Recap: Before My Very Eyes - Season 8 Episode 7

A health scare has everyone in Hope Valley worried about one of their own. Nathan is finally going to get Allie's adoption finalized. Lucas starts to become suspicious of Christopher's behavior.

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Florence sits by Ned’s beside as he lays unconscious at the infirmary. Meanwhile, at the saloon, Lucas brings Elizabeth some tea and shares news that his father has returned home to his mother. He hopes Elizabeth knows how happy he is to have her in his life. He tries to take her hand but Elizabeth, not wanting to show a public display of affection, withdraws her hand.

Molly brings Florence some soup to eat as Carson and Faith review Ned’s prior diagnosis. Carson blames himself for Ned’s condition; he should have sent Ned to Union City for treatment. Joseph stops by to get Florence’s permission to hold a prayer vigil for Ned.

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Joseph arrives at the saloon to ask Elizabeth to set up a vigil at the schoolhouse. Lucas volunteers to go to the school with Joseph and show him around and warm up the building.

When they arrive, Lucas inquires about Joseph being a pastor. Joseph is a bit hesitant to answer as he feels it may change people’s perspective on him as Pastoring is not his priority. Just then Jesse arrives to help them set up for the vigil.

Back at the saloon, Nathan signs the paperwork with Bill to make Allie’s adoption official. He is thankful for Bill’s help and generosity. As Nathan heads out, he invites Elizabeth to a gathering he is having to celebrate Allie’s adoption. Meanwhile, Rosemary meets Clara to review the ledgers for the dress shop. Clara is worried about Jesse and the fate of the saloon. Rosemary assures her she will save her job.

Christopher and Henry arrive at the saloon soaking wet. Henry offers to pay for his dinner, but Christopher tells him not to worry. Henry passes Rosemary and Clara. Clara wonders if he has seen Jesse, just as he wonders where Rachel is. He asks they send her his best. Just then Lee arrives and Rosemary wonders what he thinks about Henry’s son, because she does not trust him. She is an actress and knows a performance when she sees one.

Elizabeth arrives at the infirmary and learns Carson and Faith have to operate, as it seems Ned’s gallbladder has ruptured. Florence is distraught and saddened that Ned’s daughter Katie is not able to get there to comfort him. Elizabeth stays by Florence as she goes to Ned’s bedside and asks him to get better. Ned promises he will be fine and when he is back on his feet he wants to know if Florence will marry him. Florence says yes!

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Later, Carson finds Faith fast asleep in a bed at the infirmary and covers her with his jacket as he goes outside to get some air. He sees Elizabeth and tells her they did their best, but he is not sure if it was enough to save Ned. Elizabeth tells him they are so glad to have him here in Hope Valley.

At the mercantile, Elizabeth finds Florence frantically working. She is cashing out customers and connecting calls. Elizabeth wonders if she got any sleep. Elizabeth asks if Florence will allow her to get her help and knows the perfect person. Moments later, Rosemary is working the mercantile counter and connecting calls.

Henry chides Christopher for being late to breakfast, telling him when he is here with Henry he must be on time. Lucas and Elizabeth take note and wonder why Henry did not mention his son before. Lucas quotes, “Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not.” Elizabeth wonders if he is trying to tell her something. Lucas does note she is not yet ready to hold his hand in public. She reminds him she was clear about going slow, and Lucas assures her he is happy to wait.

Jesse arrives at the café to find a very curt Clara. As she goes to grab him some breakfast, she admits to Bill she feels like asking Jesse to come home. Bill does not think it’s a bad thing; it sounds like she may be ready to forgive him.

At the jail, Allie and Nathan review her guest list for the adoption celebration. He notices that Allie left off Elizabeth. Allie doesn’t understand why Elizabeth likes Lucas. Nathan counters, why does Robert like Anna? Allie does not think it’s the same. He explains Elizabeth is happy which is what they want for the people they care about. Allie says Elizabeth must not care about them. Nathan insists she does and that is why he should add her back to the guest list.

At the Canfield cabin, Angela asks for a break from her braille lesson to play the piano. Minnie tells Elizabeth that Angela has a gift for being able to learn to play something new just by hearing it once. Elizabeth, hearing the music, thinks it may be a good idea to leave her alone for bit, so they enjoy the beautiful song.

At the infirmary, Faith tells Carson to get some rest. Florence arrives and Faith advises she do the same. Florence refuses as she would like to stay with Ned. Faith gives them privacy as Florence sings to Ned.

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At the café, Elizabeth tells Clara about Jesse’s whereabouts from the other night: he was helping Joseph with a prayer vigil for Ned. Clara finds it odd as Jesse is not religious, so she considers checking in on him.

Nearby Allie and Nathan discuss his statement for the adoption hearing. She asks him just to state he will never leave her. Nathan agrees that is exactly what he’ll say.

At the oil derrick, Henry and Christopher jump in to help the men work. Henry stresses it is important that your crew understand you know the job, so they do not take advantage of you. Christopher is surprised as he thought Henry worked in an office all day. Henry tells Christopher he can go back to Hamilton, but Christopher is not afraid of a little hard work. He’d like to stay and learn. Henry departs as Lucas asks Christopher if he’ll be working with Henry. Christopher says he heard there was a lot of money to be made in oil. Lucas says not so far here, but hopefully Henry can change that. Lucas inquires if Christopher’s accommodations at the saloon are to his liking. Christopher says a bigger room would be nice. As Lucas heads off, it is clear that Christopher is disappointed in the reality he may not be earning as much as he’d hoped in oil.

Lee waits for Rosemary to finish on the phone at the mercantile. Just as he thinks he has a shot to get a word in she must connect another call. She asks Lee to go donate blood for Ned as he waits.

Lee takes the time to visit Bill and ask if anyone has turned in a pocket watch - the one Christopher stole. Bill takes a look but does not find it in the lost and found. Lee sees Bill’s Mountie uniform and asks if he can try it on. Bill earned that jacket and is upset that the Hamilton office has asked him to turn it in. After Lee listens to Bill vent, he allows him to try on the jacket. All Lee can say is, “Wow!”

Carson returns to the infirmary and quickly finds Ned needs another operation. Molly leads a distraught Florence out.

Clara visits the Canfield cabin and takes a look at the swing Jesse built. Joseph greets her and gives his advice; she needs to invite Jesse back home. He explains you cannot reunite a marriage while split apart. He encourages them to enjoy their time together and talk about money later. He’ll be there to help them facilitate that conversation when the time is right.

Back at the saloon, Lucas asks if Lee’s pocket watch has shown up. It’s been a week since it has gone missing. Lucas promises to keep an eye out for it. Lucas heads to Christopher’s room and asks if he knows anything about a missing pocket watch. Christopher says no and sarcastically tells Lucas he’ll keep an eye out for it. Lucas warns Christopher will be on the next stagecoach out of town if he finds he has been pickpocketing in town.

At the schoolhouse Minnie finds Joseph praying. She feels Joseph is meant to pastor in Hope Valley. Joseph insists he gave up pastoring at their previous church as he has other plans. Minnie states pastoring is his calling.

Elizabeth waits outside the infirmary for news on Ned as she made a promise to Florence after walking her home to return and keep an eye on him. Nathan passes and offers her a blanket to keep warm. Elizabeth wonders how preparation for Allie’s adoption is going. Nathan admits this adoption is the single best decision he has ever made in his life. He questions how Dylan could leave his own daughter after her mother died. Elizabeth asks Nathan, “Haven’t you ever lost someone so close to your heart that it tears you apart?” Nathan responds, “Not yet,” and wishes Elizabeth a good night.

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As Elizabeth heads out of the mercantile, she notices Nathan escorting a stolen car out of town. It’s the car Christopher previously ditched. He sees Elizabeth got her invite to the adoption ceremony personally from Allie. Nathan is happy to have Elizabeth join.

Lucas approaches Elizabeth with a gift for Nathan and Allie as he knows she will be attending their ceremony. Elizabeth does not want Lucas to have any secret sorrows, she wants him to share all his joys and sorrows privately and publicly. To that end, she asks Lucas to walk her home. He takes her hand and they begin to walk.

Jesse arrives with flowers in hand and is appalled to find Clara showing Rachel how to shorten her skirt. Rachel excuses herself as Clara tells Jesse she can wear her skirt however she likes. They both angrily part ways and Jesse drops the flowers on the ground outside the shop. Christopher picks them up and gives them to Rachel. He tells her the good news that he is staying in town to work with his father. He is briefly distracted when he sees Nathan with the stolen car. He excuses himself but hopes they continue to run into each other.

Christopher heads to Henry’s office and meets Hickam. Hickam clearly had something to run by Henry but instead decides to let it go and takes Christopher out to train him.

At the infirmary, Ned wakes up to a beautiful sight – Florence. Ned wonders if he asked Florence to marry him when he had a high fever. Florence is nervous his proposal was fever-induced. She is soon happy to learn by the smile on Ned’s face that he is relieved he did not dream up the good news that she accepted his proposal.

At the courthouse Allie, Nathan, and Bill await guests. Nathan is surprised no one has arrived. Just then Elizabeth enters with flowers and the gift from Lucas. Allie quickly grabs both Nathan and Elizabeth’s hands and approaches Bill telling him they can get started as everyone is here. Allie is clearly excited to stand between Nathan and Elizabeth. However, Bill, Nathan and Elizabeth are clearly concerned by Allie’s choice to only invite Elizabeth.