Thursday August 6 5:00 PM / 4:00c

A Perfect Match Part 2

As Cassie, Sam, Grace and Nick sit down for dinner, Cassie and Sam do their best to keep the mood positive and uplifting. In contrast, Nick and Grace are still at odds over Nick’s plans to study abroad. When Cassie asks Nick about studying in London, Grace chimes in, “If he’s going.” Realizing what she’s said, Grace immediately tries to apologize, but an argument between she and Nick immediately ensues. Confused, Sam asks Nick if he wants to go to London and Nick says he’s still thinking about it before storming out of Cassie’s house. Grace follows suit, storming off to her room, leaving Sam and Cassie to wonder what just happened.

In the aftermath of dinner, Sam is still reeling over the revelation that Nick may not want to go to London after all. For her part, Cassie thinks that the fight between the kids is a sign that she and Sam should slow things down between them. Sam doesn’t agree, and tries to assure Cassie that no matter what, their friendship will remain intact. As they talk, Cassie’s phone rings; it’s John calling to ask about the dig in the Maldives. She doesn’t answer the phone and as she and Sam talk, she reveals that she’s decided not to accept John’s offer. Cassie tells Sam that she’s got more things pulling her home.

Later in the day, Martha stops by Bell, Book and Candle for some much needed consolation. With the festival just around the corner, Abigail’s done almost no organizing and now Martha can’t seem to find her. Martha now fears the festival may be ruined and for the first time in town history, the Middleton Lights Festival may go dark. Cassie tells Martha that there is too much light in her to let that happen. Cassie tells Martha that she definitely can’t do it alone. Handing over a tin of tea, Cassie says that she may need some of this later.

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