What's Your Secret?

Early in the morning, as Sam heads off to start his day, he stops at Cassie’s to grab the morning newspaper. The paperboy has a grudge against Sam and the visit gives him a chance to chat with Cassie. As they talk Sam’s phone rings. It’s another rep from Hillcrest hospital hoping to convince Sam to take the Chief of Staff job. While flattered by the job offer, Sam’s happy with his practice and the extra time he has to spend with Nick. Cassie is listening so intently that she doesn’t realize that she’s pouring water all over the front of the newspaper. As Cassie grabs a towel to clean the mess, both she and Sam notice the ad for a nearby lake house that just happens to be for sale.

Later in the day Tom Tinsdale stops off at Bell, Book and Candle to purchase one of Cassie’s herbal remedies. As Cassie hands Tom his receipt, he notices the date and suddenly realizes that his 30th wedding anniversary is quickly approaching. He looks to Cassie for help finding a small gift for Martha. Using her special gifts, Cassie convinces Tom that a surprise party might be a better way to celebrate. She volunteers to do all the organizing and to do everything in her power to keep it a secret from Martha.

At the bistro, Abigail, Stephanie and Cassie gather to talk about Martha’s party. Cassie had already tapped Stephanie to prepare the food and she’s hoping Abigail will supply the flowers. While reluctant at first, Abigail recognizes that the party is a great opportunity for her to further ingratiate herself with the mayor. As the trio talk, Greg, Nick’s handsome teacher, walks into the bistro to pick up his lunch. Since they first met, Abigail has done all she can to garner his attention, but so far he seems uninterested. Unlike most men Abigail deals with, Greg is playing hard to get. As she watches him leave the bistro, Abigail is more convinced than ever that Greg may be just the man she’s been looking for.

Later in the evening, Cassie finds Sam outside shooting hoops in his driveway. She already knows when Sam is out late shooting baskets he has something big on his mind. She walks up and asks what’s up. Sam tells her that since he and Cassie went horseback riding, Sam’s realized how much he’s missed doing things outdoors. And, after seeing the lake house in the paper that morning, Sam is convinced that it would be a great spot for he and Nick to spend some quality time outdoors. Sam asks Cassie if she’ll go with him to check out the place and she happily agrees.

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