Recap: Love and Marriage - Season 5 - Episode 6

Jack and Elizabeth's relationship is put to the test.

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Rosemary stops by to check in on the newlyweds and finds Elizabeth downstairs writing a love letter to Jack. Elizabeth explains that the two write daily letters to one another and the one she just finished is instructing Jack to meet her at the café later for a surprise. Rosemary loves the romance of it all and even points out the rose petals on the staircase. Later on, Rosemary begins to question the romance in her own marriage and is determined to bring the spark back with Lee.

Because of the bank closure, the town hosts a clothing swap for those in need of winter jackets. One of the students, Laura, finds a love note in the pocket and turns to Bill to help her track down the original owner of the jacket. Bill doesn’t think that the original owner would really care about getting her jacket back, but Laura points out that the love note was sewn into the lining of the pocket, so the original owner may not know it was there to begin with. Bill reluctantly agrees to help Laura investigate this matter further.

Cody leads Jack to the café where he finds Elizabeth waiting to surprise him with a romantic candlelit meal. Jack has one special request: a dance with his wife before dinner. The romantic evening is cut short when Hickam barges in, telling Jack that he saw some men at Jack’s property with Mr. Jenkins and the exchange was beginning to look tense.

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Jack and Elizabeth immediately head to the property to see what the problem is. Once there, Mr. Jenkins explains that bank has decided to exercise its right to take back the land. Mr. Jenkins assures Jack that the bank taking back the property is all perfectly legal because Jack’s loan with the bank includes a provision that allows the bank to recall the loan at any time. Elizabeth realizes that the bank, struggling for cash, has a cash offer for Jack’s land. Mr. Jenkins does give Jack the option to save his land by paying the balance of the loan within seven days. When Jack says he doesn’t have that kind of money, Mr. Jenkins suggests that Elizabeth’s well-off family could help. Jack shuts down that idea and promises Elizabeth they will have their dream house built one way or another.

At school, Elizabeth notices that Phillip is having a hard time seeing the chalkboard. He tells her that for the last few days he has had a hard time reading words that are far away. She offers to take him to see Carson at the clinic after school.

Henry stops by the café for a scone where Abigail notices his long face. Henry tells her he has been searching for an investor to bail out the bank, but he’s not having any luck. Henry tells her he has one more card up his sleeve but he admits that it’s a long shot. As Henry leaves, Florence enters the café and tells Abigail that she’d heard the rumors that Abigail placed Hope Valley’s financial future in the hands of Henry, a convicted felon who has stolen from the town in the past. Abigail takes her aside and assures that she is not giving up hope. Abigail pleads with Florence to have faith in her, that they have survived so much as a town, they will survive this. The two embrace in a hug.

Phillip is taking an eye exam with Carson at the clinic. His one eye sees perfectly fine, but he struggles with the vision in the other one. Carson gives Phillip his own pair of brand new glasses.

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After careful examination of Laura’s coat, Bill finds a red hair, meaning the original owner must have been a redhead. Now he and Laura are on a mission to ask all the redheads of Hope Valley if the mysterious love note belongs to them.

Abigail and Elizabeth find some time to catch up, and Abigail reveals that she feels Frank wishes he was back at the Children’s Hospital. Elizabeth reminds her friend that for now, Frank is back in Hope Valley and with Abigail. Elizabeth also fills Abigail in about the bank seizing Jack’s land. When Abigail asks Elizabeth what she is going to do, Elizabeth tells her they will survive, for better or worse.

The next morning, Lee finds Rosemary looking sad as she flips through their wedding photo album. Lee goes about his morning routine like nothing is the matter then tells his wife he will see her later at dinner.

Abigail corners Mr. Jenkins and demands answers as to why the bank is calling Jack’s loan. She tells him that the bank needs her and she is working her hardest to find investors to keep them afloat. Abigail also reminds Mr. Jenkins that the bank should be honorable and not underhanded. Mr. Jenkins says he will take their conversation under consideration but can’t make any promises.
Although his new glasses have helped his eyesight, Phillip is now experiencing headaches and sore eyes, so Elizabeth takes him back to see Carson. Carson takes another look at Phillip’s vision and begins to believe the young boy has glaucoma. Carson tells Elizabeth that if Phillip doesn’t get the proper treatment for his condition, he could lose his eyesight. Phillip needs to see a specialist at the Children’s Hospital, immediately. Elizabeth and Carson sit down with Frank to see if he can help Philip get treated. Frank says he still has contacts at the hospital and will see what he can do. Privately, Abigail tells Elizabeth to not worry because Frank will move heaven and earth to get Phillip the help he needs.

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Rosemary comes home that evening to Lee waiting for her outside their home. Lee tells his wife that he knows she has been a little down lately and he has a surprise waiting for her. Inside, she finds the floor covered in rose petals and a candlelit dinner waiting for her. She also opens up an envelope from Lee and finds theater tickets to her favorite musical, “The Pirates of Penzance.” Lee tells Rosemary she is the love of his life and the two toast to being married.

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While investigating the mysterious letter, Laura and Bill have determined that the letter has coal smudge on it, came from someone with red hair and was addressed to someone named “Lucy“ or “Livey.” Abigail is at first stumped, but she then suddenly realizes the name on the letter is “Lovey.” “Lovey” was a nickname Florence’s husband gave her when they were young. Bill and Laura go to find her to deliver the love letter. Florence receives the letter and begins to cry. The letter was written by her late husband, Paul, whom she was with since high school. She tells both Laura and Bill she will treasure the note forever.

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Jack comes home somber, and Elizabeth wants to know what is wrong. He tells her he has been given another assignment that will take him away from her. Jack tells Elizabeth that he will only be gone for a couple of months to train new Mounties. He promises her this will be his last out-of-town assignment. The news also means that their honeymoon to Chicago will have to be postponed. Elizabeth tells Jack she wants to go with him but he knows she can’t be away from teaching for that long. Elizabeth compromises and says she can at least travel with him until he gets to the fort and they can consider the road trip their honeymoon.

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Phillip gets ready to travel to Cape Fullerton with Frank to get treatment for glaucoma at the Children’s Hospital. Before he leaves, his classmates give him a card they all signed. Before leaving, Frank takes Abigail aside and tells her he has some news. She already knows what he is about to say and tells him she knows he is going to stay in Cape Fullerton to work with the Children’s Hospital. She kisses him farewell, knowing she has to stay in Hope Valley. After they say their tearful goodbyes, Frank turns his attention to Cody and promises him the two will write letters while Frank is away. Frank and Phillip get in the carriage and ride off to Cape Fullerton.

Highlights - Phillip's Farewell - When Calls the Heart

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Jack and Elizabeth pack up and get ready to depart for their honeymoon road trip. They are interrupted by Mr. Jenkins, who tells them the bank will not seize the land as long as Jack keeps up with his payments. Elizabeth knows Abigail was behind the decision and thanks her personally, saying the town is very lucky have her as a mayor.

Henry approaches Abigail with good news. He has found a potential investor for the bank and she will be coming to town next week. Henry says that he convinced the investor to come look at the town, but it will be up to Abigail to convince her to make the deal.