Past Episodes

Just as it seems Cassie and Middleton's handsome new doctor Sam seem ready to turn their friendship into something more, Sam's ex-wife Linda threatens to come between them.
The arrival of a man from Cassie's past may complicate her burgeoning relationship with Sam; Sam's ex-wife Linda is still trying to keep Cassie out of the picture in a desperate attempt to repair their fractured family.
Good Witch 2_205_D12_2150r.jpg
As Cassie's old friend John attempts to unearth their shared college memories, the Good Witch receives another visitor from her past when Ryan returns to Middleton seeking closure.
Goodwitch 2_205-206_D11_1989.jpg
Cassie can't help but feel upset after Grace admits she's been spending more time with Sam to replace the hurt she feels from the loss of her own late father.
Good Witch 2_207_D2_2284.jpg
Cassie is surprised with adventurous outings by both Sam and John as she works on sorting out her conflicted feelings.
Good Witch 2_208_D7_2410r.jpg
After a great date with Sam, Cassie feels spellbound by their connection, even as John continues to vie for her attention when he enlists her help for an exciting new project.
Good Witch_209_D4_2762.jpg
Cassie begins to conjure up a surprise party for Martha and Tom, but when she enlists the help of Stephanie and Abigail, she learns her secret might not be safe.
Good Witch_210_D8_2915.jpg
Cassie works her magic to help Sam make a tough decision and suddenly is faced with a difficult choice of her own.
Good Witch 2_211_D6_3281.jpg
As Cassie considers John's adventurous job offer, sparks fly between the Good Witch and Sam, prompting them to take a step forward in their relationship.
Good Witch 2_212_D11_3394.jpg
After Cassie reaches a decision about her future, Middleton needs a touch of her magic when the Lights Festival threatens to go dark.