Recap: Hearts and Minds - Season 5 - Episode 2

Elizabeth mentors Julie, who finds teaching more difficult than she imagined.

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Bill and Abigail are going over the city’s budget when they get an unexpected visitor, Jacob Westin, from the Nation Pacific Railroad. He is forced to deliver the bad news that the railroad has decided to not build a depot in Hope Valley. He assures her that it wasn’t a personal decision; it is about business. Jacob defends himself and says that he is only the messenger. Abigail makes Bill promise to keep Jacob from leaving town before trying to change his mind.

Highlights - Big Changes - When Calls the Heart

Rosemary is working on new designs when Dottie shows up to share some big news. A high-end boutique in Union City was very impressed with Rosemary’s work and want to place a huge order! Rosemary can see it now: Union City today, and Paris in the future.

Elizabeth has been letting Julie take over her classroom to teach the students art. The class is smooth sailing until Robert grabs Anna’s art work out of her hands and accidentally tears it in half. Robert apologizes profusely, and Julie encourages Anna to draw a new sketch, reminding her that art is always ever changing.

The talk of Hope Valley is the railroad taking back their contract for the depot. Abigail finds out that the community is disappointed in her for not fighting hard enough. She promises them she will not give up on the depot or Hope Valley.

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It is lunch time at the school and Anna’s mother stops by for a visit with Elizabeth. She points out that her daughter was visibly upset over Robert destroying her art, and Anna felt that Julie just brushed off the entire incident. Elizabeth promises Anna’s mother that she will have a word with Julie about discipline.

Jacob is getting ready to leave Hope Valley, only to discover his car won’t start. Bill finds Jacob struggling with his car and invites him to stay in Hope Valley for the night and enjoy some beef stew at the café. Jacob reluctantly agrees to stay the night, to Bill’s amusement. He also agrees to meet with Abigail over tea to discuss the contract. While she has Jacob at the café, she asks him to meet with the community at a town hall, so he can see firsthand how important the depot contract is. He denies the request, pointing out that he is only a lawyer, not a public relations specialist.

Wilma is trying on Rosemary’s dress at the shop and it fits perfectly. Even though the dress looks lovely on Wilma, she says she can’t afford it. Rosemary offers her the designer discount: 40 percent off. Wilma takes the deal!

School lets out and Elizabeth tells Julie they need to have a talk. She informs her that Anna went home at lunch because she was so upset about Robert ripping up her art. Julie feels awful and Elizabeth reminds her that mistakes need to be made in order for lessons to be learned.

The next day, Wilma returns to the dress shop with her husband Kurt and her new dress in tow. Kurt tells Rosemary that despite the discount, they cannot afford the dress. Rosemary gives Wilma her cash back and apologizes for causing any trouble.

Julie takes the class outside to sketch people in landscapes. As she collects the artwork, Elizabeth notices how lenient her sister is with her grading. Elizabeth reminds her Julie that she is not doing the students any favors by giving them all “A’s.” She is also quick to tell Julie how much the students are enjoying her teaching and it is okay to continue learning as she goes.

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Later that evening, Rosemary is telling Lee how terrible she feels about Wilma having to return her dress. She also tells Lee she found out Wilma makes all of her own clothes, as well as her family’s. Then Rosemary gets a bright idea! She is going to give Wilma the pattern to make the dress herself. Lee wants to know how this will affect Dottie’s business, but Rosemary says this dress is meant for Wilma. The next morning, she delivers the patterns to Wilma, who is moved by Rosemary’s generosity.

Rosemary returns to Dottie’s shop to deliver Dottie the news that she gave her dress pattern to Wilma for free. Dottie says it is fine and in fact, thinks it is a brilliant move. Dottie wants to start selling Rosemary’s dress patterns for a fraction of the cost with the hopes of bringing in more customers.

Anna wants to know why Julie gave her a “B-“ on her artwork. Julie tells Anna that she didn’t follow the directions about drawing people in landscapes. But, she is also quick to remind Anna that she is a wonderful artist, she just needs to believe in herself more. Anna smiles and understands. Elizabeth witnesses the interaction and is proud of her little sister. Julie says she feels so mean, but Elizabeth reminds her that she is just being a teacher.

Abigail fills Elizabeth in on the upcoming town hall with the railroad. She says that Bill has promised her that Jacob will be there. On the other side of town, Jacob tries to leave town but Bill throws around his sheriff influence and convinces Jacob to stay in town for a few more days. Jacob eventually agrees to attend the town hall.

Rosemary is closing the shop and finds Kurt waiting in the city center for his wife. He tells Rosemary that he is following his wife’s directions to wait outside Dottie’s shop before they go on their date to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Just then, Wilma walks out of the dress shop ready for their date. Kurt sees her new dress and reminds Wilma they agreed on taking it back. He is shocked to learn she made the dress herself. He grabs his wife’s hand and tells her she looks beautiful. Rosemary has one more surprise for the couple: Lee shows up in his car and offers it to them for their date.

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The community gathers for their town hall and immediately learn that the depot will be built in Jameson instead of Hope Valley. Lee warns Jacob that if the railroad doesn’t fulfill their contract, it will affect their bottom line, because he will make sure the Hope Valley saw mill doesn’t use the railroad to transport its lumber. Jacob points out that Lee will also lose money if he makes that decision, but it is a risk Lee is willing to take if it means doing the right thing. The entire town hall gives Lee a standing ovation. Elizabeth barges into the town hall with her students. She tells Jacob to take one more look at all the faces of Hope Valley that will be losing out if their town loses the depot. Elizabeth explains that the children are the future of Hope Valley and they deserve an explanation from the railroad, as well. Cody takes the stage and tells Jacob that Abigail taught him to use his words and Elizabeth taught him to honor promises. He tells Jacob that if a promise was made by the railroad, it should be kept.

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The next day at school, Julie addresses the students and thanks them for being so wonderful as she has been learning to be a teacher. She also surprises Elizabeth with the announcement that today is her final day in the classroom, pointing out that it is time to pursue her real dream in life: to be an artist. Elizabeth is proud of her sister for chasing her dream, but she also tells Julie that she would make an excellent teacher. Their conversation is interrupted when Elizabeth comes across a newspaper with the front story about the Mounties in the Northern territory facing resistance.

Abigail steps outside to see Lee with a bunch of wagons and wants to know what is going on. He tells her he just got word that the railroad has decided to continue their contract with Hope Valley, and they need wood to build the new depot. Abigail leaps in the air with excitement. She finds Jacob and says thank you. He tells her the community made him change his mind, and it was her son, Cody, who helped him make the final decision. He informs Abigail that he was once an orphan, too, and Cody’s story reminded him of his own childhood. Jacob also delivers Abigail the good news that the railroad will be building a depot in both Jameson and Hope Valley. The celebration is short-lived when Elizabeth runs to Abigail with news that a fight has broken out in the Northern territories, and the newspaper is reporting a lot of casualties.

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