Recap: Weather the Storm -Season 5 - Episode 8

Bill is put in jeopardy while transporting AJ to face trial; Abigail tries to save the town from an investor who will hurt Hope Valley; Carson is faced with a decision; Elizabeth tries to reunite a mother and her son.

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Abigail meets with Mr. Jenkins to talk about Joshua Baxter and his interest in Hope Valley. Despite Abigail’s concerns about Baxter’s business dealing, Mr. Jenkins argues that none of those businesses are illegal or else Baxter would be in jail. Abigail points out that the reason why Baxter isn’t in jail is because he keeps law enforcement in his back pocket. Abigail says she still has time to convince Greta to make an offer before the ink dries on Baxter’s deal with the bank. Mr. Jenkins agrees to stall for a couple of days, but that is it.

At the infirmary, Carson gets a surprise visit from his deceased wife’s sister, Rhonda. She tells Carson how happy she was to hear that he returned to practicing medicine. After some small talk, Rhonda begins to tear up and reveals to Carson the real reason for her visit. After experience a series of horrible headaches, Rhonda’s doctor found a brain tumor. Fearing that the strain of losing two daughters would be too much, Rhonda hasn’t told her family about her diagnosis. She’s come to ask Carson if he will attempt to remove the tumor using the same procedure that led to Amber’s death. Caron tells Rhonda that he won’t do the surgery, but he will find a specialist who will.

Abigail and Henry pay Greta a visit in the Saloon to discuss the deal Mr. Jenkins made with Baxter. When she learns about the deal, she angrily accuses Henry and Abigail of using her as a bargaining chip. Abigail swears the deal was made between Mr. Jenkins and Baxter without Abigail knowing. Greta is sure she is the better choice for the investment and says feels overlooked and she won’t tolerate it. She wishes Abigail the best of luck with Baxter and excuses herself.

Highlights - Hope Valley's Future in Doubt - When Calls the Heart

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Highlights - Hope Valley's Future in Doubt - When Calls the Heart

Bill escorts AJ to Cape Fullerton so she can complete her jail sentence. During the journey, they get caught in a rainstorm and are forced to seek shelter. While hunkered down, AJ decides to try and learn more about Bill. She asks if he’s ever been married, but Bill is reluctant to participate in the conversation. When the rain stops, Bill sees that AJ’s horse has ran away and the two have no choice but to share Bill’s horse. While riding together, AJ tries to butter up to Bill, but he is only interested in delivering her to jail. Just then, Bill’s horse gets a rock stuck in its shoe. As Bill stops to adjust his horse’s shoe, he is bitten by a rattlesnake. Making matters worse, Bill’s horse gets spooked and runs away. Bill looks at the two puncture marks on his hand and tells AJ they have one day to find an anti-venom before his heart will stop beating.

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Rhonda and Carson are enjoying their meal at the café and he tells her she reminds him of Amber in many ways. Carson begins remembering his wife, including her elegance, grace and sense of humor. Rhonda assures Carson that she never blamed him for her sister’s death.

Highlights - Carson's Memories - When Calls the Heart

Night has fallen and Bill continues to grow weaker. AJ gives him her jacket and admits that she cares for him. Bill tells AJ that he has never met anybody like her. She jokes that it must be the fever talking and he thanks for her not leaving his side. She kisses him on the forehead and says it is time for the two to try to get some sleep.

It is morning and Baxter pays Abigail a visit at the café. He wants to know why she is trying to delay his investment in Hope Valley. Abigail bluntly tells him that she would prefer any other investor to him. Baxter responds by telling Abigail that he told Mr. Jenkins to have the final paperwork ready by 4pm today and Mr. Jenkins agreed.

Back in the classroom, the students are all presenting their projects on weather. When Emily and Harper present their project, Elizabeth realizes that Harper did none of the work and Emily did it all. After school, Elizabeth speaks to both students. She tells Harper that by letting Emily do all the work, he is denying himself the opportunity to learn. Elizabeth gives Harper an incomplete and tells he them he will have to redo the assignment. She encourages Harper to take some books home and study and Emily offers to help him study.

Carson gets the bad news that the specialist he’d hoped would perform Rhonda’s surgery thinks the procedure is too risky and won’t perform it. Rhonda is devastated by the news. Her only other option is to have Carson perform the surgery but he is reluctant to attempt the risky procedure again. Carson tells her that the risk is simply too big and the possibility of her dying on an operating table is too much for him to handle.

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At the saloon, Greta is surprised to find her estranged son, Duncan talking with Elizabeth and Abigail. Elizabeth tells her that she wired Duncan. Greta reveals that they stopped speaking because Duncan called her a terrible mother and said she never was there for him. She angrily tells him that when his father died, she had to go to work to put food on the table and to put Duncan through school. Duncan acknowledged his mistake in countless apology letters, none of which Greta responded to. Greta tells him “there are some things you just can’t take back.” Abigail interrupts and tells Greta about the pain she feels having lost her son Peter. She tells Greta that she may learn to regret the time she is missing with her son. Greta accuses both Elizabeth and Abigail of sticking their noses where they don’t belong. Abigail tells Greta that without forgiveness, she will have nothing. As Greta prepares to leave Duncan brings his wife and two children inside to meet her. Greta’s grandson Elliot is named after her late husband and her granddaughter Helen has Greta’s middle name. Greta softens and embraces her son in a big hug.

Highlights - Greta's Family Reunion - When Calls the Heart

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Bill struggles to find his footing as he searches for AJ. Just as he collapses, he spots her on a horse, accompanied by Mounties. The Mounties administer an anti-venom as AJ promises him everything is going to be alright.

Later in the day, Faith finds Rhonda wondering aimlessly through Hope Valley, muttering to herself. Faith calls Carson to over and he catches Rhonda, just as she is about to fall. Lee spots the commotion and asks how he can help. Carson says he is going to perform the risky surgery after all and sends Lee to a nearby hospital to get necessary medical supplies.

At the bank, Abigail and Greta storm Mr. Jenkins’ office as he and Baxter are preparing to sign the final paperwork. Abigail tells Mr. Jenkins that the future of Hope Valley is in his hands and it is us up to him to decide in which direction he wants the town to go. Mr. Jenkins takes a moment to think before taking the unsigned paperwork and handing it to Greta.

Bill’s medicine kicks in and AJ stays by his side. She tells him she wanted to make sure he was going to be fine before allowing the Mounties to transport her to jail. Bill tells AJ he has a secret that he wished he’d told her before. He called in a favor to the prosecutor in Cape Fullerton and asked her to be lenient with AJ. The prosecutor wired back shortly before Bill and AJ left. She agreed to give AJ an even lighter sentence than he gave Henry Gowen. AJ thanks him and, just as she is about to leave, Bill pulls her in for a passionate kiss.

Highlights - Bill and AJ's Goodbye - When Calls the Heart

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Lee, Rosemary and Abigail gather outside the clinic to await news on Rhonda’s surgery. Carson and Faith emerge and deliver the news that Rhonda’s heartrate is strong and the surgery was a success. She even woke up afterwards and spoke clearly. Carson credits his wife looking out for her little sister from Heaven.

Highlight - Carson Tries to Save a Life - When Calls the Heart

Greta is getting ready to depart town, but before she leaves she tells Abigail how she pleased she is with their arrangement. Greta is eager to build Hope Valley alongside Abigail. Greta turns to Elizabeth and thanks her for helping mend her and Duncan’s rift. Greta hugs Elizabeth before driving off to Cape Fullerton with her grandchildren in tow.