Out of the Past

On her way down the stars, Cassie is suddenly overwhelmed by the presence of something familiar. Outside, a hand prepares to knock on the door before the visitor thinks better of it and turns to walk away. Just then Cassie opens the door to find Ryan starting to walk away. They smile when they see each other and Ryan tells Cassie that he has business in the area and thought he’d stop by. Cassie asks if they can have lunch while he’s in town and Ryan says yes and that they need to talk.

Later at the flower shop, Cassie drops in to take check in on her cousin’s new business. From the moment she walks, Cassie can see that Abigail has found her passion. She can also tell that Abigail has put much of the workload onto her lone employee, Sophie. Cassie tries to remind Abigail that “a small business lives or dies on how much effort the owner is willing to put into it.” Abigail casually assures her that she’s working round the clock. That comes as a surprise to the overworked Sophie, who pricks herself with a rose upon hearing Abigail’s comment. Just then the phone rings. Martha needs 25 centerpieces for a town council banquet meeting just three days away. Abigail calmly says no problem and casually tells Sophie “they’ll just have to work double time. “

Later in the day Sam returns from a run to an empty house. In a few moments Linda and Nick arrive from their extended search for pressed juice. Linda feels that Nick needs to start eating healthier and that includes having freshly pressed juice. Sam is suspicious of her motives and stares disapprovingly as Linda explains Nick’s new diet. She then suggests that the three of them have dinner at a local restaurant, her treat. Sam’s annoyed but he decides not start an argument.

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