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Recap: Changing Times - Season 8 - Episode 11

Landis, the school inspector, arrives in town causing trouble for Elizabeth. Rosemary finds her calling. A search is called when one of Hope Valley's residents is lost. Carson and Faith's relationship is put to the test.

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Nathan brings Elizabeth flowers from Florence’s wedding to her at home. She notices he is cold and offers to warm up his jacket as she already has the kettle on. Since Elizabeth left early, Florence asked him to give her the bouquet. Nathan thinks it means Florence thought she would be next to get married. Elizabeth helps Nathan into his jacket. They come very close and the moment is warm, literally and figuratively. Nathan stares into Elizabeth’s eyes, saying this definitely feels better.

Nathan heads out of the row house with Elizabeth. Rosemary sees the two of them and keeps walking. Nathan mounts his horse and takes off. Elizabeth leans against the door, even more, confused than before.

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Later, Elizabeth heads out and thanks Robert for watching Little Jack. She knows it’s his first time babysitting alone and encourages him to call her if he needs anything.


Carson sees Henry in town and wonders if he has heard from Christopher. Henry has a question of his own: is Carson staying in town? All Carson ever wanted was to be a surgeon, so the offer in Baltimore is too good to turn down. All he can do now is ask Faith to marry him and hope she will come along.

Fiona and Faith talk at the barbershop. Fiona wonders why Faith thinks Carson will propose. She says at the wedding Carson proposed the idea they get married. Fiona admits weddings can be an aphrodisiac. She was engaged once after meeting someone at a wedding. However, people change. He was the reason she visited San Francisco. She went to see if there was still a connection but she realized affection cannot be bought, so she ended things for good.

At the mercantile, while buying a large bag of flour, Clara states it is no secret she and Jesse are having marriage problems. Florence wonders if Clara thinks she and Ned are having problems. Clara points out only one of the two has returned from the honeymoon. Florence assures Ned just stayed behind to tend to business.

Minnie and Bill are serving breakfast when she notices Landis arrive. Minnie, recognizing him, quickly makes an excuse to leave.

At Lee’s office, he finds Rosemary using a map to track down Wyman Walden, the man who took Clara and Jesse’s money. Lee subtly moves Rosemary’s items off the desk where he works, as this is his office. Once he is finally able to get to work, Rosemary accidentally unplugs Lee’s lamp. He decides to take time away from the office and talk to Joseph.

At the schoolhouse, Lucas offers to take Elizabeth to lunch. He gets close as he helps her with a sign. Elizabeth breaks away from the intimate moment and sees Nathan outside the door. Lucas takes notice. He wonders why Elizabeth left Florence’s wedding without saying goodbye. Their conversation is interrupted as Minnie comes to let Elizabeth know Landis is in town. Elizabeth assures her she has nothing to worry about. Minnie warns Angela will be devastated if she cannot start school with the other children. Elizabeth promises that will not happen. However, after Minnie leaves Elizabeth’s face shows concern.

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When Landis arrives at the school, he compliments Elizabeth on creating a warm environment. Elizabeth cuts to the chase and asks if there is something he needs. Landis informs her according to a board of education report, her school will not be able to accommodate the 100 students expected to arrive in the area within the next year. This makes it clear her school will become a part of the Valley School District.

Lee returns to his office to find Rosemary has completely taken over. She is going to take a ride out to the Canfield cabin to see what is going on with all the recent real estate and business transactions taking place in town. She invites Lee to join but he declines.

Meanwhile, Carson takes Faith to the café for lunch. He goes to the kitchen to ask Minnie about the specials. In the kitchen, he gives Minnie the engagement ring and asks for her help with the proposal. As Faith waits, she again expresses concern that Carson is about to propose.

Elizabeth brings the board of education report to Bill to see if there is anything that can be done. Bill has a town business meeting to attend first and will try to review it and get back to her as soon as possible. As she leaves she runs into Nathan. He tells her how much it means to him that she does not blame him for Jack’s death. Lucas watches from the saloon porch as Elizabeth and Nathan talk. Lucas’s attention is pulled away as Henry informs him Hickam is taking a few days off. Distracted, Lucas tells Henry he is sure he knows best.


Meanwhile, Wyman returns to Fiona’s barbershop under the pretense of a haircut. He again pressures her to sell. She asks him to leave.

At the Canfield cabin, Rosemary arrives on horseback. She finds it odd the place is empty. Suddenly she stops an officer who discharges a gun, spooking her horse and causing Rosemary to get thrown to the ground.

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Rosemary is shocked by the gunshot and being thrown. A man, special officer Julius Spurlock, apologizes for his watchman discharging his weapon and offers to help Rosemary to her feet. She declines his help until she realizes with a wince she is hurt. Not badly, but enough to accept his help up. He tells her no harm was intended but this is private property. Rosemary inquiries about the new owners. When no answer is given she rides off angrily.

At the jail, Fiona reports to Nathan that Wyman is back. Nathan heads to the saloon and interrupts Wyman during a presentation to Bill and Lee, asking Wyman to go with him. After returning to the jailhouse, Nathan begins questioning Wyman when he gets a phone call. He needs to leave and puts Wyman in a cell until he gets back.

At the café, there is also trouble. The ring Carson brought is nowhere to be found. Clara realizes it may be in the pudding so Carson plunges his hand in the bowl to find it. Faith enters and alerts him that Rosemary is at the infirmary and needs their help.

Rosemary gets checked out after her fall and Lee joins her, insisting he should have been there. Carson and Nathan enter and ask what happened. Rosemary explains she ran into Pinkertons at the cabin.

Henry finds a distraught Florence at the mercantile. She has not heard from Ned. Henry assures he is probably fine. Fiona enters and makes a phone call to San Francisco.

Henry returns to his office with a letter from Christopher. He found Rachel and even included a nice photo of them together. More importantly, the letter starts with “Dad” and ends with “P.S. I love you.”

Bill reviews the board of education document with Elizabeth bringing to her attention a clause she should be worried about. It states Elizabeth needs to be credentialed to teach blind children. If she starts teaching with Angela in class she could lose her license to teach.

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Meanwhile back at the cabin, Nathan checks in with Spurlock and wonders if the warning shot fired near Rosemary was necessary. Spurlock wonders based on Nathan’s questioning if they are heading for trouble. Nathan says he can count on it.

Elizabeth bumps into Lucas at the saloon as she rushes to catch Landis. Elizabeth argues if the Jack Thornton School is to become part of the Valley District she and Landis should start working together now for the betterment of all students. Landis wants to see children getting the best education possible. Elizabeth believes she will be credentialed soon and can provide just that. However, Landis feels the problem is not Elizabeth; it is the fact Angela’s additional help in the classroom may hold back other students.

Back at the office, Rosemary wonders where her bottle of liniment from Faith is as her back is starting to bother her. Lee says it’s on her desk. Rosemary is touched he has a desk for her. She realizes what she wants to do next. Start a newspaper! Lee and Rosemary celebrate her decision as an upset Clara bursts in, asking, “Where is Jesse?”

At the jailhouse, Lee and Clara ask for Nathan’s help but he says it would be foolish to try and go out in rain at this time of night. Clara notices Wyman in the cell and asks how he could take their money. Wyman asks Nathan for permission to explain his dealings with Jesse.

Back at the saloon, Carson explains to Lucas he has not yet found the ring. He feels it sums up how he feels about leaving. Lucas thinks it sounds like Carson is ready for a fresh start. Carson begins to wonder if his marrying Faith is just not meant to be.

At the row house Elizabeth snuggles with Little Jack and sings him a song her mother used to sing to her.

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On her way into town the next morning, Elizabeth runs into Joseph, who asks about Rosemary. Elizabeth has no idea what happened and rushes to check on her friend. Fortunately, she is fine and shares the news about starting up a paper. Elizabeth is happy for Rosemary. Rosemary tells her thank you. Elizabeth does not catch what she said, but Rosemary says nothing.


In a heavily wooded area Nathan and Lee look for Jesse. As they begin mapping out a plan to search for him, they see Lee’s car, which he was driving, up to its rear in mud.

At Bill’s office, Wyman thanks him for his help getting him out of jail. Bill says he is free because he returned Jesse and Clara’s money. Wyman feels he refunded their money as it was a legitimate investment they may come to regret not making when Hope Valley becomes a profitable boom town. Bill asks why Wyman is confident the board will allow him to build a factory in Hope Valley. Wyman says the factory will bring money which will no doubt be of interest. Bill does wonder how Wyman’s employers would feel knowing Wyman’s lining his own pockets by buying up other properties.

After Wyman leaves Bill’s office, Spurlock approaches him. Bill watches as Spurlock does not look happy with Wyman and gives him a message Bill cannot hear. Wyman abruptly leaves.

Elizabeth tries to convince Landis to allow her to teach Angela. Elizabeth assures teaching her will not hold back the rest of the class. She wants to teach a bright, smart, young girl who has never attended school with other students. Landis wonders if Elizabeth intends to disobey his orders. She says yes, and he says he’ll have to remain in town to shut her down.


Later at the barbershop Faith tells Fiona she is happy Carson did not propose. She is confident in her decision to stay. Fiona agrees with her choice and they cheers to Hope Valley.

Lee informs Clara that he has found his car, but not Jesse. Clara begins crying as she spent so much time bickering with him and now she just wants him home. Lee gives her a hug and assures her things will be fine.

Lucas comes to the row house. He believes love is worth fighting for and admits he has seen Elizabeth speaking with Nathan. He is not resentful, but from what he has seen and heard he feels there is something between Elizabeth and Nathan. That being said, Lucas is letting her go.