Thursday August 6 5:00 PM / 4:00c

Surprise Me

A light snow falls as Cassie and Sam walk out of the bistro. When Sam called to tell her the news that Linda had gone back to New York, Cassie left John's faculty formal to make sure Sam was okay. Sam explained that before leaving, Linda made amends for the way she had treated Nick and he seems to be handling her leaving well. Sam then asks Cassie about her date with John, adding that it's nice of Cassie to fill in for John's girlfriend. Cassie hesitates before telling Sam that John and his girlfriend broke up. She then reveals that John was a bit of a player in college, with lots of girlfriends but none of them serious. It's also why he and Cassie have always been just friends. Sam chuckles and then suggests they need to celebrate. Sam then conjures an inspired idea and suggests that the location of their date be a surprise for Cassie.

The next day, at Abigail's flower shop, Stephanie is still trying to recover from her sudden breakup with Ben. Despite repeatedly telling him how much he meant to her, Stephanie is more than a little stunned that Ben wouldn't accept her apology. Cassie suggests that instead of telling him, Stephanie should show Ben how she feels. But now, after all this, Stephanie is no longer sure that she and Ben have any future together.

Nearby, Sam drops Nick off at school. With Linda gone, the two need to rework their routine, starting with Nick's afterschool schedule. While Linda was still in Middleton, Nick confessed that he really didn't like basketball and was quitting the team. While Sam respected his son's decision, he still wants Nick to find a productive use of his time. Nick halfheartedly tells his dad that he'll find something, but Sam is much more insistent. While he doesn't give Nick any limitations, he does want, by the end of the day, for Nick to have found a club or activity to put his energy into.

Across town at the Mayor’s office, Martha's son Michael stops by to share the good news. After putting zero effort into finding himself a job, Michael has now decided to start his own business. Martha tries to redirect him but Michael has decided that things will be better if he is his own boss. He tells his mother he's going to start a car service with "limos, town cars, you know... like that." Hoping to dissuade him, Martha asks if he's got any of the things he'll need, like a commercial driver's license or a business plan, but he's got nothing more than the idea. Still more jarring is Michael's decision that Blairsville is more cosmopolitan and would make a better location for him to start his business. Martha nearly explodes when she hears his plan but the worst is yet to come. In order to get things started Michael needs investors to put up $50,000 to start the business as well as more money for him while he gets the business up and running.

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