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  • The "When Calls the Heart" season five finale.
  • The widow of Lee's former silent partner arrives and gives Gowen a chance to run a company again, Elizabeth tutors an unexpected new student and the residents of Hope Valley conspire to pull off a surprise.
  • Bill is put in serious jeopardy while transporting AJ to face trial. Abigail tries to save the town from an investor who will hurt Hope Valley. Carson is faced with a life and death medical decision. Elizabeth tries to reunite a mother and her son.
  • Elizabeth assigns her students to follow business leaders in Hope Valley for a day. Meanwhile, Abigail and the town host two possible investors for the failing bank. Bill's life is disrupted when AJ Foster arrives and turns herself in.
  • Jack and Elizabeth's relationship is put to the test. Pastor Frank and Abigail make a decision about their future and Bill helps a young girl solve a mystery.
  • Jack and Elizabeth s plan to get married is put in serious jeopardy and Bill has difficulties transporting a prisoner.
  • Abigail has to figure out how to keep the town s bank afloat. Meanwhile, Elizabeth struggles to understand what troubles one of her young students. Rosemary goes overboard planning Jack and Elizabeth s wedding.
  • Jack and Elizabeth start planning their future; sparks fly between Carson and a new arrival; Elizabeth teaches her students the difference between facts and speculation; the town is put on edge when Lee can’t pay his employees.
  • Elizabeth mentors Julie, who finds teaching more difficult than she imagined; Abigail has to find a way to convince the railroad to build its depot in Hope Valley.
  • Elizabeth’s sister, Julie, visits Hope Valley in her quest to become a teacher; Lee is made acting Sheriff when Abigail and Bill leave town to testify in Gowen’s trial; Carson has problems with a traveling tonic salesmen.