Past Episodes

Lost & Found
When a wooden plank inscribed with a sentimental message is discovered in the mine, new constable Jack Thornton tries to discover the plank's rightful owner; Elizabeth struggles with capturing the enthusiasm of her students.
Cease & Desist
When all the widows in Coal Valley receive eviction notices from the Coal Company to make way for new miner recruits, Elizabeth hatches a plan to keep the widows from moving out of the only town they know. Stars Erin Krakow.
Secrets and Lies
Schoolteacher Elizabeth and Constable Jack's relationship starts to heat up as they are forced to spend more time with each other. They especially bond in the wake of their shocking arrest of widowed mother Cat Montgomery.
A Telling Silence
Elizabeth helps a mute student who is struggling to cope with the death of her father; Jack investigates the mysterious circumstances surrounding the burning of Coal Valley's only church. Stars Erin Krakow, Daniel Lissing.
The Dance
Abigail takes in a very pregnant widow Carla Noonan to keep an eye on her health while Coal Valley's doctor is away. Meanwhile, the new coal miners arrive to start working while bunking above the saloon.
These Games
Elizabeth is feeling caught between overprotective Jack and new miner Billy Hamilton. When Jack tells her he has proof Billy lied to her, Elizabeth has had enough.
Second Chances
Abigail is encouraged to re-open Coal Valley's dilapidated and abandoned cafe and make it her own after Elizabeth raves about Abigail's baking. Meanwhile, Jack and Elizabeth are at odds after Elizabeth's brief romance.
Perils of the Soloist
Elizabeth and Abigail emotionally move out of the row house and above Abigail's cafe, starting a new chapter and leaving memories behind. Elizabeth learns that she and her students must put on the Coal Valley Founders' Day play.
Change of Heart
A determined Jack properly asks Elizabeth for a dinner date, finally making his romantic intentions clear. Elizabeth is excited, and is in for another very special surprise—an unexpected visit from her younger sister, Julie.
Love Comes First
Saying goodbye to Jack has left Elizabeth heartbroken, but she tries to stay strong in front of her class. Meanwhile, wanting to continue the investigation she started with Jack, Abigail tries to outwit Henry Gowen.