Sunday February 24
8:00 PM/ 7:00C

When Calls the Heart: Hearts and Minds

When Calls the Heart
Hearts and Minds

Bill and Abigail are going over the city’s budget when they get an unexpected visitor, Jacob Westin, from the Nation Pacific Railroad. He is forced to deliver the bad news that the railroad has decided to not build a depot in Hope Valley. He assures her that it wasn’t a personal decision; it is about business. Jacob defends himself and says that he is only the messenger. Abigail makes Bill promise to keep Jacob from leaving town before trying to change his mind.

Rosemary is working on new designs when Dottie shows up to share some big news. A high-end boutique in Union City was very impressed with Rosemary’s work and want to place a huge order! Rosemary can see it now: Union City today, and Paris in the future.

Elizabeth has been letting Julie take over her classroom to teach the students art. The class is smooth sailing until Robert grabs Anna’s art work out of her hands and accidentally tears it in half. Robert apologizes profusely, and Julie encourages Anna to draw a new sketch, reminding her that art is always ever changing.

The talk of Hope Valley is the railroad taking back their contract for the depot. Abigail finds out that the community is disappointed in her for not fighting hard enough. She promises them she will not give up on the depot or Hope Valley.

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