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Season 6 Photos

Disputing Hearts
Jealousy breaks out when Gowen strikes oil. Nathan encourages Bill's new opportunity. Rosemary struggles to reveal an emotional concern to Lee.
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Elizabeth catches Nathan's niece gambling with a card trick Lucas taught her, sparking conflict. Rosemary hosts a girls' night. Gowen makes Jessie and Clara a tempting offer.
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Heart of a Mountie
A new Mountie arrives earlier than expected, surprising Elizabeth. Bill and Nathan jump to work when Lee’s payroll is stolen. Elizabeth handles a tense school debate.
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A Vote of Confidence
Bill convinces an estranged friend to help catch criminals, Abigail & Lucas face off about the saloon's disruption to town, and Faith & Carson consider revealing their relationship.
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The Queen of Hearts
After a foolish comment, Carson must admit that he cares more about Faith. The charming new saloon owner, Lucas Bouchard, causes a stir. Elizabeth teaches self-confidence, and Abigail takes a risk on the stock market with Gowen.
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Phone Rings and Heart Strings
Elizabeth balances new motherhood with teaching, Bill & Gowen battle to buy the saloon, Rosemary plays matchmaker for a potential romance, and Abigail brings technology to town.
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