When Calls the Heart: Love and Marriage

Love and Marriage

Rosemary stops by to check in on the newlyweds and finds Elizabeth downstairs writing a love letter to Jack. Elizabeth explains that the two write daily letters to one another and the one she just finished is instructing Jack to meet her at the café later for a surprise. Rosemary loves the romance of it all and even points out the rose petals on the staircase. Later on, Rosemary begins to question the romance in her own marriage and is determined to bring the spark back with Lee.

Because of the bank closure, the town hosts a clothing swap for those in need of winter jackets. One of the students, Laura, finds a love note in the pocket and turns to Bill to help her track down the original owner of the jacket. Bill doesn’t think that the original owner would really care about getting her jacket back, but Laura points out that the love note was sewn into the lining of the pocket, so the original owner may not know it was there to begin with. Bill reluctantly agrees to help Laura investigate this matter further.

Cody leads Jack to the café where he finds Elizabeth waiting to surprise him with a romantic candlelit meal. Jack has one special request: a dance with his wife before dinner. The romantic evening is cut short when Hickam barges in, telling Jack that he saw some men at Jack’s property with Mr. Jenkins and the exchange was beginning to look tense.

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