/ 7:00C
  • A legendary Circuit Judge (James Brolin) visits Coal Valley, and Elizabeth and Jack take an important step in their relationship.
  • Jack's return to town — and to Elizabeth — is complicated by the arrival of gorgeous big-city actress.
  • Saying goodbye to Jack has left Elizabeth heartbroken, but she tries to stay strong.
  • A determined Jack properly asks Elizabeth for a dinner date, finally making his romantic intentions clear.
  • Elizabeth and Abigail move into the rooms above Abigail’s cafe, starting a new chapter of their lives.
  • Jack and Elizabeth are at odds after Jack accidentally insults her as he fumbles to confess his feelings.
  • Elizabeth is caught between overprotective Jack and new miner Billy Hamilton.
  • When a group of new male miners comes to Coal Valley, many of the town's women get caught up in the prospect of the single men.
  • After discovering new evidence, Jack investigates a surprising suspect in the church arson case.
  • Elizabeth helps a mute student, while Jack investigates the mysterious circumstances surrounding the burning of a church.