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Recap: From the Ashes - Season 8 - Episode 3

A geyser erupts at the oil rig and everyone in Hope Valley drops everything to help. Nathan is summoned for an inquiry by a Mountie from his past and Jesse takes a liking to driving Lee's motorcycle.

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Elizabeth and Rosemary watch as Clara places a sign promoting Freedom-Alls, a pantsuit, in the window at Dottie’s. Although the style is not for everyone, Rosemary wants to be open to changing fashions and support Clara’s effort to sell them. She hopes maybe one day Clara will take over at the dress shop. Elizabeth is surprised. Does Rosemary plan on leaving the dress shop? Rosemary quickly changes the subject to Elizabeth’s recent plight - running away from Nathan after he said, “I love you.” Elizabeth feels awful, but it was the right choice not to be with Nathan. However, it does not mean she has made the choice to be with Lucas. Speaking of Lucas, Rosemary feels his mother Helen has put Elizabeth in a tough spot by revealing Lucas’s father has left her. Just then, Lucas approaches with an armful of books. Elizabeth quickly excuses herself. Lucas admits to Rosemary his mother has not been quite herself, so he is thinking of calling his father to come and visit. Rosemary hides her panic and can only say, “That would be a surprise.”

Bill spots Nathan on his horse and stops him to have a word about Allie’s adoption. It is going to take a few more weeks. He also wants to check on Nathan’s offer for his land, since there may be another bidder. Nathan hastily withdraws his interest in the land – there’s no need for it since Elizabeth’s rejection. Just then, Superintendent Hargraves arrives. He is in town to discuss an unpleasant matter with Nathan. An internal inquiry is being opened into the shooting in Buxton during the prisoner transfer Nathan led. The investigation will determine if he is at fault for the incident, putting his career as a Mountie at stake.

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Molly and Florence watch a delivery arrive at the back of the Mercantile. Molly wonders if the beehive Florence got Ned for his birthday is among the packages. Florence shushes her, it is a surprise she does not want spoiled. Molly decides to take a cue from Florence and get Bill a gift for his birthday. Florence states that will be hard as Bill has everything a man could want. Molly retorts, “he doesn’t have a wife.”

Lee, also monitoring the delivery, is excited to see a crate has arrived for him containing a chair. Jesse is surprised Lee would ship a chair across the world. He attempts to sit in it, but Lee warns the first person to sit in it must be the person that ordered it.

Fiona finishes up giving Lucas’ beard a trim at the barbershop. Faith enters and is pleasantly surprised to see a customer. Lucas kindly overpays for the trim stating he may need a free haircut in the future and leaves.

After delivering the chair to Lee’s home Jesse finds a motorbike in back and takes it for a ride.

Meanwhile, Lucas and Lee discuss a lumber order at the oil derrick. Hickam approaches them with news about their digging at the well. It is causing Lucas more trouble than he feels it's worth. He jokingly asks Lee if he wants to buy an oil well.

At Dottie’s Clara is disappointed as she and Rosemary watch women pass by the Freedom-Alls sign only to shake their heads at the idea. Clara knew it may be a stretch but thought there would be some interest. Just then Jesse rides by on the motorbike. Rosemary tells Jesse to get off it immediately as he has a wife to consider, and that is exactly why she is making Lee sell it.

At the inn, Helen finds a distracted Elizabeth, who admits she cannot manage knowing Lucas will find out about his father soon. She wonders if Helen should be the one to tell him. Helen’s guard goes up; is Elizabeth threatening to tell him? Elizabeth makes it clear that is not her intention. She goes to open a window and spots Nathan talking to Bill. Helen has come to understand from Lucas that Nathan is one of Elizabeth’s suitors. Elizabeth tells her he is not a suitor. However, Helen can tell from Elizabeth’s writing and sentiment she has a good deal of her affection for Nathan… and Lucas.

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At the Mercantile, Henry apologizes to Ned. “No need,” says Ned, the incident is long forgotten. Henry also has flowers for Florence. Ned and Florence are pleasantly surprised by the sentiment.

Jesse returns to Dottie’s to ask Clara about buying Lee’s motorbike. It will save them money and give him a way to get back and forth to work. His appeal does not win over Clara. She ends the debate and gets back to work. Jesse hops back on the bike and takes off.

Nathan and Bill discuss his inquiry at the Café. Bill wonders why Nathan and Superintendent Hargraves do not get along. Nathan admits their paths have crossed before, but he does not care to elaborate.

At the oil derrick, Hickam and Lucas wait to strike oil. Just as Lucas thinks the well is more trouble than it is worth, they strike oil. Celebration turns to catastrophe as the oil is quickly followed by an explosion.

The blast is seen and heard in town. Nathan and Bill head off to help. Rosemary runs out of Dottie’s to check on Lee. She is happy to find he has returned from his business at the oil derrick in time to avoid the explosion. Helen, however, is concerned about Lucas. Elizabeth tells her to stay with her as it is too dangerous to go out there. Nearby, Henry is driving along the road when he sees the smoke from the explosion and heads toward it.

Back at the oil derrick, Lucas and Hickam stand up and dust themselves off. They are okay but need to get their men away from the fire and figure out how to put out the flames. Nathan, Bill and Henry arrive to help. Henry explains they will need to use dynamite to counteract the flames. Ned, Jesse, and Fiona arrive to provide more helping hands. It’s perfect timing as they must wheel a heavy cart of dynamite dangerously close to the flame and then run back to avoid the blast. With the strength of all the men and Fiona, they successfully put out the fire.

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Back in town Lucas heads to speak with his mother. On his way, he runs into Henry and asks for a word, so they agree to meet at the mercantile later. Lucas enters the café and meets Helen, who is cross with him for putting himself in danger. He is all Helen has left. Lucas finds it strange he cannot reach his father and asks if Helen knows why. When Lucas starts to leave to meet Henry, he notices Hickam nursing a few minor burns. Lucas offers to give him vacation time but Hickam declines. As Lucas leaves, Bill approaches with more free pancakes for the heroic Hickam. Ned has a letter for Henry at the mercantile. Ned is limping a bit and Florence insists he go to the infirmary. She knows he has done more than just twist his ankle. However, she is impressed by how gallantly he behaved to help combat the flames.

Outside the mercantile, Lucas finds Henry to say thank you for his help. Henry is just glad no one got hurt. Lucas notes he cannot meet all Henry’s terms for their partnership, but he would like to work together again. Henry, a little distracted by his letter, says he will think about it and drives off. This is a surprise to Lucas, as Henry was eager to be partners again not too long ago.

At home, Rosemary watches as Lee has taken off his back brace to prepare to sit in his new chair at home. First, he needs to find the perfect spot for it. The process is time-consuming and to Rosemary, comical. Before he can take a seat, Lee has to head back to work. As Lee heads out the door, Jesse passes him on the motorbike. Jesse wants to buy it. Lee wonders what Clara thinks. Jesse covers, saying Clara wants him to be happy. Lee agrees to sell it to him.

Ned has his ankle looked at by Faith at the infirmary. She notes his ankle may have a lateral sprain, requiring crutches. Carson takes look and corrects her diagnosis, stating it is not a lateral sprain; all he needs is to have it wrapped and he’ll be good as new.

Later, Rosemary watches Little Jack as Elizabeth heads into town to talk to Bill. Little Jack attempts to sit in Lee’s chair. Rosemary stops him but decides to take a seat herself. She realizes Lee was right. The chair feels amazing and is placed perfectly in the sun. Unfortunately, Rosemary cannot savor the moment long as the chair breaks underneath her.

Elizabeth and Bill talk on the boardwalk about Nathan’s inquiry. Bill states it's highly unusual. He vows to get to the bottom of what is going on. As Bill takes off, Lucas approaches. He cannot believe Elizabeth did not tell him about his father leaving. Elizabeth says it is not her fault, Helen asked her to be discreet.

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Clara, upset, finds Fiona in her barbershop and tells her Jesse bought the motorbike. Right after her, Faith enters and vents about Carson second-guessing her diagnosis of Ned’s ankle. Clara and Faith decide to commiserate over some chocolate cake. Meanwhile, Jesse rides his motorbike into Albert Falls. Once he gets there, he’s disappointed when the bike sputters and stops working.

Meanwhile, Rosemary and Lee stare at his broken chair. Rosemary waits for him to respond. She is so sorry and wonders why the chair met so much to him. She can partially understand as it briefly was the most comfortable chair she had ever sat in. Lee explains his grandfather was a woodworker who could make anything, and Lee always helped. When he was 12 years old, they built a chair together that looked a lot like this one. He admires his grandfather for building things people can use, unlike himself. He just sells the wood other people use to make things.

Bill meets with Superintendent Hargraves at his office. The superintendent needs to finalize arrangements for the inquiry and asks to use Bill’s office. Bill says things are not adding up and asks what this is really all about. He knows Nathan and Hargraves are not close. Hargraves gives the same answer as Nathan, that their paths have crossed.

Helen visits Elizabeth at the row house and takes note of the toy Little Jack is playing with: a Mountie. She admits the joy of motherhood did not come naturally to her. Elizabeth says it helps to be surrounded by people you love. She asks why Helen is really here. Helen apologizes for the pickle she put Elizabeth in. Elizabeth says it is understandable. It is hard to be vulnerable and wonders if Helen was vulnerable with her husband. Did she ever open up and show him who she really is? Helen’s answer is no. Elizabeth encourages her to try again with her husband. True love is worth fighting for and Helen may need to be the first to reach out. Helen practices being vulnerable by giving Little Jack a hug.

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At the infirmary, Faith confronts Carson about the way he handled Ned’s diagnosis. He thinks she may be overreacting, but Faith explains her experience in Chicago. She was told to speak up but was constantly interrupted by other interns, other men. Faith has heard Carson say he respects her as a doctor, but she wants him to treat her like a respected doctor.

Lee comes home to a surprise: Rosemary has constructed a workshop for him in the backyard. Lee jokes she always knows how to build him up.

Bill and Nathan discuss his inquiry at the jail. Nathan wonders if he made a mistake and should have let the prisoner go. Bill asks if Hargrave has an axe to grind with Nathan. Again, Nathan says no, but Bill does not buy it.

Lucas says goodbye to his mother as she heads off. As Elizabeth approaches, Lucas admits his family has never been gracious about goodbyes and assures her that Helen will be in touch soon about her manuscript. Elizabeth wonders if she is going to San Francisco as planned. Lucas is happy to report she is going home. He admits he was upset Elizabeth kept the news from him, but more than that he was bothered by the idea of his parents no longer being in love. Elizabeth told Helen to fight for love. Lucas wonders what Elizabeth would know about it. She is hurt by his cruel words. Just then, Nathan approaches, catching her eye. She gives both Nathan and Lucas a look and walks away, feeling very much alone.