When Calls the Heart - Heart of the Matter

When Calls the Heart 507

Elizabeth heads back to Hope Valley fresh from her honeymoon with Jack, who had to stay behind in Fort Clay for duty. Even though Jack will be gone for two months, Elizabeth knows he is safe because he is training Mounties and not in battle, like before. Her friends anxiously await her arrival.

Mr. Jenkins lets Abigail know that he has found his own investor, Joshua Baxter, and the bank should be open within a few days. The sale isn’t final and Joshua wants to meet Abigail before he signs any paperwork. She eagerly awaits Joshua’s arrival.

Bill finds AJ Foster sleeping in his jail cell and is surprised to see the familiar face. He is even more surprised when he finds out why she is in Hope Valley: she is turning herself in after a year on the run. Bill happily locks AJ in the jail cell and walks away.

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