Recap: Welcome to Hope Valley - Season 8 - Episode 4

The inquiry begins, and Nathan starts to question his own actions. Meanwhile, a new family, the Canfields, buy Gowen's cabin and Elizabeth welcomes them to Hope Valley. Lee's sister and niece arrive in Hope Valley.

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At the library Elizabeth finds Lucas asleep. She is surprised he is up early as she grabs books for the new family arriving in Hope Valley. Many are bringing pies and casseroles. Lucas smiles noting Elizabeth is “bringing food for the soul.” As he helps her load the books onto her horse, they see Mounties and Superintendent Hargraves. Lucas wonders why they are here. Elizabeth explains they are investigating the shooting during the prisoner transfer Nathan led in Buxton. She thought Nathan was exonerated. Lucas says, “Evidently not entirely.”

Elizabeth heads over to meet Hope Valley’s newest family, the Canfields, at their cabin. She introduces herself to Joseph and asks about his two children, Cooper and Angela. She has books for them. Joseph appreciates her kindness.


Just then his wife Minnie comes out and introduces herself. She says Elizabeth will have her hands full with Cooper, but Angela is homeschooled. As Cooper helps Angela down the cabin steps to meet Elizabeth, she realizes Angela is homeschooled because she is visually impaired.

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Elizabeth gives Cooper and Angela books including the new “Anne of Green Gables” novels, one of Angela’s favorites. Elizabeth tries to welcome Angela to attend school, but Minnie quickly changes the subject.


At the train station, Rosemary and Lee meet his sister Susannah and niece Rachel, visiting from Bellingham. Rachel had a marvelous time on the train eating from real crystal.

At the courthouse, Bill testifies in Nathan’s trial. Bill says Constable Grant had the situation in Buxton handled after they were ambushed by Jenny O’Rourke, the sister of the prisoner they were transferring. Constable Novak drew his weapon, which Bill believes caused the prisoner to shout and alert Jenny, who fired and killed Novak. However, Bill does admit he was not looking when the rifle was discharged. He was looking away as he was distracted by Novak drawing his weapon. Hargraves takes this to mean Bill did not see whether or not it was Nathan’s actions that caused the rifle to discharge.

At the infirmary, Carson asks Faith if she has seen his stethoscope. She sweetly reminds him it is around his neck. Clearly, Carson is nervous about assisting in a new surgery. He appreciates her kindness and sees her concern over their relationship. Faith wonders if they need to stop working together or stop seeing each other and does not like either choice. Carson suggests they set time to talk alone. Just as they are about to kiss, Molly enters. Carson leaves to prepare for surgery. Molly takes what she witnessed as a sign they are working things out.

Hickam and Jesse help Fiona and Clara set up a chair at the barbershop. As Hickam leaves, he gets a “thank you” from Clara. Jesse gets nothing. He asks if he can even get a kiss. Clara obliges with a swift peck on the cheek and even swifter shutting of the barbershop door in his face. She, as Fiona can tell, is still upset about Jesse buying a motorbike.

As Susannah and Rachel arrive in town, Rosemary thinks it must feel small and quiet compared to Bellingham, where they are from. Rachel loves Hope Valley, seeing it as the wild west. Rachel’s romanticism hits overdrive when she sees Jesse. Clearly smitten, Susannah tells her to keep her eyes forward.

At the schoolhouse, Elizabeth finds Allie worrying about her uncle. Allie says it is just like the last time he was investigated at Fort Clay. Elizabeth is surprised to hear this and asks when they were in Fort Clay. It was three years ago, and Nathan was suspended, but for what she does not know. What she does know is that Nathan was a lot more fun before he got suspended.

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At the oil, Derrick Lucas and Joseph chat as Elizabeth approaches. Lucas thanks Joseph for his help before Elizabeth borrows Joseph to make sure he knows Angela is welcome at school. She also plans on getting her certification to teach the visually impaired over the summer. Joseph appreciates her willingness to teach Angela but explains Minnie prefers to do it herself. He adds she will have her hands full with Cooper.

At the courthouse, Nathan is questioned by Superintendent Hargraves about the incident at Fort Clay. Bill interjects as he feels the scope of questions should remain on the task at hand.

During a stroll on a way to dinner, Rosemary vents to Elizabeth about how inflexible Susannah can be; she constantly rains on her daughter Rachel’s parade. Rosemary notices Elizabeth is sullen. She is upset as she learns Nathan was suspended at Fort Clay during the time Jack was there, making her wonder if there is something he has not told her.

Nathan tells Bill about the incident at Fort Clay, when he disobeyed Hargraves’ orders. Bill can tell Hargraves wants to take his badge. Nathan says he can have it. Bill wonders if Nathan met Jack at Fort Clay, but Nathan did not. When Bill asks if Elizabeth knows about him being there, Nathan’s answer is again no.

Lee, Rosemary, Susannah, Rachel, and Elizabeth enjoy a very, very early dinner at the saloon (at Susannah’s request). Lee appreciates Lucas squeezing them in. Lucas mentions it’s no trouble as no one eats this early, making Susannah take note of the group’s disapproval. The chef also comes out and tells Lucas he forgot to order mushrooms for their special. He notes Lucas has been spending more time focused on his oil business instead of the saloon.

At the dinner table, Rachel says the tenderloins with mushrooms looks, “delish,” prompting Susannah to reprimand her. She demands her daughter use proper language since a teacher, Elizabeth, is present. Elizabeth downplays it, saying language is evolving. However, Lee and Rosemary agree “delish” is the perfect way to describe the dish, making Susannah take notice again of their disproval of her tight control. Things escalate as Rosemary’s boasting about Broadway and Hollywood have made Rachel consider going to New York or Los Angeles instead of staying home and working in the family furniture store.

At the mercantile, Clara enjoys ice cream and wonders why Jesse didn’t have any. He admits he forgot his wallet at home and did not want to ask her for money. She shares her ice cream with him. Clara does not have a problem with Jesse spending their money; she just wants them to discuss purchases together before making them.

Nearby, Allie eats her ice cream and expresses concern that Nathan may go to jail. Nathan assures her he will always be there for her.

At home, Lee rolls out his motorbike for a ride but is quickly stopped by Rosemary. She dangles his back brace as a reminder of the damage he could do to himself by getting on the bike. She also expresses her concern over Susannah’s control over Rachel. Lee warns her to back off as there is a lot more peace and harmony when his sister gets her way. Rosemary feels she can do her part to help with a little girl-time with Rachel at the dress shop.

At the school, Cooper introduces himself to the class as his family watches. Angela smiles as she listens to Cooper talk about her playing the piano. The family starts out home and Joseph makes the case for Elizabeth as a great teacher for Angela. Angela would love to learn with other children her own age. Minnie fears going into school will result in her being treated badly as she was the last time. Joseph jumps in saying he chose Hope Valley because it will be different. Minnie agrees to consider their requests. First, she wants Joseph to arrange for their piano to be unloaded.

Back at the inquiry, Superintendent Hargraves asks Nathan what would have happened if he let the prisoner go in Buxton during the ambush. He could have released him and tracked him down later, preventing Novak from being killed. Bill suddenly rocks forward in his chair and bangs it on the floor. Everyone looks at him and he adds if the prisoner had been released, Jenny may have shot them all. It’s not an objection; he was just making a statement as everyone happened to be looking his way.

Back at their cabin, Minnie and Joseph agree it is already feeling like home. Angela finds her way to the piano on the truck and hops on to play. She smiles, enjoying her favorite pastime.

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At the dress shop, Rosemary and Rachel help Molly pick out a dress. Rachel really sells Molly on the dress by accessorizing it perfectly. Rosemary is stunned as Rachel literally pulls the eye-catching ensemble together. Molly admits she is trying to catch someone’s eye, so she takes the dress. Rosemary says if Rachel is going to work in fashion, she should dress the part and invites her to pick out something in the store.

Jesse and Elizabeth drop Cooper at home and enjoy the beautiful music Angela is playing. Elizabeth is amazed and is brought to tears by Angela’s talent.

Later Elizabeth and Minnie chat privately. Minnie admits she and Joseph have different ideas on the best way to raise Angela. She appreciates Elizabeth’s willingness to help but still fears the cruelty Angela could face going to school. Elizabeth promises she understands their fears and will not allow Angela to face cruelty in her classroom. She will never stop trying to help.

Susannah returns to Lee and Rosemary’s and gets a shock when Rachel arrives in her new outfit, the Freedom-Alls. Susannah tells Rachel to change immediately. Rachel is shocked as she thought she looked good. Rosemary excitedly tells Susannah that Rachel is a natural at working in fashion. Susannah sharply dismisses Rosemary and declares Rachel is going to work at their furniture store.

At the saloon, Bill and Hargraves talk about the inquiry. Hargraves doubts Nathan shared the full story of what happened at Fort Clay. Regardless, Bill tells Hargraves not to use the inquiry to punish Nathan for his past. Bill leaves so distracted he barely notes Molly in her new elegant ensemble as she approaches him to say hi. He quickly leaves the saloon as Molly enters, looking stunning in her new dress. Bill barely notices her. However, Molly is not deterred from trying to get Bill’s attention, telling Florence it is all about the long game.

Susannah arrives back at Lee’s to apologize for the way she spoke earlier. She asks Lee and Rosemary for a favor. She can tell Rachel is more like Rosemary than herself. Their life in Bellingham is not conducive for raising a child. She wants Rachel to live with Rosemary and Lee. Rosemary quickly says yes. Susannah hopes giving up her control over Rachel and sending her off does not make her a terrible mother. Rosemary assures Susannah is doing what is best for Rachel.

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On her way out of the mercantile, Elizabeth sees Allie walking by briskly. She is clearly upset and not heading to school. Robert quickly approaches to tell Elizabeth that Allie is going to see her uncle. Elizabeth chases after Allie. Allie’s mind won’t be changed; she is heading to Bill’s office to help Nathan fight the inquiry charges. Elizabeth joins her as Lucas watches from a distance.

At Bill’s office, Nathan offers his statement. Allie and Elizabeth burst in just before the Hargraves makes his judgement. Allie implores them to recognize Nathan did not do anything wrong. She tears up stating Nathan is all she has. Hargraves is clearly moved by Allie’s appearance and declares his recommendation: no further action will be taken in the matter. Nathan is cleared. Nathan leaves Bill’s office and hugs Allie. Lucas watches on, taking note of Elizabeth observing Allie and Nathan’s reunion.

At the train station, Susannah admits she had not seen Rachel smile as much as she did since she was a little girl when in those Freedom-Alls. She gives Rachel a hug and tells her she will miss her. Rosemary and Lee look on. Lee is hesitant about this decision, asking, “What could go wrong?”

Carson arrives at the infirmary with a gift for Faith: a doctor’s bag with “Dr. Faith Carter” engraved on it. Outside the infirmary, Molly waits to give Carson and Faith a few moments alone. Florence approaches and again recounts how sensational Molly looked last night. As they talk, Bill passes by saying, “Molly, that was some dress.”

Across the way, Clara delivers curtains to Fiona. Fiona is going out of town for a while and wonders if Clara would like to make extra cash by keeping the barbershop open while she is gone.

Elizabeth finds Lucas and apologizes for how her actions may have hurt him. He also apologizes for the way he spoke to her. Elizabeth admits she told Nathan she cannot see him. Lucas wonders what that could mean for them. Elizabeth says we will have to wait and see. Neither can contain their smiles. Lucas rushes off to buy mushrooms as Nathan approaches on his horse. Elizabeth asks why he did not mention being at Fort Clay and if he ever met Jack. He tells her no, but she can tell he is holding something back.