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Recap: The Kiss - Season 8 - Episode 12

Elizabeth has finally realized who she's supposed to be with. Big changes are coming to Hope Valley. The town rallies together to say goodbye and good luck to one of their own.

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After what happened with Nathan and Lucas, Elizabeth’s world feels like it is crashing down. She needs her best friend now more than ever and heads over to Rosemary’s with a basket of muffins. Rosemary accepts the apology. As they sit and enjoy the muffins, Rosemary explains with regard to Elizabeth’s love triangle that some people come into our lives for a reason, some for a season - like Jack - and others for a lifetime. Elizabeth needs to find out who may be in her life for a lifetime.

Nathan rides into town. He tells Lee that Jesse is still missing but the break in the weather is allowing his team to resume the search early. Nearby, Hickam is registering those who want to run for Mayor. Bill checks in to see who his competition may be. As of right now, Hickam reports he is running unopposed.

Faith hurries into the infirmary to talk to Carson. She is shocked to find all of his bags packed alongside his guitar. Clearly, he is leaving Hope Valley.

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Faith finds Carson at café. He had no intention of leaving without saying goodbye. Carson needed more time to figure out just how to say it as it hurts even to think about it. Faith understands and leaves to give him some space. Minnie approaches and thanks Carson. Angela lost her vision to measles when a doctor refused to help her. Minnie thanks Carson for being different and helping to remove that bitterness for doctors from her heart.

Bill checks in with Hickam to see if anyone else signed up to run for Mayor. Fiona and Henry approach and jokingly claim they are running as well. After going along with the joke to pull Bill’s leg, Hickam gives Fiona an update. His oil idea worked, and he is ready to present to Henry. Fiona is excited for Him. She also has good news, but it will have to wait until later. As she moves off, Hickam asks about her to really registering to run for Mayor. Fiona does not know if anyone would vote for her. Hickam reminds she has never let anything stop her.

At Henry’s office, Henry tells Bill he has tried his best to ensure the safety of the mine. However, he leaves Bill a list of names in case anyone wants to open up a case against it. Bill notices Henry’s name on the list and raises the fact that if Henry is convicted, he will go to prison. Bill feels like Henry is trying to clean his slate and say goodbye. Henry does not confirm or deny if this is a goodbye, saying “people come and go.”

At Lee’s office Rosemary is on the telephone, hunting leads on a story about Wyman’s dealings in Hope Valley, as Allie delivers her breakfast and Robert delivers her mail. Lee, finding it hard to concentrate on his own work in his own office, prompts Rosemary to share her title as Editor-in-Chief and gives her a thumbs up on the new paper name, “The Valley Voice.”

Elizabeth finds Lucas at the café. She is surprised he is not eating at the saloon. He is actually conducting business. As Elizabeth tries to talk to him about the other night, Wyman appears to get into a conversation with Lucas.

Elizabeth heads to the kitchen to break the news to Minnie that the county is threatening to close the school if Angela attends. Despite that, Elizabeth still wants Angela to attend the first day of school as she has a right to her education even if no other student shows up. Minnie does not agree and tells her Angela will not be going.

At the schoolhouse, Lee checks out Joseph’s progress on the bell. Lee is feeling useless these days as he does not have a skill. He sells lumber and watches other people build something with it. He wonders how he - like Joseph - may identify his calling. Joseph says everyone is unique and if Lee keeps his heart and mind open, he will find it.

Back at Lee’s office - now really Rosemary’s paper headquarters - Elizabeth tells Rosemary about her issue with Landis. If Angela shows up at school, Landis is going to shut it down. Elizabeth hopes Rosemary can write an article about it for the paper to possibly help highlight the injustice. Rosemary thinks it’s a great idea and gets to work. Elizabeth finds herself drawn to the window and sees Lucas outside the saloon. Rosemary wonders if they have talked yet. Elizabeth admits she has not yet been able to talk to Lucas or Nathan. She feels lost. Rosemary says Elizabeth is lost between two admirable men, but she will find her way.

Robert gives Lucas a package. It was meant for Elizabeth but is labeled care of Lucas. Lucas realizes why. The package is from his mother, Helen. It appears to be Elizabeth’s manuscript.

At the infirmary, Carson apologies for making Faith second-guess her skills. She is excellent at what she does, and Carson wants her to know that. Faith gives him a tearful hug. She does not know how she’ll say goodbye to him at the stagecoach.

Hickam finds Henry at the oil derrick. He is prepared to share his idea but before he does Henry has some news. He feels confident in leaving the company in Hickam’s hands. Henry gives him a firm handshake to seal the deal before heading off. Hickam is stunned.

At the row house, Lucas arrives with the package, only to find Robert there. Elizabeth is not home, so he leaves the package and heads off.

While taking a break at the schoolhouse, Minnie and Joseph talk about their next moves now that they know Angela cannot attend school. Joseph is willing to keep moving down the road, however, he feels like Minnie told him prior, it’s time to stop running and take on anything that stops their daughter from being all she can be.

At the café, Lee finds Clara and keeps her company. Jesse is still missing and Lee hopes to take her mind off things by helping to make a cake for Jesse that will be ready when he comes back.

At the infirmary, it’s time for Carson to give his final goodbye. As he steps onto main street the whole town claps for him. Carson wonders if Faith arranged it. Faith says no, he is just really loved by everyone.

Carson Says Goodbye - When Calls the Heart

Clara and Lee hear the clapping and realize it is time to say goodbye to Carson. Just then Lee finds Carson’s ring in the flower. They rush out to give it to him before he leaves. As they stand behind the stagecoach, Carson takes the ring. He says it’s the “last brass ring he could never catch.”
Faith looks on at the stagecoach. It pulls away, revealing Lee and Clara waving goodbye. Faith’s face falls a little. Fiona asks if she is okay. Faith admits part of her thought Carson would still be there when the stagecoach pulled off.

Suddenly, Elizabeth spots Nathan. She shouts for Clara as he is not alone. Jesse is with him! Clara runs to greet Jesse. Elizabeth thanks Nathan and tells him she is glad he is safe. Nathan tips his hat to her and rides off. Lucas witnessed the exchange and dejectedly enters the saloon.

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Elizabeth finds Nathan at the jailhouse. She is thankful that Nathan came to town as she could not have asked for a more courageous, selfless, good man to watch over and care for her in Jack’s absence. However, she also realizes she was trying to find Jack in Nathan. That was not fair of her. She apologizes, saying she loves Nathan but admits she is not in love with him. Later in her journal, Elizabeth writes Nathan is not her lifetime, but she hopes they’ll have a deep friendship as he will always matter to her.

At the café, Jesse and Clara wonder why Bill has let Wyman go. Bill explains since they got their money back and there are no other charges, he could not hold him. Clara feels people will feel differently about dealing with him once they read about him in the paper. Bill is not so sure as Wyman did make legitimate investments in local properties, anticipating growth in town. Jesse is just glad they got their money back, while Clara is just glad to have Jesse back.

At the cabin, Angela is nervous about school. Joseph enters and lets Cooper know the bell is installed and ready for him ring. Minnie urges Angela to explain why she is nervous. Angela fears school will close for everyone if she goes. Minnie asks her to trust other parents and students to believe she belongs.

Back at their office, Lee helps Rosemary set up a press to get her paper out by the morning. Rosemary appreciates Lee’s support. He admits to being a little jealous as she has so obviously found her purpose.

Nathan enters the saloon after hours to talk to Lucas about the Pinkertons arriving in town to stir things up. He also tells Lucas about his conversation with Elizabeth and how she is not in love with him. He is not surprised, as what they shared is not the same as what it seems she shares with Lucas. Elizabeth’s heart has always been with Lucas. Lucas is not sure what they share and admits he got a good offer on the saloon, so he is inclined to take it and leave. Nathan can’t tell him what to do but encourages him to stay in town. He adds if the Pinkertons give Lucas any trouble he’s got his back.

At the row house, Elizabeth opens the package from Helen. It is her manuscript titled, “A Single Mother on the Frontier.” Elizabeth is overcome with emotion and realizes what she must do. She looks at her wedding ring and decides to take it off.

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The next morning, Lee finds Rosemary asleep at her typewriter. He has arrived with coffee and the morning paper – her morning paper! Rosemary finds it so exciting, fearing it was all just a dream. She was so eager to get it done on her own but realizes to do this right she needs a staff, a printing press, and an office. Lee wonders if she means his office. Rosemary counters with, “our office.”

At the café Lucas looks over the deed of sale for the saloon. Meanwhile, at the row house Elizabeth gives Robert an important letter for him to deliver to Lucas. Robert delivers Elizabeth a copy of “The Valley Voice.” He has delivered one to everyone’s door.

On Main Street, Lucas tries to convince Henry not to leave. Henry says the saloon, the hotel, and business does not matter. Lucas wonders, what does? Henry is going to find out as it must be more than fleeting pleasures. He is looking for what will bring him true comfort. Lucas wishes him good luck. Henry drives off after taking a look at the sign for Abigail’s Café.

Jesse and Clara head off for a second honeymoon as Lee gave him time off after being lost in the woods. Clara thanks Bill for all of his support.

Julius Spurlock rolls into town as Bill and Nathan watch. Bill recognizes him as he got into it with Wyman in front of his office. Nathan feels the Pinkertons are going to be around for a while. As he heads off, Molly passes and Bill takes the opportunity to ask her out to coffee.

Elizabeth and Landis await students to arrive at the schoolhouse. Landis believes no one is going to show up.

Meanwhile, at the cabin, Minnie finishes helping Angela get ready for school. As Cooper and Angela head out the door, they are surprised to find all the students and parents ready to walk with Angela to school.

Shortly after, Cooper runs into the schoolhouse to ring the new bell, telling Elizabeth and Landis all the students and parents are coming with Angela to school.

Meanwhile, Ned arrives at the mercantile and Florence is delighted to see him. He apologizes for being gone so long but shows Florence why. He has invented an adhesive bandage for minor cuts and bruises.

Fiona finds Hickam at Henry’s office. Hickam says it has been a unique few days with Henry giving him the business and running for Mayor. Fiona adds plus a new beau. She reaches out to sweetly adjust Hickam’s time. He realizes she meant bowtie. He asks about her news. Fiona’s old friend back home is willing to put up half the money to fund the oil pipeline. They head out of the office and Fiona gives Hickam a ride on her motorcycle.

Nathan and Faith Need Time to Heal - When Calls the Heart

Nearby, Faith bandages a cut on Nathan’s hand. As she works, Nathan asks how she is doing now that Carson is gone. Faith says like any wound it will take time to heal. Nathan knows the feeling.

Lee finds Rosemary at her typewriter with news. He know what his purpose is. Rosemary says, “You’re going to run for mayor.” Lee wonders how she knew. Rosemary reminds him she has a nose for news.

After school lets out Landis tells Elizabeth he cannot promise anything, but he’s seen how one student can affect an entire class. Elizabeth says it was in the best way, and they should work together. Landis states again he cannot make any promises and leaves. Robert arrives with Little Jack and the letter she gave him to deliver to Lucas. Robert tells her the saloon was closed and the doors were locked.

Elizabeth rushes to the saloon looking for Lucas. Rosemary and Lee arrive, and a panicked Elizabeth asks if they have seen Lucas. Lee says he saw Lucas in his car heading out of town. Elizabeth runs to see if she spots his car with no luck.

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Elizabeth and Lucas Kiss - When Calls the Heart

Elizabeth stands alone in reflection at the bridge. Suddenly, Lucas arrives, saying he’d hoped to find her here. She rushes into his arms and they kiss passionately in a moment that was a long time coming. Elizabeth says she just needed time. Lucas reminds her that he’d wait as long as he has to. She is all that matters. Lucas notices she has taken off her ring. Elizabeth simply says, “Thank you for waiting for me.”

Later that night at the saloon, Lucas arrives for a private event at the library. Inside he finds Elizabeth in a beautiful dress surrounded by candles. She gives him some champagne and invites him to sit down. She thanks him for coming to the reading of her latest work, “A Single Mother on the Frontier.” The publishing of the book is due to a very handsome man. However, instead of reading from the book, Elizabeth reads from her heart a story of a woman who fell in love with a kind, patient, and thoughtful man. Lucas wonders when the man’s side of the story about falling in love with a selfless, sweet woman will be told. Elizabeth says for now she is all out of words and gives Lucas a kiss.