Recap: Open Hearts - Season 5 - Episode 4

Abigail has to figure out how to keep the town's bank afloat; Elizabeth struggles to understand what troubles one of her students.

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With the bank closed, an angry and scared Hope Valley demands answers from Mayor Stanton. Abigail tells everyone not to panic, but the scared citizens are desperate to know when they will be able to access their hard earned money. Jack, Lee and Bill come to Abigail’s defense, assuring the community that she is doing all she can to make sure the people will get their money. But despite the brave front, Abigail confides to Bill how worried she is about the situation.

Elizabeth catches Jack preparing to leaving town. He won’t tell her where he is going, but he promises her she will be happy with the surprise he has in store when he gets back. She suspects that his leaving has to do with his time in the Northern territories, but Jack quickly changes the subject and bids her goodbye. Later, Elizabeth meets with Abigail and Rosemary and opens up about how Jack has become more distant since his return and refuses to talk about his time in the Northern Territories.

Back in the classroom, the students all want to know if they are invited to the wedding. When Elizabeth tells them they are all invited, they all get very excited. She also promises that they will all have a special role in the ceremony. Privately, she asks Phillip if he will the ring bearer and he happily accepts the job. Later on, Phillip overhears some of the students talking about how Elizabeth will probably quit her job after getting married and he begins to worry that their talk may be true.

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Abigail tracks down Henry at the saw mill and asks him for help to find investors who can help with the bank closure. Henry reminds her that he is no longer the powerful man he used to be. But Abigail knows Henry still has very rich friends who will help the town if he asks. Abigail pleads with him and he agrees to try but he warns her that it’s still a long shot.

Rosemary finishes her sketch for Elizabeth’s wedding gown and cannot wait to show her. Elizabeth agrees that the dress is beautiful, but she also thinks that Rosemary’s design may be a bit too much. Elizabeth also expresses her concern over the cost of making such an elaborate gown. Rosemary tells Elizabeth to trust her and promises that she will make her wedding everything she has ever dreamed of.

In Hamilton, Jack arrives at the Thatcher home to ask Elizabeth’s father, William, for his daughter’s hand in marriage. The meeting does not go as planned as William points out that Jack should have asked him first, before proposing to Elizabeth. William is also still concerned about the vast difference in backgrounds between Jack and Elizabeth. Jack assures William that he knows what is best for Elizabeth and will devote his life to making her happy.

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Abigail meets with some concerned Hope Valley citizens who want to know what they should do about the bank. Abigail advises the merchants to start extending credit to customers with a promise that they will be paid back, even if that means selling off some of the property in Hope Valley for extra cash. Dottie says that Abigail’s word works for her and the merchants all agree to start extending credit to the citizens in town.

Jack returns to town and takes Elizabeth on a walk to tell her that he paid her father a visit and got his blessing for their marriage. Elizabeth is overwhelmed with joy at the news. The conversation then turns serious as Elizabeth again asks Jack to open up about his time in the Northern territories. He again dodges the question and tells her that it is part of his past. Elizabeth reminds him that successful relationships involve honesty and sharing. The tense moment is interrupted when they find out Rosemary needs both of them at the café immediately.

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When Jack and Elizabeth arrive at the café, they discover Rosemary assigning jobs for the wedding. Bill wants to know where the rings are and Jack hands them over, telling his best man to guard them with his life. As Rosemary fills Elizabeth in with all the latest plans with the wedding, Elizabeth reminds her that she and Jack wanted to keep things simple.

Carson and Sophia find some alone time and return to the scene of their first date. Carson surprises Sophia with a job offer. Carson has a friend in San Francisco who is looking for an architect to help rebuild the city. Sophia is thrilled and can’t thank Carson enough. But this also means that their budding romance will have to be put on hold. While he knows he will miss her, Carson tells her that her moving to San Francisco will give him the perfect excuse to visit.

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Jack tells Elizabeth he is ready to share what happened up in the Northern territories. He tearfully recounts the story of being ambushed and losing a friend in that battle. Jack still feels guilty over his friend’s death. Elizabeth grabs Jack’s hand and assures him that it wasn’t his fault. He thanks Elizabeth for being by his side.

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The next morning, Jack and Elizabeth go their separate ways for their bachelorette and bachelor parties. The bachelor luncheon at the tavern is interrupted when Henry walks. Bill sternly tells him that the he’s interrupting a private party. Jack steps in and invites Henry to stay. Henry humbled by the gesture and joins in a toast to Jack.

Meanwhile, at the bachelorette luncheon, Rosemary gifts Elizabeth something old, a bracelet that once belonged to her grandmother. Clara gives Elizabeth something new, a set of handmade handkerchiefs. Finally, Abigail gives Elizabeth something borrowed, a pair of teardrop pearl earrings that she wore at her own wedding. When it comes to something blue, the guests realize they’ve forgotten a gift. Not wanting to ruin the party, Rosemary quickly promises to come up with something else later.

Highlights - Bachelorette Luncheon - When Calls the Heart

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After their luncheons, Jack and Elizabeth sneak away for some time alone. Elizabeth tells Jack that she feels the wedding plans are getting out of control. She’s always wanted a simple wedding. Jack tells Elizabeth that they can always elope as he only wants to be married and to start their life together. A huge smile comes across her face and says she tells him she is ready. The two part ways and agree to meet up in an hour.

Jesse and Clara run into each other for a long waited talk. Clara admits that she still has feelings for Jesse and he wonders why they are still broken up. Clara tells him that she feels the same and the two agree to resume their relationship and seal it with a kiss.

Sophia is getting ready to depart for San Francisco and Carson gives her one final hug. She leaves, but not before reminding Carson of all the potential she sees in his eyes. Rosemary tells Carson that it was a wonderful opportunity he helped set Sophia up with in San Francisco. Carson says he is the one who feels grateful because Sophia helped him open his heart, again.

Jack and Elizabeth meet up, ready to elope. But, before they can escape, Abigail finds them and says she cannot find Phillip. Jack and Elizabeth immediately take to their horses to go search for him. They find the Phillip by the pond where he tells Jack and Elizabeth that he wants to be alone. Elizabeth presses him for answers and he final admits that his is upset with Jack. Phillip tells Elizabeth he knows that once she gets married she will leave the school to start a family and never come back. She promises Phillip that Hope Valley is her home and she is not going anywhere and that is a promise.

After the conversation with Phillip, Elizabeth decides she doesn’t want to elope and Jack agrees. The two decide to call a meeting with their friends so they can tell them all that they want to keep the wedding simple. Everybody agrees and Rosemary acknowledges that she may have been a bit over-enthusiastic with her plans. She then offers to relinquish the reigns back to Elizabeth. But, as soon as Elizabeth turns her back, she overhears Rosemary giving more orders about the wedding. Elizabeth has no choice but to laugh and acknowledge that Rosemary is just being Rosemary. Through it all, Elizabeth is grateful to be part of a community that cares so much about her and her wedding.

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