Season Premiere Sun March 6 8/7c

Don't Go
Elizabeth hears good news about her book. Lee gets a surprise that stirs up wounds from his past. A prisoner transfer goes terribly wrong for Nathan. Fiona tries to find a way to stay in Hope Valley. Lucas makes a last-ditch effort to preserve his partnership in Gowen Petroleum.
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New Possibilities
Elizabeth and Nathan try to resolve their differences. Rosemary learns a secret about Lee’s past. Elizabeth feels betrayed by Lucas, but helps him get the oil company’s financial records from Gowen. Nathan goes undercover for a case. Fiona deals with bad news.
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Clara and Jesse Photo Gallery
Share in Clara and Jesse's Happy Ever After with a season 7 photo gallery of the newlyweds.
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Little Jack Photo Gallery
Take a look at Hope Valley's cutie, Little Jack.
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Into the Woods
A dangerous windstorm puts residents of Hope Valley at risk. Elizabeth takes half the class on a field trip in the woods while Carson is the substitute teacher for the rest. Jesse is missing, causing great concern over his safety.
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Heart of a Writer
Elizabeth goes on a trip with Lucas and must come to terms with her growing feelings for him. Jesse and Clara adjust to married life and sharing a home. Lee and Rosemary are challenged with taking care of a fussy Little Jack. Nathan grapples with his emotions for Elizabeth.
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In Perfect Unity
When plans go awry, Elizabeth gets the people of Hope Valley to band together as only they can to give Clara and Jesse the wedding of their dreams. Elizabeth struggles with the fact that she has two suitors.
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An Unexpected Gift
Elizabeth gets a surprise bouquet of flowers, which has the town wondering who left them. Rosemary and Lee organize Jesse & Clara's Bachelor & Bachelorette parties.
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Sweet and Sour
Elizabeth, Carson and Faith deal with an outbreak of chickenpox, resulting in Rosemary falling ill. When Gowen is sued, Bill must pull together Hope Valley's first jury.
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Family Matters
Lucas gives his thoughts on Elizabeth's writing, Nathan investigates his father's crime, Jesse & Clara plan for their wedding, and Faith must make a decision about medical school.
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The Heart of a Father
Elizabeth helps Nathan navigate family tensions when his estranged father arrives in town after recently being released from jail. Stars Erin Krakow, Pascale Hutton, & Jack Wagner.
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A Moving Picture
Lucas gives Elizabeth writing advice that causes her to search for new inspiration. Rosemary and Lee plan a vacation. Faith returns home with a dilemma that may force her to part ways from Carson.
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Season 7 Preview Gallery
Take a sneak peek at the all-new season of When Calls the Heart.
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Home for Christmas
Elizabeth prepares for Little Jack’s first Christmas and birthday, missing Jack more than ever. Nathan receives a prestigious job offer in Union City but weighs the downside of leaving Elizabeth and taking his niece away from Hope Valley. Lucas holds a Christmas festival to bring some of his family’s traditions to Hope Valley…and to impress Elizabeth.
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