When Calls the Heart: My Heart is Yours

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When Calls the Heart
“My Heart is Yours”

Jack and Elizabeth are counting the days down to their wedding. Abigail worries that with only three days left, there is still a lot of work to do, including finding a pastor to perform the ceremony. Abigail sent messages to Frank in Cape Fullerton, where he’s been volunteering, but she’s gotten no reply. Elizabeth has faith Frank will arrive for the ceremony but just in case, Abigail says being mayor also grants her the authority to perform the wedding ceremony.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth notices that her students are having a hard time paying attention in class. They all tell her that they are excited for her wedding and want to help decorate the church. Since it’s a special occasion, Elizabeth agrees and gives the students a break from their studies so they can start decorating.

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Later in the day, Jack gets a welcome surprise when his brother Tom arrives in a brand new car. Things have changed since the two last saw each other and Tom is now a traveling salesman for a tire company. As the two catch up, Tom tells Jack that their mother can’t make the wedding due to a back injury, but Jack is just still thrilled that his little brother will be there with him.

Earlier, Bill received word that the Mounties need Jack to escort an inmate to jail in Cape Fullerton. Instead of passing the message to Jack, Bill plans to do the job himself. Outside of town, Bill meets up with another Mountie who’s watching over the prisoner, Joe Yancy, head of the Yancy Gang. While Bill prepares to escort Joe to Cape Fullerton, he spots two shadowy figures outside the secluded cabin. Just then, gun shots ring out and Bill throws Joe back into the cabin and barricades the doors.

Back in Hope Valley, a familiar face bursts into the café, surprising Abigail and Elizabeth. Elizabeth’s sister Julie has arrived for the wedding, and she passes along regrets that their mother can’t make it. Mrs. Thatcher is in London helping Viola with her newborn baby, but Mr. Thatcher is on his way to Hope Valley for the wedding. Julie then heads to the church to help decorate for the big day.

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Outside of town, gunfire continues to fly at the secluded cabin. Bill is pinned down with another Mountie and the wanted criminal Joe Yancy. Bill suddenly realizes that in his back pocket, he has Jack and Elizabeth’s wedding rings and needs to get the rings -- and himself -- to Hope Valley in time for the wedding.

Back at the church, Julie is busy organizing the decorating effort. Suddenly, she turns around and is surprised to see none other than Tom Thornton standing in the church. The two exchange pleasantries before Julie finally asks Tom if has a date for the big event. The reply is welcome and Julie does her best to hide the widening smile on her face.

At the café, Carson and Abigail are busy prepping the ingredients for the wedding dishes. As they talk and chop, the café door opens and Frank walks inside, carrying a bouquet of flowers. Frank tells Abigail that nothing would have kept him away from Jack and Elizabeth’s wedding, and wraps her in his arms.

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Night falls and Bill is planning his escape from the cabin. Bill slips outside through a root cellar and makes his way behind the gunmen. One by one, Bill disarms the gunmen ties them up. With the situation under control, Bill can proceed with the mission and escort Joe to prison.

Back at the church, the students are rehearsing their parts in the wedding. Cody attempts to light the candles but he trips, causing the lit candles to spill and setting the curtains on fire. In an instant, the flames expand and the entire church is engulfed. Jack and Elizabeth spot the burning building and run toward the fire. Outside, Jack and Elizabeth find Cody who tells them that Opal is still inside the church. Jack sprints into the burning church to find Opal, while the rest of the town rushes to the church with pails of water. Moments later, Jack runs out of the burning building with an unconscious Opal in his arms. He hands her to Carson who rushes her to the clinic. Jack then turns around and he and Lee return to the church to help put out the fire.

The next morning, some of the town gather at the church to assess the damage. Elizabeth arrives to let Jack know Opal will be fine and is still in Carson’s care. Jack informs Elizabeth that there’s been a lot of damage to the church. Rosemary delivers the devastating news that Elizabeth’s wedding dress was also destroyed in the fire. Seeing her burned dress brings Elizabeth to tears. Unwilling to admit defeat, Abigail marshals everyone to rebuild the church and make a new dress in the remaining day and night before the wedding. It will be a challenge, but everyone agrees to give it their all and the entire community comes together to help.

Highlights - Rebuilding a Wedding Dress - When Calls the Heart

Later in the day, Elizabeth’s father William arrives. Elizabeth greets him as he steps off the coach and he can immediately tell something is wrong. Unwilling to see his daughter’s wedding ruined, William rolls up his sleeves and joins Jack and the other men as they work to repair the church. Meanwhile, the ladies get together to start drawing up sketches for a new wedding dress, and Dottie donates all the fabric to make it.

Lee and Jack find some alone time to talk about the big day. Jack admits he is nervous about the wedding but Lee tells him he had the same pre-wedding jitters before he married Rosemary. It happens to everybody.

Highlights - The Thornton Brothers Heart to Heart- When Calls the Heart

Elizabeth shows her father her house and he wants to know how she is holding up. When she says she is nervous, William tells her she has no reason to be; she is marrying a good man who is devoted to her. He also presents her with a present from her mother: a delicate floral headband that Mrs. Thatcher wore on her wedding day. William gets misty-eyed as he recalls a young Elizabeth jumping into his arms. She reassures that him that despite her getting married, she will always be his little girl.

Highlights - I Will Always Be Your Little Girl - When Calls the Heart

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The wedding day arrives and Rosemary and Abigail take a moment to give Elizabeth advice for a successful marriage. Meanwhile, Jack puts on his Mountie uniform and prepares to head to the church. Tom tells his big brother that their father would be very proud of his son on this special day. Just as the two pack up to leave, Jack remembers he is missing the rings and Bill is still nowhere to be found.

Highlights - Welcomed Advice on Being a Good Wife - When Calls the Heart

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Highlights - Pastor Hogan Arrives - When Calls the Heart

Hope Valley begins to gather in the church for the wedding of the year, and Julie is busy with the children, getting them ready for the ceremony. Phillip approaches Julie and tells her that he doesn’t have any rings to put on his ring bearer pillow. Just as panic begins to set in, Bill rushes through the door, wedding bands in hand.

Highlights - Here Comes the Bride - When Calls the Heart

Moments later, everyone takes their places and the wedding begins. All eyes turn to the bride, arm in arm with her father, as she walks down the aisle. Jack grabs her hands and Frank begins the ceremony. Jack and Elizabeth begin to say their vows, promising their love and commitment to one another forever. Frank pronounces the two husband and wife and they share in a passionate kiss as their family and friends give them a standing ovation.

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Highlights - Abigail Toasts Mr. & Mrs. Thornton - When Calls the Heart

The reception begins at Abigail’s Café and the guests each take turns congratulating the blissfully happy husband and wife. Julie takes a moment to tell Tom about her upcoming art show in Hamilton, inviting him to attend. Bill takes the stage to toast Jack and Elizabeth. Abigail follows with her own toast about love. Afterwards, William takes his daughter’s hand for the father-daughter dance. As they dance, Jack taps William on the shoulder and asks if he can cut in. William agrees and Jack and Elizabeth take to the dance floor. Jack whispers to his new bride, “Finally,” and the two share their first dance. The rest of the guests follow their lead and everyone joins them on the dance floor.

Highlights - The First Dance - When Calls the Heart