Tuesday June 2 4:58 AM / 3:58c
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Extended Preview - The Dream - Good Witch
Next Week
Sam successfully operates on Adam, but not without complications. Joy dreams that Abigail and Donovan break up, and against Cassie's advice, tries to stop it from happening.
Good Witch - Season 6 TVE
The Mandala
Cassie pursues a temporary art history professorship while Sam diagnoses Adam. Abigail and Donovan realize that the missing diamond from the Middleton treasure may help break the curse.
Preview - Good Witch - A Beguiling New Season
Sundays 9pm/8c
Starring Catherine Bell and James Denton

Good Witch

Building on the success of the Hallmark movie franchise, the Good Witch series follows enchanting Cassie Nightingale as she navigates running her own business, falling in love, and raising her teenage daughter.
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