Recap: No Regrets - Season 8 Episode 6

Elizabeth wonders if she is truly ready to let love in again. Rosemary wonders what her purpose is. Clara and Jesse sort through their issues. Carson receives an amazing opportunity.

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Bill notices at the Café Jesse is gone. Clara fumes as she explains about Jesse losing their savings. Meanwhile, at work, Jesse admits to Lee that he lost all his money. He does not know what he was thinking, investing everything without talking to Clara and now he has broken her trust twice. First with the motorbike and now this. Lee has to go but assures Jesse he will be right back and tells Jesse to get himself a room at the saloon on him.

Lee rushes out to Main Street and bumps into a young man, Christopher, who has just arrived in town. The brush would have gone unnoticed except Rachel was watching from the window at Dottie’s and notices Christopher has pickpocketed Lee, taking his watch. As Christopher passes the shop window, he pauses to hide his face from Henry, who is passing by.

Once Henry has passed Christopher looks up and sees Rachel. He gives her a smile. Later, Rachel spots Christopher snooping around the dress shop. She passes him by, saying she can tell when someone is up to no good.

Elizabeth finishes her manuscript. As she takes the page from the typewriter she declares, “Hallelujah.” Just then there is a knock on her door. She answers but no one is there. There is however a note from Lucas asking her to meet at Heath’s Pond at sunset.

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Lee arrives at home out of breath. He forgot to tell Rosemary something: he asked Dottie about buying the dress shop. Rosemary cannot believe he did not mention this before. Upset by the news, she tells him to get back to work.

At the barbershop, Hickam arrives and asks for the usual. He wants to maintain his appearance as he just got a raise. Unfortunately, today is ladies’ day. Hickam takes out money and asks Clara what day it is now. She takes the money and replies, “Thursday.” Hickam heads out and when Clara asks if she will see him the following day, he asks if the morning is good. Clara returns his money.

At the mercantile, Florence has a family remedy to help Ned’s stomach. Again, they share a tender moment as Florence expresses how much she cares for him. Elizabeth enters and realizes she has clearly stepped into the middle of a moment. Florence steps away so Ned can help Elizabeth, but not before suggesting they put a bell on the door. Things get even more awkward as Nathan and Allie arrive for fishing supplies.

As they leave the shop, Allie wonders if Nathan still has feelings for Elizabeth. Nathan thinks it’s unfair that she can ask him about Elizabeth, but he cannot talk to her about Robert.

Allie lies and says she is not interested in Robert, as he likes Anna. Allie does point out he dodged the question.

At the Canfield cabin, Cooper and Angela test out the new swing Joseph put up. They are having a great time until Cooper pushes a bit too hard and Angela falls and hurts her knee.

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At the infirmary, Carson and Faith check out Angela’s knee. The good news is nothing seems to be broken. However, Carson notes new equipment at the infirmary to help them with patients would be nice.

While out riding Elizabeth passes by Allie and Nathan. Allie explains Nathan is trying to teach her how to ride. She asks if Elizabeth wants to join, but Elizabeth demurs, saying she’s sure Allie will pick it up in no time. Allie says, “Like Robert.” Elizabeth jokes after Robert had his ordeal with Sergeant, “Let’s hope not.” Elizabeth heads off to meet up with Lucas at the pond.

As they ride, Allie wonders if Nathan and Elizabeth still “like” each other. Nathan wonders if Allie is upset by Robert taking an interest in another girl. Allie admits she is a little. Nathan comforts her saying she does not have to talk about it right now.

At the barbershop, Clara confides to Faith that Jesse has lost their savings. When Faith assures her that everything will be all right, Clara stops her. Faith apologizes; she has no right to give advice when she and Carson have not even figured out their own relationship. Clara thought they were back on track. Faith admits Carson got a job offer in Baltimore. Clara asks if she is leaving Hope Valley. Faith does not know, especially as her decision will impact her relationship with Carson.

Christopher approaches Henry at the Saloon. He asks what Henry recommends for lunch, but Henry recommends he leave. Christopher reminds him that Henry came looking for him.

Their tense conversation is interrupted as Rosemary and Lee enter and say hello. After Christopher introduces himself, Rosemary asks what brings him to Hope Valley. Henry cuts things short by saying Christopher is here to settle unfinished business. Christopher came a long way to talk to Henry. Henry understands but still orders Christopher to head back home.

Florence receives a mail delivery and finds Molly’s package has arrived. She asks Ned to cover the phone as she takes it to her.

Back at the cabin, Minnie finds Joseph outside praying. She expresses her concern that their little girl can get hurt in the blink of an eye. Joseph feels the swing incident was his fault as he was not paying attention. The incident makes Minnie question allowing Angela to study with Elizabeth. Joseph encourages Minnie to trust Elizabeth and have faith in God that Angela will be in good hands.

While at the pond, Lucas and Elizabeth chat over wine. She is surprised his mother has already sent so many notes on her book. When Lucas says it is his mother’s hallmark, Elizabeth says he could have warned her. Lucas feels life is better with surprises. Elizabeth thinks Lucas is full of them. Elizabeth proposes a toast to “us.” Just then thunder sounds and it begins pouring. They laugh as they get soaked and jump into the car. The moment brings them close and Lucas leans in for a kiss. Elizabeth stops him saying she is not ready. Lucas understands and they continue to have a good laugh at being caught in the rain.

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At the Mercantile, Elizabeth picks up more notes from Helen. Ned makes it up to her with another package she has been waiting for. Just then, Nathan enters with Allie and they pick up citronella for their fishing trip. He politely says hello to Elizabeth and heads out. Allie hangs back, watching Elizabeth for a moment before saying goodbye. Elizabeth wonders about Allie’s quizzical look at her.

Later at home, Lee explains why he called Dottie. He did it because he knows Rosemary wants to be her own boss. He realized his mistake as Rosemary would want to earn her way to being in charge. He has withdrawn the offer. Unfortunately, it got Dottie thinking about selling. Rosemary forgives him and hopes she can at least keep Rachel and Clara on staff.

At Dottie’s, Rachel puts on some makeup just as Christopher swings by and looks in the window. She comes out to ask if he is looking for anything in particular, maybe a special lady.

He says it depends on whether or not the special lady in front of him sees something she likes in the window. Just then Christopher notices Henry pass by causing him to tense up and leave.

Molly brings her new package to Clara at the barbershop. She opens a box to reveal a hair extension that matches her color exactly. Hickam also arrives for his haircut. In a continued effort to avoid cutting the men’s hair, Clara says unfortunately its after 5pm and they are closed.

Christopher finds Henry at the oil derrick. He thinks it funny the sign says Gowan Petroleum when Henry has lost the business. Christopher wonders what it feels like to lose something he put some much blood and sweat into.

Henry grows coarse and says that life is short, and he does not have enough time to fix everything he has broken. Henry stands and offers Christopher a goodbye handshake. Christopher refuses it and heads off.

Back in town, Elizabeth tells Rosemary it’s not too late to change her mind. Rosemary says her mind is made up. Fashions change and now she will too. Rosemary is going to leave the dress shop, even though she has not figured out what to do next. She puts on her shades and tells Elizabeth, “She can’t wait to find out.”

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Molly shows off her new hair to Faith. She thinks Clara did a fantastic job and asks for permission to run across the street and show Florence. Before she goes, she points out the mail, where Faith sees another note from Dr. Rizzoli. As Carson enters, she realizes he has turned down the job. She is upset as she does not want Carson to stay in Hope Valley just for her, only to blame her years later for not following his dream. Carson thought she would be happy about his decision. Faith’s only response is that Carson should accept the fellowship.

At the Canfield cabin, Elizabeth brings Angela a braille book. She is excited to learn what the books says. Minnie and Elizabeth are happy to share they are all going to learn together.

A frustrated Christopher pulls his car off the road and pulls out a bag. He leaves the car and walks down the road. When he arrives back in town, Christopher approaches Rachel at the dress shop. She asks where his car is, and he tells her it was not his. He asks if she can show him around – clearly not heeding Henry’s advice.

At the mercantile, Florence watches as Ned reads a letter alone. It the perfect moment to surprise him with an early birthday present. She couldn’t wait to give it to him. They open the box together and find a beekeeper outfit. Ned is excited but Florence is disappointed as it not the beehive she ordered. Ned is happy with the gift and wonders how she knew about his interest in bees. Florence tells him she is interested in all things Ned. Just then a bell dings as customers enter. Florence is touched that Ned got a bell, so they won’t continue to be interrupted.

As Joseph and Jesse work on a new swing set, Joseph takes the time to talk to Jesse about marriage. Jesse admits Clara is most important in their marriage. Joseph says that’s the problem. Both he and Clara need to be the legs in the relationship and the crossbeam that holds them together is God. Most couples leave God at the altar after their wedding day. When Jesse wonders if Joseph is a preacher, Joseph says that is a story for another day.

At home, Rosemary ponders over her list of what to do next with her career. Elizabeth passes by and admits to Rosemary she is enjoying her time with Lucas. Rosemary jokes a little rain can help a romance blossom.

Finally, Hickam gets his hair cut by Clara. When he tries to pay her, she declines, as Hickam has always been so supportive. He says she did a great job, which gets her thinking of continuing to work at the barbershop even when Fiona returns.

Outside the mercantile, Nathan finds Carson contemplating why people give up trying new things as he watches Faith from a distance. Nathan joins him when he spots Lucas and Elizabeth. He wonders why we give up when things don’t go our way. Carson and Nathan both state out loud, “I’m not giving up.”

Henry finds Christopher still in town. He tells Henry he is going to stay if that’s okay. Henry finally shakes Christopher’s hand. He then introduces his son, Christopher, to Elizabeth. Suddenly, Ned emerges from the mercantile in his beekeeper suit. It fits perfectly.

Ned gets overheated and passes out. When he tumbles down the stairs in front of the mercantile, Florence and Carson rush to his aid.