Recap: What the Heart Wants - Season 8 - Episode 5

It's graduation day at the Jack Thornton School house. Rosemary and Lee adjust to having family in town. A letter from Dottie sends all the Coulters reeling. Clara learns Jesse made a big mistake.

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The school year has come to a close and Elizabeth releases the children. She will next see them at the graduation ceremony tomorrow. Robert asks if Elizabeth would like to review what he plans to say. Elizabeth says no; she is very proud of Robert and is sure it will be great. Robert says he could not have done this without her and gives her a hug.

At the dress shop, Rachel is doing a great job. She has already made her first sale all on her own. Rosemary feels her mom and dad will be proud. Rachel confides she is a bit homesick but realizes she would not have had this opportunity back at home in Bellingham. Ned drops off a letter for Rosemary from Dottie. Rosemary’s face falls as she reads that Dottie is selling the dress shop.

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Lee arrives at Dottie’s to invite the ladies to lunch and learns the bad news about the sale. Rachel wonders if this means she will have to leave. Lee assures she can stay right here in Hope Valley. Lee tells Rosemary they are okay financially and she does not need to work. Rosemary is perturbed by his cavalier attitude towards the sale, telling him she wants to work.

Bill, with his Mountie jacket in tow, is surprised to find Nathan at the jailhouse despite taking time off after the inquiry. Ned pushes by Bill with some mail and notices the uniform in hand. Both he and Nathan would love to see Bill put it on. Nathan heads off for vacation after telling Bill he is Hope Valley’s only true hope for safety and security now. Later, Bill tries on his Mountie uniform alone at the jail and looks at himself in the mirror. He can only stand to keep the jacket on for a moment.

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As Clara sweeps up at the barbershop, Faith visits. Clara expresses her concern over running things while Fiona is gone. Faith thinks Clara will be great. She delivers the bad news about Dottie’s Dress Shop. Clara is dismayed as another source of her income hangs in the balance.

Lucas finds Henry and asks how he feels about coming back to work with the oil company. Henry is up for the job and Lucas gives him his office key. As Henry heads to the office, Elizabeth approaches Lucas. He admits Elizabeth is hard to figure out, but Elizabeth challenges him to try. Lucas asks her out on a date to celebrate the end of the school year. She agrees, asking, “How hard was that?” Nathan passes by and sees Elizabeth and Lucas together.

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Elizabeth meets with Minnie and Joseph to discusses Cooper’s studies. He is an excellent student performing above his grade level. Elizabeth hopes they will both attend the graduation ceremony along with Angela. Minnie is unsure as it seems like a ploy to get Angela in school, but Elizabeth insists it will be a great way for Angela to meet a few people.

At the mercantile, Ned has a bit of a tummy ache. Florence worries it may be his ulcer acting up. She puts her hand over his and tells him she cares about him and wants to help him. They share a tender moment just as Faith and Carson enter to pick up a letter. Faith thinks it’s great that Ned has been personally delivering the mail. Florence chimes in that Ned’s stomach is acting up. Carson and Faith agree Ned should come to the infirmary. Ned will go if the problem persists.

Outside the mercantile, Carson opens the letter and looks a little dour. Faith asks what is going on. Carson says it was just a note from Dr. Rizzoli thanking him for his assistance in the operating room.

At the barbershop Clara is straightening Molly’s hair with a hot comb. She is nervous at first but forges ahead just as Bill enters. Molly covers her head, embarrassed. Clara places the hot comb in the oven and tends to Bill. He wants to get his hair cut but Clara explains today is the women’s day at the shop. He understands and heads out, but not before saying a brief hello to Molly. Clara grabs the hot comb and starts on Molly’s hair only to find a large clump of it falls out from the heat. Molly sees the clump of hair and screams.

At the saloon, Jesse and Hickam can hear the scream. Bill enters and wonders when’s the last time either gentleman was able to get a haircut. They both state they were told to come back since it is the women’s day, which is starting to seem like every day. Bill’s not thrilled about a woman cutting his hair and now on top of that he has to wait. Jesse suggests he try another shop. Hickam does not mind waiting, since he likes Fiona. Jesse says, “We know.”

Lucas and Gustave prep the menu for his dinner with Elizabeth. It is very important to him. Gustave assures he is French, there is nothing he does not know about romance. Lucas leaves the menu with Gustave and finds a distracted Carson. Carson asks Lucas what he dreamed of being as a child. Lucas did not picture himself in the oil business. Carson wonders if he has accepted that destiny. Lucas likes to think his is the master of his own destiny.

At Dottie’s, Elizabeth looks at herself in the mirror as Rosemary alters her graduation dress. Elizabeth cannot imagine Rosemary not being at the shop. Rosemary is not as worried as she feels it is time for her to do something new with her life. Elizabeth takes a moment try on a dress her sister sent her for Christmas. Rosemary thinks it’s stunning and is happy to alter it for her first date with Lucas.

At the café, Clara talks to Bill about the possibility of the dress shop closing. Bill offers to give her more hours at the café, but it comes with a caveat.

At home, Rosemary and Lee do not find Rachel. They do find a book under her bed: a romance novel. Rosemary is concerned it may be fueling Rachel’s naïve view of the world. Lee reads it aloud, making Rosemary blush and laugh before they head out to find Rachel.

Nathan arrives at Elizabeth’s. He wonders why she asked him over. She is concerned as Nathan did not appear at the parent-teacher conference for Allie. He thought it would be best not to show after their last encounter. Elizabeth thinks Allie’s education is more important than their differences and reviews Allie’s marks with Nathan. She wants to put Allie in an accelerated math program. Elizabeth feels the inquiry brought against him and whatever happened at Fort Clay distracted Allie’s studies at the end of the year. Nathan is the only father Allie has ever known and is her role model of a man, so she asks and encourages Nathan to stay involved. Nathan gets the message and apologizes for not showing up.

As Jesse eats dinner at the cafe, he remarks on how delicious it is. Bill says to thank Clara as she made it, and he made her an offer. Clara tells Jesse they can buy into the Café and Clara would get more hours, responsibility, and income. Jesse is caught off guard and covers, stating he does not know if he and Clara can take that risk. Clara is disappointed so Bill gives them a moment alone. Privately Jesse tells Clara they can wait on this decision as they work to tighten their belts. Clara, although a bit crestfallen, concedes. As she leaves, his expression changes from practical to concerned. Clearly, he is hiding something.

Faith finds Carson at the infirmary. She can tell he was not forthcoming about the letter he received and reiterates their relationship should be based on trust and honesty. Carson comes clean, stating he has been offered a surgical fellowship at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. Faith is ecstatic but realizes Carson is hesitant. She says Carson cannot possibly turn this down, it is his dream to be a surgeon. He asks Faith to come with him. Faith does not want to hold him back; they are not even married, and she has a career in Hope Valley.

Eventually, Rosemary and Lee find Rachel alone on the road. She had gotten lost and is happy they found her.

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The next morning Lucas arrives at Elizabeth’s. They enjoy a romantic horse ride and afterwards Lucas breaks the news he will not be attending the graduation celebration. He is concerned his presence may be hard for Nathan and wants the day to be about him and Allie. Elizabeth appreciates his thoughtfulness. He reminds her that he’ll have Elizabeth all to himself tonight at the saloon on their date.

At the graduation ceremony, Elizabeth chats with Angela, Minnie, and Joseph when Rosemary and Lee arrive with Rachel. She is happy to be there as she has not been out of school long. Mr. Landis arrives, and Elizabeth assumes he’s present in an unofficial capacity. He says yes, but only until the school becomes a part of the Valley district system. Elizabeth politely reminds him she will not let that happen.

At the office, Henry hangs his hat and sits at his desk. It’s a bit dusty, but it feels right to be back as he leans back in his chair.

Elizabeth addresses the crowd at the graduation ceremony. Before handing out diplomas, Elizabeth welcomes Robert to the podium to speak. Robert begins his speech by welcoming the entire class to sing a song for Elizabeth.

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At the end of the celebration, Nathan and Allie approach Elizabeth. She congratulates Allie on a job well done. Nathan thanks Elizabeth again for everything. Elizabeth appreciates his understanding.

Mr. Landis approaches and congratulates Elizabeth. He has taken notice of the Canfields. He heard Angela may attend next year and reminds Elizabeth she is not credentialed to teach students like Angela. The reminder is unfortunate, as shortly after Landis leaves, Minnie approaches Elizabeth and agrees to work with her on continuing Angela’s education.

A furious Clara finds Jesse at home and tells him she was at that bank and discovered he has withdrawn everything. She angrily asks, “What did you do with our money?” Jesse lost it in a bad investment. Clara tells Jesse to leave.

Elizabeth returns home just after Little Jack has been put to bed. She is running late, and little Jack missed his mommy. Elizabeth asks Laura to take a note to Lucas.

Later that night at the row house, Elizabeth and Lucas have dinner. She appreciates Lucas being okay with the change of venue. Lucas finds it no trouble and comments on how beautiful she looks in her new dress. Elizabeth feel for the first time in forever there is nothing weighing on her. She is excited to send Helen the final edits of her manuscript. Lucas says she has no idea how happy he is to be there with her. He takes her hand, and as he does, Elizabeth says she’ll need to take things slowly. Lucas assures he has all the time in the world.