The Trouble With Love

After driving her mother back to Grey House, Ben waits at an empty table while Stephanie closes the bistro for the night. While things between Ben and Stephanie had been going well, Stephanie’s plan to hide Ben from her mother has thrown the future of their relationship into doubt. Stephanie tries to tell Ben that her motive was the expectations her mother has for men she dates but, after spending the day with Betty, Ben knows that Betty isn’t the problem. Hurt and frustrated, Ben asks Stephanie, “If you’re too embarrassed to let people know we’re dating... why are we dating?”

The next day Stephanie and her mom talk about the situation with Ben. Contrary to Stephanie’s assumptions, Betty found Ben to be a charming man. Stephanie suspects her mom isn’t being sincere and that deep down, she finds Ben’s working class roots unacceptable. But Betty is having none of it and tells Stephanie that the problem with Ben’s simple means is hers and hers alone. Betty then tells her daughter that if she really cares about Ben, she’s going to have to fight to win him back.

Nearby at Grey house, Grace sits on her bed, studying the driving manual. It’s become clear that Grace’s reluctance to take her driving test has nothing to do with her not being ready. Cassie’s always known that Grace missed her father and she’s now come to realize that the time Grace spends with Sam is an effort to fill the void in her heart. As Cassie sits on the bed next to Grace she hopes she’ll be able to convince Grace to talk about what she’s feeling, but it doesn’t happen. All Cassie can do is promise to be there when Grace is ready.

Next door at Sam’s, Linda breaks the news to Nick that she’s moving into the guestroom to be closer to him. As Sam and Linda mask the tension between them, Nick remains oddly blasé. Later, at the bistro with Grace, Nick reveals that while he wanted his parents to get along, he never expected his mother to move in with him and his dad. Nick is all too aware of his mother’s controlling nature and her insistence that she always get her way. Grace suggests Nick try to talk to his dad, but Nick knows that his mom wouldn’t listen and that getting his dad involved would only make the situation worse.

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