Recap: Pre-Wedding Jitters - Season 8 - Episode 9

Elizabeth is distraught over the reveal of Nathan's secret. Everyone helps a couple prepare for their wedding. The bachelor and bachelorette parties stir up mixed emotions from the guests. A mysterious businessman arrives in town.

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Elizabeth has been forced to reflect on the circumstances of Jack’s death after learning Nathan was originally supposed to lead the mission that took Jack’s life at Fort Gray.

Later, Rosemary is excited to walk with Elizabeth and tell her about helping with the planning of Florence’s wedding to Ned. She is astonished it took so long for the two, both widowers, to commit to one another. This prompts Elizabeth to wonder why Nathan waited so long to tell her about what happened in Fort Clay. Rosemary thinks Nathan probably wanted to spare her feelings and did not think it important enough to bring up. Jack’s death was not Nathan’s fault. The harsh words and reality from Rosemary upset Elizabeth and she storms off.

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Minnie arrives at the Café to find a frazzled Clara. Clara is so happy to see Minnie she gives her a hug. There is so much to do and so little time. Minnie’s first bit of advice is for Clara to breathe.

At a table nearby Lee and Jesse are having breakfast. Lee is happy things with Clara are getting better and wonders if his advice helped. Jesse says it was his talk with Pastor Joseph that seemed to do the trick. Jesse heads off to work as Clara approaches. Lee is surprised to learn Joseph is a Pastor. Lee is on the search committee for the new town pastor and cannot believe he is the last to know.

At Dottie’s, Florence has not found a dress she likes. Rosemary insists she has seen everything but will call Dottie to see if she can scrounge up more options from Union City. Molly and Florence head out just in time to greet Fiona as she returns home. She was determined to make it for the wedding.

Bill and Nathan continue looking at the stolen car for evidence to track down the culprit. Nathan does not know what Bill expects to find when the lab results have come back inconclusive and the owner is on their way to pick up the car.

Lucas greets Allie at the saloon. He calls it a nice surprise and allows her to sit at the bar. She has come to return his gift. Lucas asks why. She explains it is because both he and Nathan like Elizabeth. Lucas understands. When he was a little boy a man seemed to come between his parents, and he did not like it at all. Allie asks what he did to resolve it. He admits he bit the man’s ankles. As he does not want Allie to bite his, so he promises to settle things with Nathan. That sounds good to Allie, who holds on to her gift. After Allie leaves, Lucas contemplates the situation.

Elizabeth finds an uplifted Allie. She explains that she spoke with Lucas and he assured her he is going to work things out with Nathan. Nathan approaches on his horse and reminds Allie she should be helping out at the mercantile. Allie scoots as Elizabeth gives Nathan a glare.

As they head to the office, Christopher tells Henry how lovesick he is over Rachel. Henry notices Bill looking over the stolen car. Henry asks if the car Christopher came to town in was stolen. Christopher admits it was stolen by his buddy. He intended to tell a Mountie soon. Henry warns he cannot do things like this as he used to get into the same type of trouble himself. Christopher assures he is past this bad behavior. Henry recounts how a woman he knew after Christopher’s mother helped him become a better person. He hopes maybe Rachel will do the same for Christopher.


At the barbershop Fiona and Molly work to help Florence with her hair for the party tonight. She definitely wants something that is not “ordinary” Florence. Molly assures her ordinary Florence is extraordinary. Hickam comes by to get a haircut. She tells him it is lady’s day. He agrees to come back another day. He cannot control his excitement and smiles widely as he tells Fiona he is happy to see she is back.

Lucas visits Elizabeth at the schoolhouse to tell her of his conversation with Allie. Elizabeth briskly tells him she knows he promised Allie he and Nathan would work things out. Elizabeth sternly tells him she does not want to be caught in the middle. She apologizes for being curt and admits Nathan was originally scheduled to lead the mission Jack was killed in. Lucas offers to find out why Nathan held back this information. Elizabeth appreciates his offer, but she will find out herself. She just needs some time to think things over. Lucas tells Elizabeth she can always confide in him.

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Lee visits Joseph at his cabin. Joseph accepts his offer to be the town pastor. There is one thing he needs. He and Lee must take a wagon ride to get it together.

Faith and Carson meet at the pond. They admit a lot has changed since the last time they met there. Carson has accepted the surgical fellowship. Faith is surprised he did not talk to her before making the decision. He is committed to this relationship and only wants what’s best for them. He even put his plans aside while she studied in Chicago. She is sorry to have been an inconvenience. Carson quickly states she was not, and it would be good news to him if she were to change her mind and join him in Baltimore.


Nathan finds Bill with news on the stolen car. The owner confirmed his neighbor’s child took it for a joy ride in Brookfield. Bill says it still doesn’t make sense as to why it ended up in Hope Valley. However, the owner does not care; he is coming to get the car. Bill murmurs to himself, “I’m going to figure this out,” and continues to dust for prints as Nathan walks off.

Nathan enters the library and finds Rosemary. She is surprised to see him here. Nathan admits he reads, even quite a few female authors, but he cannot understand women. Rosemary shares she was in love with Jack at one point and caused him and Elizabeth some unhappiness in their courtship. Despite her trying to warn Nathan how his actions could hurt Elizabeth he refuses to give up on her.

At the mercantile, Jesse tries to get Ned to have a bachelor party while Paul Jr. shares candy with Allie. Paul wonders if Allie likes doing Florence’s job. Allie admits not really. Paul thinks his mom probably likes the job because she gets to talk to Ned. Allie agrees it’s nice to have someone to talk to.

Lee and Joseph take a ride as Joseph explains his calling to be a pastor. They have just picked up a bell for the steeple to call people in for Sunday service. Lee noticed surveyors by Joseph’s cabin. Lee hopes he is not leaving. Joseph assures him no. He has a congregation in Hope Valley to lead.

As Minnie and Clara have completed preparations for tonight’s bachelorette tea party, they decide to take a break from the café to check out Florence’s dress. Shortly after they leave, Jesse and Hickam come into the kitchen and see the delicious treats. Hickam wonders what it would be like to live above a cafe. Jesse says he is about to find out and hands him a plate. As they begin eating, Clara returns and yells at Jesse for eating the food she and Minnie prepared. Jesse reveals they are not eating the tea party treats after all. Clara apologizes but realizes after Hickam and Jesse excuse themselves what a big mistake she made yelling at Jesse like that.

Elizabeth goes to Nathan’s office to find out why he kept the information about Jack to himself for so long. Nathan admits after Jack’s accident he came to Hope Valley to protect Elizabeth and little Jack as he felt it was his responsibility and duty. When he found himself falling in love with Elizabeth, he felt like he was betraying Jack’s memory. Now he realizes love is worth fighting for.

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Henry invites Christopher to join him at Ned’s bachelor party. Christopher declines but asks what happened to the woman Henry spoke of earlier. He shares that the woman left town to help her mother and does not know if she will come back.

At a large table at the saloon, the men have gathered to celebrate Ned’s bachelor party. None of them are quite sure what to do. Bill asks if they have learned nothing from Jesse’s bachelor party. Lucas arrives and asks Henry for a quick word.

Outside Henry is furious after learning Lucas brought Christopher to Hope Valley to keep an eye on Henry and make sure he could be trusted. Christopher does not know Lucas is telling Henry the truth now. Henry asks that it stay that way. Lucas obliges and hopes someday he can make things up to Henry.

Florence enjoys her tea party at the saloon complete with decorations, food, and games, which Florence loves. Elizabeth arrives just as the festivities begin. Clara notices Jesse leave the bachelor table and takes a moment to talk to him at the bar. She apologizes for the way she spoke to him at the café. Jesse doesn’t blame her for assuming the worst. Clara feels forgiveness should not be about making him feel bad and apologizes. Jesse says she does not have to apologize and joins her at Florence’s party. It leads the way for both parties to merge. Again, the women have planned a better affair.

Outside, having ditched the party, Bill and Ned check out the stolen car for more clues to who stole it. Bill finds a footprint - not a bad find for an old investigator.

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Faith steps out of the party for a moment. Carson joins her. He should have told her about accepting the fellowship. She knows a long-distance relationship won’t be easy. They’ll be far too busy to keep in touch. Carson asks if they should get married. Not right away but at least they’ll have something to look forward to. Faith wants the best for him, even if it means not being together.

Back inside the saloon, a game of charades is in progress. Bill takes a turn and Molly is proud to be the only one to guess what he is miming. Fiona introduces a game she learned in San Francisco but it’s a bit risqué. She places a blindfold on Florence, and she must find her husband by shaking each man’s hands. Florence goes down the line holding each man’s hands and finds Ned easily. Fiona prompts Elizabeth to play next. It’s all fun and games but before the blindfold goes on, we can see Elizabeth’s fear – who will she choose? She goes down the line and stops when she holds Nathan’s hands. She hesitates then smiles. “Lucas,” she says as she takes off the blindfold. Uh-oh!

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Lucas visits Elizabeth in the morning and cannot help but laugh about what happened at the party. However, what is no laughing matter is Elizabeth telling Lucas that she spoke with Nathan and he told her he loves her. Lucas is clearly hurt to learn Nathan professed his love again. He wonders what Elizabeth did. She invites him to come in and talk more but he declines.

At the stagecoach platform Henry wishes Christopher good luck as he heads off to go see Rachel. Christopher calls out to his father and tries to tell him what really brought him here. Henry abruptly stops him, knowing exactly what he is about to say. It doesn’t matter. He is here now and that’s all that matters.

At the café, Faith tells Clara and Fiona that Carson may be gone for up to two years and she does not know if he’ll even want to return to Hope Valley. Florence and Molly arrive. Florence had a fantastic time at her party. Faith appreciates Ned making his feelings for Florence clear. Just then Hickam enters. He wishes everyone a good morning and asks Fiona out to dinner. Fiona agrees. After Hickam leaves, Fiona assures the ladies it is just two friends having dinner.

Bill goes to Henry as he has learned Christopher has left the saloon. Henry tells Bill that Christopher went to Bellingham to visit Rachel. Bill tells him about the footprint he found in the stolen car. Henry dodges any further conversation on the car.

At home, Elizabeth tells Rosemary about Nathan transferring to Hope Valley for her and little Jack. She says it seems noble. Elizabeth wonders if Rosemary encouraged Nathan’s advances with their chat at the library. Rosemary only wants what is best for her. Elizabeth asks how she would know. How would anyone know! Elizabeth, upset, says Rosemary should leave.