Recap: Old Love, New Love, Is This True Love? - Season 8 - Episode 10

A wedding in Hope Valley leads every couple to evaluate their relationships. Rosemary discovers there is more happening in Hope Valley than everyone realizes, and she decides to get to the bottom of it.

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Ned needs Carson’s help at the mercantile as he literally has cold feet. Carson begins to give him advice just as Bill overhears and steps in wondering if Carson is the best person to give advice. Bill takes them out to see the happily married Lee, who is out back by the delivery dock with Hickam and Jesse. As Bill asks Lee for advice, Jesse chimes in saying marriage is hard. Hickam assumes by the line of questioning that Ned and Florence are done. Nathan and Lucas arrive and wonder what’s going on.

Nearby at the front door of the barbershop, Molly, Rosemary, Faith, and Clara are talking furiously about their opinions on how Florence should wear her hair. Fiona slowly closes the door on them as this decision is Florence’s alone. Inside, Florence explains to Fiona and Elizabeth she wants a style that will show Ned exactly how she feels about him. She’s always felt like an ugly duckling and wants this special day to be different. Fiona assures Florence she will see the swan in Florence everyone else sees.

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Elizabeth apologizes to Rosemary at the dress shop. She does not like the way she has been handling things recently but would like to set their differences aside for the wedding. Rosemary understands people handle things their own way and agrees to set their friendship issues aside for the moment. They have agreed to be cordial but clearly are not back to being friends.

At the mercantile, Ned asks Molly to see Florence. Molly insists he wait until the wedding. Ned tries to tell her it is important they talk but Molly won’t have it. Meanwhile, Robert enlists Paul Jr.’s help with delivering the mail. This is much to Allie’s disappointment as she was enjoying his company as she covers the phone lines for Florence.

Henry arrives at the mercantile and asks Ned if he is ready for the ceremony this afternoon. Ned says he does not know if he can go through with it. Henry believes Ned has a good heart and should get married whenever he feels like getting married. Ned asks Henry, who has always been in his corner, to be his best man.

At the barbershop, a businessman in town for a meeting stops buy for a quick haircut. Fiona lets him know that unfortunately the business is closed for the day. He wonders if the owner of the business may be interested in selling. Fiona, as owner, says no. The businessman takes his leave. Outside the shop, Jesse recognizes the man and shouts for him to stop. As the man drives away, Jesse falls and injures his ankle trying to catch him. Faith and Carson go to Jesse’s aid and ask him how he knows the man. Jesse reveals it was the guy that stole his money.

At the café, Molly checks in on how the cake is going. Minnie and Clara assure her it is fine. Molly leaves satisfied. However, the truth is the cake has not even been started. Clara and Minnie also realize neither has ever made a wedding cake. Minnie assures her they’ll be fine and learn together.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth finds an upset Ned at outside the mercantile as his daughter, Katie, storms off. Ned informs Elizabeth she does not want him to get married.

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Ned tries to man the counter at the mercantile, but the phone is ringing off the hook. He checks on why Allie is not answering the phones and discovers she is gone.

Molly heads to the saloon to check on decorations and finds Lucas alone in an undecorated room. She storms out as Elizabeth enters. She is looking for Katie to find out what’s wrong. Lucas warns she wants to be left alone. Elizabeth leaves and runs into Rosemary, who asks if she could come by the dress shop to help Florence select a dress.

Lucas watches Elizabeth make her way to the dress shop and sees Nathan passes her. Nathan, however, is occupied with the fact that Allie is hanging out with Paul Jr. and Robert instead of covering the phones. He swiftly takes her back to work.

At the dress shop, Molly has a dress she thinks Florence will love. She reveals the dress she wore to impress Bill. Molly knows Florence and thinks it will be perfect. Rosemary needs Clara’s help to alter the dress in time. Molly has an idea of how to borrow Clara from the bakery without taking away from efforts on the cake. Molly swaps Carson in to help Minnie.

Hickam finds Fiona outside the barbershop; she is giving Florence time to rest. Hickam takes a seat beside her. He hopes it is okay and does not further ignite the town chatter about them. He thinks of Fiona as more than just a friend. She tenses, thinking she knows what he will say next. However, Hickam states he sees Fiona as a confidant. Ned sees Fiona distracted and takes a moment to sneak in to see Florence and let her know how he has cold feet. Literally, cold feet. Florence assures him whether or not he goes through with the wedding, she will not think any less of him. He thinks thicker socks should solve the problem. Before he goes Florence gives him a kiss.

Elizabeth speaks with Katie at Bill’s office. She appreciates Elizabeth being there for her father when he was ill. Elizabeth says Florence never left his side. Elizabeth wonders why Katie is opposed to the marriage. Katie explains that after her mother died, Ned was stricken with grief and she does not want him to experience that again. Katie believes If anyone can understand that it would be Elizabeth. She says Katie is right as she still struggles with that feeling. However, if people shrink back from risk, they hold themselves back from joy.

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Clara and Rosemary work to finish Florence’s dress. Elizabeth arrives and tells them she hopes Katie will come around. Rosemary gives a brief update on the dress progress. After all business is discussed, Elizabeth leaves.

As Carson finishes up the wedding cake with Minnie, she applauds his skills and says he’ll make someone a good wife. He confides to Minnie he bought a ring to propose to Faith, but it has remained in his pocket as things between them are rocky. He wants to know what he should do. Minnie’s best advice to Carson is lick the spoon full of cake icing. Whether you are baking a cake or being a doctor, take time to enjoy the best parts.

Elizabeth talks to Ned at the mercantile, sharing that people like them -- widowers -- have to remember what they have learned from loss. Life is brief and unexpected. The most important question is what to do with today. Ned intends to leave Katie a note to let her know she is welcome at the ceremony as he is choosing to marry Florence today.

As guests arrive at the schoolhouse, Joseph asks Angela to play upbeat music for the guests. Meanwhile at the dress shop, Florence tries on her gown and it looks beautiful. She asks for a moment alone with Molly to thank her for always wanting the best for her even at her own expense. Molly has always been there to pick her up when she has fallen. Florence has a gift for Molly: a brand new dress for the wedding.

As Henry helps Ned prepare, Ned questions what Florence sees in him. Henry assures him it’s a gift when one sees something in the other that he cannot see in himself.

Allie and Nathan arrive at the wedding. Allie asks Fiona for help fixing her hair as Nathan tried his best but did not do a good job. Fiona looks at her hair and recognizes the braid he tied was actually a dropper loop – she grew up with brothers so she knows about this fishing knot.

Nearby, Clara and Jesse tell Nathan about the man who stole their money being in the area.


Just as the ceremony is about to begin, Katie arrives and sits next to Elizabeth. She tells her thank you. Elizabeth hands her a bouquet and Katie rises to join the wedding party at the altar.


Hickam and Angela change the tune and play The Wedding March as Florence walks down the aisle. Joseph and Bill officiate, which Joseph jokes will make the vows twice as strong. After Ned and Florence are pronounced man and wife, Cooper rings the steeple bell.

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At the reception Elizabeth and Katie chat. Katie hopes Ned will not stop calling or writing now that he is married. Elizabeth assures Florence would never try to replace her. Meanwhile, Robert sees Allie. He comments that he likes her hair. Allie giddily smiles and says she is glad he noticed.

As Florence and Ned dance, Carson tells Faith that Joseph’s words in the ceremony about not being selfish in a relationship resonated with him. He tells Faith he has decided to stay in Hope Valley. Faith thinks it is a mistake. She wants him to know leaving for Baltimore is not selfish and by staying he is sacrificing his life.

Hickam introduces the mother-son and father-daughter dance. Everyone joins them on the dance floor, including Robert and Allie. Jesse jokes Robert might get married before Hickam. Clara reprimands Jesse and he insists he is only kidding. Bill approaches Molly and tells her how lovely she looks. He thanks her for the magnificent send-off to Hamilton to return his uniform. He invites her to dance.

Minnie and Joseph agree “God is Good” as Hope Valley is shaping up to be the perfect place to give their children room to grow and wings to fly.

Lee compliments Rosemary on Florence’s dress. He tells her about Jesse’s dust-up with a conman earlier. Rosemary can feel something is definitely up.

Ned gives Florence a ring, a family heirloom he feels his mother would want her to have. Fiona approaches Hickam and asks for a dance. As they dance they talk shop. She likes his idea of laying oil pipelines from the derrick to the trains. She assures he can take this on without her but Hickam insists she be his partner. Fiona then gives him a spin.

Lucas tells Nathan about Allie’s visit to the saloon. Lucas feels they can keep Allie out of the middle of their issues. Nathan appreciates his consideration of Allie until Lucas says pressuring Elizabeth by pronouncing his love could perhaps help avoid these things.

Elizabeth asks Nathan to step outside with her. She says from the bottom of her heart she does not blame him for Jack’s death. Nathan takes her hand and says thank you, just as Lucas looks out the window and catches their embrace.