Sunday February 24
8:00 PM/ 7:00C

When Calls the Heart: In My Dreams

Lee gets a visit from Eleanor Roberts, the widow of his silent business partner, Sam. As the two catch up, Eleanor tells Lee that she’s come to Hope Valley on a tour of her husband’s investment properties. Lee then extends an invite to Eleanor to join him and Rosemary for dinner that evening at the saloon.

At dinner, Eleanor shares stories of her husband, Sam. After he died, Sam had left his business portfolio to Eleanor and she is at a loss as to what she should do with future investments. Eleanor wants to know more details about the saw mill and is impressed with how much business has grown. Later that evening Rosemary tells Lee that her intuition tells her not to trust Eleanor. Lee assures her that Eleanor is just a widow with questions about her late husband’s businesses.

Abigail and Elizabeth are enjoying dessert at the café when Faith stops in to place a special cake order. Carson’s birthday is a few days away and she wants to celebrate the occasion with a surprise party at the saloon.

The next morning, Abigail and Elizabeth get to work on Carson’s cake. Elizabeth also tells Abigail that she received a letter from Jack. He’s about to lead a training exercise that might involve some “stern lecturing.” The news warms Abigail’s heart and she shares in Elizabeth’s excitement that in just a few weeks, Jack will be home for good.

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