Recap: In My Dreams - Season 5 - Episode 9

The widow of Lee's former partner arrives and gives Gowen a chance to run a company again; Elizabeth tutors a new student; the residents of Hope Valley conspire to pull off a surprise.

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Lee gets a visit from Eleanor Roberts, the widow of his silent business partner, Sam. As the two catch up, Eleanor tells Lee that she’s come to Hope Valley on a tour of her husband’s investment properties. Lee then extends an invite to Eleanor to join him and Rosemary for dinner that evening at the saloon.

Highlights - A Woman’s Intuition - When Calls the Heart

At dinner, Eleanor shares stories of her husband, Sam. After he died, Sam had left his business portfolio to Eleanor and she is at a loss as to what she should do with future investments. Eleanor wants to know more details about the saw mill and is impressed with how much business has grown. Later that evening Rosemary tells Lee that her intuition tells her not to trust Eleanor. Lee assures her that Eleanor is just a widow with questions about her late husband’s businesses.

Abigail and Elizabeth are enjoying dessert at the café when Faith stops in to place a special cake order. Carson’s birthday is a few days away and she wants to celebrate the occasion with a surprise party at the saloon.

The next morning, Abigail and Elizabeth get to work on Carson’s cake. Elizabeth also tells Abigail that she received a letter from Jack. He’s about to lead a training exercise that might involve some “stern lecturing.” The news warms Abigail’s heart and she shares in Elizabeth’s excitement that in just a few weeks, Jack will be home for good.

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At the saloon, Henry sips his coffee just as Eleanor approaches him. She asks to join him and then begins to tells him that she has been studying his career and, from what she sees, feels that he is extremely under-valued in Hope Valley. She then reveals to Henry that she is opening a saw mill in Benson Hills and wants him to run it for her.

The next morning Henry stops in to Lee’s office where he finds Jesse doing paperwork and nursing an injured shoulder. Henry offers to help Jesse with the paperwork, but Jesse unconvincingly tells him that he has it under control. Henry then asks Jesse to let Lee know he stopped by.

At the café, Rosemary picks up dinner for herself and Lee. She tells Abigail about Eleanor and explains that she and Lee have been showing Eleanor around town. She also confides to Abigail that her intuition tells her Eleanor is not to be trusted. While she can’t put her finger on it, Rosemary has serious doubts about Eleanor’s true intentions in Hope Valley.

Later that evening Henry pays Abigail a visit and tells her that he gave his notice to Lee and will be leaving Hope Valley. Henry tells her that Eleanor Roberts offered him the opportunity to run a business in Benson Hills. As soon as Henry mentions Eleanor’s name, Abigail becomes suspicious and wants to know more about Henry’s new opportunity. Henry decides to keep Eleanor’s secret and tells Abigail that he is not at liberty to discuss the details of the arrangement. Henry assures Abigail that it is a legitimate business and that he is honored that Eleanor is willing to take a chance on him. Abigail expresses concern about this secretive business and wants to make sure Henry keeps himself out of trouble. He thanks her for her concern and for giving him his first second chance in Hope Valley.

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After her talk with Henry, Abigail visits Bill to fill him in on Henry’s new mystery job with Eleanor. In her heart, Abigail believes Henry thinks the job is legitimate, but she wants Bill to do a little more research on Eleanor. He tells her that he will contact the Mountie station in Benson Hills and find out what they know.

Robert is staying with Cody and Abigail while his dad is out of town. He and Cody sneak into the kitchen for a midnight snack and find the beautiful chocolate cake that Elizabeth and Abigail made for Carson’s birthday. Robert devises a plan to take a piece of the cake without leaving a trace. But, as the boy put their plan into action, the cake accidentally slides off the table and tumbles to the floor.

The next morning, Faith stops by the café to thank Abigail for all her help with Carson’s surprise party. Abigail shows Faith the cake, only to discover it completely destroyed. Abigail suspects who may be responsible for the destruction but promises Faith she will make another one.

At the mercantile, Jesse takes Elizabeth aside to asks her for an important favor. He tells Elizabeth that he has been doing paperwork for Lee while his shoulder heals. He then reveals to her that he never learned math and is need of her tutoring. Elizabeth is delighted to help. Later, at their first tutoring session, Jesse reveals that he never finished the 8th grade. He begs Elizabeth not to tell Clara. She doesn’t think it would change Clara’s feelings for him, but she agrees to keep his secret.

Bill lets Abigail know the results of the Mounties background check on Eleanor. The Mounties found nothing suspicious and it appears that her story pans out. Abigail tells Bill that Rosemary suspects something is afoul with Eleanor and Abigail is not about to doubt a woman’s intuition. Bill laughs off the suspicions and leaves.

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As punishment for destroying Abigail’s cake, Robert and Cody use their allowance to buy the ingredients for another cake. But, when the cake doesn’t come out as beautifully as the original, Abigail decides to bake one more cake with her professional touch.

At the café, Henry and Eleanor discuss their new business arrangement. She tells Henry that she already has a handshake deal for land outside Benson Hills to build the saw mill. She wants to know how long it will take for Henry to actually get the mill running. She then asks Henry to get a hold of Lee’s client and pricing lists. When Henry wants to know how she expects him to get a hold of the documents, she instructs Henry to steal them from Lee’s office. Henry tells Eleanor he doesn’t feel comfortable stealing from Lee, but she coldly replies that he needs to get comfortable because she needs a leg up and that comes at any cost. She asks Henry if he is in or out. He tells her he is in.

Highlight - Jesse Comes Clean - When Calls the Heart

The next morning Jesse spots Clara across the street and leaves Lee’s office to talk to her. He tells Clara that he has confession to make and she might not like what he has to say. She becomes concerned and begs Jesse to come clean. Jesse reveals that he never graduated eighth grade and that he is taking math lessons from Elizabeth so he can do his job at the mill. Clara tells Lee that it doesn’t matter, because he is a good man and he is taking the steps now to improve his skills.

Back at the clinic, Faith lets Carson know she found out about his birthday and bought him a present. He is touched to see she gave him a harmonica after hearing he used to play when he was young. She also invites Carson to the saloon later that evening for a birthday drink and he obliges. The two are interrupted when Elizabeth and one of her students announce that a horse has gone into premature labor and they need someone with medical expertise to help deliver the foal.

Henry finds Jesse working late at Lee’s office. Jesse tells him that word around town is that Henry is leaving to work in Benson Hills. Henry doesn’t respond and instead asks if Jesse needs any help with his balance sheets.

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Later on, Henry approaches Eleanor and presents her with a folder and papers and tells her that they are the documents of Lee’s that she wanted him to steal. Eleanor takes the folder. Just then Bill shows up to tell Eleanor that she is under arrest for conspiring to steal business property. Bill locks her up in the jail while Lee thanks Henry for helping foil Eleanor’s plot. Henry asks Lee for his job back and Lee has a better idea: he asks Henry to come in early the next morning so the two can talk about a promotion.

Henry and Abigail head over to Carson’s surprise party and Abigail senses something is wrong. Henry tells Abigail that no matter how many times he tries to clean up his act and do the right thing, he is afraid that men like Lee and Bill will always suspect Henry is up to no good. He knows that he still has a long way to go to right his wrongs. He tells Abigail to go to Carson’s party; he is going on a walk alone.

Just when Faith is about to give up on Carson making his surprise party, he walks in, completely shocked to see all his Hope Valley friends gathered around. The crowd surrounds Carson and watches him blow out the candles of both his cakes, the one made by Cody and Robert and the one made by Abigail. At the party, Lee praises Rosemary and credits her intuition to being right about Eleanor this whole time.

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Abigail tells Robert and Cody she has a surprise for them. Knowing they spent their money on ingredients for Carson’s birthday cake, she bought the kite that they were initially saving their money for. Both boys give her a big hug and say thank you.

The party really takes off when Rosemary gets on the piano and begins to play tunes while Carson joins in on the harmonica.

Elizabeth realizes she forgot Carson’s present at the school and she and Abigail go back to retrieve it. While walking to the school, Elizabeth spots a Mountie riding into town and believes it to be Jack, so she runs towards him. When the moonlight catches the Mountie’s face, she realizes it isn’t her husband. The Mountie gets off his horse and asks them where he can find Elizabeth Thornton. When Elizabeth comes forward and introduces herself, the Mountie lowers his hat. She asks if Jack’s been hurt. The Mountie doesn't answer. Elizabeth instantly falls to her knees and begins to sob uncontrollably.