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A Perfect Match Part 2

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As Cassie, Sam, Grace and Nick sit down for dinner, Cassie and Sam do their best to keep the mood positive and uplifting. In contrast, Nick and Grace are still at odds over Nick’s plans to study abroad. When Cassie asks Nick about studying in London, Grace chimes in, “If he’s going.” Realizing what she’s said, Grace immediately tries to apologize, but an argument between she and Nick immediately ensues. Confused, Sam asks Nick if he wants to go to London and Nick says he’s still thinking about it before storming out of Cassie’s house. Grace follows suit, storming off to her room, leaving Sam and Cassie to wonder what just happened.

In the aftermath of dinner, Sam is still reeling over the revelation that Nick may not want to go to London after all. For her part, Cassie thinks that the fight between the kids is a sign that she and Sam should slow things down between them. Sam doesn’t agree, and tries to assure Cassie that no matter what, their friendship will remain intact. As they talk, Cassie’s phone rings; it’s John calling to ask about the dig in the Maldives. She doesn’t answer the phone and as she and Sam talk, she reveals that she’s decided not to accept John’s offer. Cassie tells Sam that she’s got more things pulling her home.

Later in the day, Martha stops by Bell, Book and Candle for some much needed consolation. With the festival just around the corner, Abigail’s done almost no organizing and now Martha can’t seem to find her. Martha now fears the festival may be ruined and for the first time in town history, the Middleton Lights Festival may go dark. Cassie tells Martha that there is too much light in her to let that happen. Cassie tells Martha that she definitely can’t do it alone. Handing over a tin of tea, Cassie says that she may need some of this later.

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Nearby, on her way to school, Grace catches up to Nick and asks if they can talk about their fight. She again apologizes for telling Sam that Nick was having second thoughts about London. Nick tells Grace that his hesitation stems from his new relationship with his dad. Nick’s enjoying the time he’s getting to spend with him and fears going to London would ruin all that they’ve gained. He then tells Grace that he needs to work this out on his own and that he and Grace need a break from each other.

At the café, Cassie and John sit to talk about the dig in the Maldives. Cassie thanks John for the opportunity but she knows that this adventure is his, not hers. John lives his life traveling from one adventure to another, but that’s not what Cassie wants. She tells him that what she really wanted in life was a family of her own and, now that she has that in Middleton, she realizes that it’s the one thing that makes her happy. In the moment, John realizes that his college friend has found what truly makes her happy in life.

Outside Abigail’s flower shop, Martha angrily stares into the dark window. Stephanie approaches with a delivery for Abigail, only to find the door locked and the lights off. The snub is the last straw for Martha and she’s decides then and there that she has no choice but to cancel the festival. Seeing Martha’s state, Stephanie decides to lend a hand and help Martha call all the vendors. As the two of them walk off, Abigail comes from the back of the shop and unlocks the door. She steps outside and a crafty smile crosses her face as she spots Martha and Stephanie walking away.

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At city hall Martha runs though the list of vendors she needs to contact in order to cancel the festival. Since she knows most of them, Stephanie volunteers to contact the food vendors, giving Martha the time to deal with everyone else. Martha is relieved and reaches for the tin of Cassie’s calming tea. As she does, she realizes that the solution to this problem is more hands. The festival was always too big for one person, but Martha realizes that with some help, they may be able to salvage it.

Nearby in Stephanie’s catering kitchen, Ben and Stephanie take a break after their marathon baking session. Earlier in the day, Ben received a text from an ex-girlfriend, who’ll be in town for the festival. While she paid no mind at the time, Stephanie’s been fuming about the text ever since. Hours later, she’s now making cryptic hints that they may not have a future together. At first, Ben is confused. But as he tries to figure out what’s wrong, Stephanie notices that the bottom layer of one of the cakes has begun to collapse into itself. Ben offers to help but Stephanie pushes him away. He finally realizes that Stephanie is angry about his ex texting him. Frustrated, he tells Stephanie that spending three days, locked in a pastry kitchen with her should show her how serious he is about their relationship. He tells her to take the other seven cakes to the festival and promises to meet her with an eighth cake.

Outside, Cassie stops by to check on Sam and Nick. Sam tells Cassie that Nick is still broken up about London. Cassie thinks Nick just needs to find the right adventure for him and suggest to Sam that she may have something in mind. Sam thanks her for continually looking out for him and Nick. Cassie tells him that she cares for them both. Before heading to his office, Sam and Cassie agree to meet at the festival in front of the Ferris Wheel at 8 o’clock. But just as Sam jumps into his car, Cassie is overcome with a need to say one more thing. She turns to Sam, calls his name, and tells him, “Be careful tonight.”

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Inside Grey House, Cassie find Grace sitting in the living room working on homework. Cassie sits down to talk to Grace about her and Sam. Cassie starts by telling Grace how much she loved her father and that when he died, a part of her heart died with him. She starts to tell Grace that she now has those same feelings about someone else. Grace interrupts her and reveals that she saw her kissing Sam. Grace admits that it was surprising and that she just needs some time. She truly wants her mom to be happy. They hug each other and, before leaving to get ready, Cassie asks Grace if she will do her a favor and deliver an envelope to John.

As the sun sets, the vendors and volunteers are busy putting on the finishing touches on the Middleton Lights Festival. Martha enters the main ballroom to find it completely covered in beautiful sparkling lights. She’s overwhelmed by the effort and the community spirit that made it all possible. Outside Nick and Grace talk about their parents dating as they make their way to the Ferris Wheel. When they arrive, Grace hands John the envelope, which he opens to find a coin and a note. The coin is one Cassie found on a trip to India. As John opens the note, Nick immediately recognizes the writing as Sanskrit. John is impressed by Nick’s recognition of the ancient writing. As Nick begins to talk to John about his job, John mentions that he’s bringing along some high school students on the dig in the Maldives. As they talk, Grace smiles, realizing her mom helped steer Nick to his own adventure.

As the night wears on, Abigail marvels over her effort bringing the festival together.
For years, Bonnie had Martha convinced that she was doing all the work but in reality, it was Martha who was always calling the shots. Abigail surmised that Martha really wanted to take over the festival but never thought she could. This time around, Abigail created a crisis so Martha had no opportunity to second-guess herself and could only do what needed to be done. Now, by Abigail’s reasoning, the festival is in the right hands.

As the festival reaches a crescendo, Sam is still nowhere to be found. Cassie calls over and over again, but her calls keep going to voicemail. As the festivities approach their climax, Abigail takes to the main stage and asks all the town to head outside for a special presentation. Then, as the crowd gathers outside, a beautiful fireworks display begins, showering light upon the festival and the town. All eyes are pointed upward, except for one. Cassie looks over the crowd, searching for Sam, but he is still nowhere to be found.