Sunday February 24
8:00 PM/ 7:00C

When Calls the Heart: Weather the Storm

Weather the Storm

Abigail meets with Mr. Jenkins to talk about Joshua Baxter and his interest in Hope Valley. Despite Abigail’s concerns about Baxter’s business dealing, Mr. Jenkins argues that none of those businesses are illegal or else Baxter would be in jail. Abigail points out that the reason why Baxter isn’t in jail is because he keeps law enforcement in his back pocket. Abigail says she still has time to convince Greta to make an offer before the ink dries on Baxter’s deal with the bank. Mr. Jenkins agrees to stall for a couple of days, but that is it.

At the infirmary, Carson gets a surprise visit from his deceased wife’s sister, Rhonda. She tells Carson how happy she was to hear that he returned to practicing medicine. After some small talk, Rhonda begins to tear up and reveals to Carson the real reason for her visit. After experience a series of horrible headaches, Rhonda’s doctor found a brain tumor. Fearing that the strain of losing two daughters would be too much, Rhonda hasn’t told her family about her diagnosis. She’s come to ask Carson if he will attempt to remove the tumor using the same procedure that led to Amber’s death. Caron tells Rhonda that he won’t do the surgery, but he will find a specialist who will.

Abigail and Henry pay Greta a visit in the Saloon to discuss the deal Mr. Jenkins made with Baxter. When she learns about the deal, she angrily accuses Henry and Abigail of using her as a bargaining chip. Abigail swears the deal was made between Mr. Jenkins and Baxter without Abigail knowing. Greta is sure she is the better choice for the investment and says feels overlooked and she won’t tolerate it. She wishes Abigail the best of luck with Baxter and excuses herself.

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