Sunday June 23 8:00 PM / 7:00c
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  • The Prince
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    Cassie plays host to Henry, a dashing stranger, and Olivia, a visiting poet. To help with her mounting workload, Abigail offers Grace an internship in the mayor's office, where Grace butts heads with an ambitious fellow intern.
Past Episodes
  • Cassie and Sam celebrate their honeymoon at a country winery, where they help their hosts deal with a dilemma. Grace encounters her first heartbreak and Abigail holds a joint fundraiser with Mayor Donovan.
  • Sam searches for the location of the fabled Forever Tree as a gift for his soon-to-be wife, while Grace worries that a series of wedding hiccups might have something to do with her Merriwick Magic.
  • With the day of the wedding only a day away, Grace realizes how much she misses her father. Meanwhile, the clock is running out on Sam's quest to find the Forever Tree.