Thursday August 6 5:00 PM / 4:00c

A Perfect Match

A fresh layer of snow covers the ground around Sam’s new lake house. Trudging through the snow, Sam and Cassie walk back to the house after a brisk hike in the wilderness. The scene is a vivid reminder of Sam’s childhood vacations in Montana. As they enter the house Cassie’s eyes are immediately drawn to a group of paint swatches hung on the wall. Sam explains that he always likes to start fresh when he moves into a new space. Sam then asks Cassie about her thoughts on John’s offer to join him on the dig in the Maldives. Cassie knows that the job is a great opportunity for adventure and she is seriously considering the opportunity. Silence follows and as they stare at each other, Cassie tries to break the tension by talking about Sam’s paint swatches. With his eyes still fixed on Cassie, Sam pulls her to him and kisses her deeply. The kiss stuns Cassie and she can only muster a nervous smile.

The next day Sam arrives at Grey House hoping to ask Cassie about what happened at the lake house. They indulge in small talk before Sam asks if they can talk about the kiss. Cassie reveals that she wasn’t surprised that it happened and says that it was nice. Before she can say more, Sam suggests that instead of dissecting and examining it, they try to just enjoy it. Cassie smiles and agrees that they should see where things go.

In downtown Middleton crews are hard at work hanging lights and decorations for the upcoming Middleton Light Festival. Inside Bell, Book and Candle, Abigail stops in to ask her cousin what all the fuss is about. Cassie explains the annual celebration is a big event for the town, drawing huge crowds and lots of customers for local businesses. As they talk, Martha enters, distraught over the departure of the festival’s planner. Seeing an opportunity, Abigail volunteers to take on the task of organizing the event. Martha is hesitant to give Abigail such a big responsibility, but Abigail promises that it will be the best festival Middleton has ever had. With that Martha relents and gives Abigail her first official duty and hands her a small batch of envelopes. From the stack, Abigail removes an envelope addressed to Sam and hands it to Cassie. With an air of suspicion in her voice she tells her Cassie, “Something tells me you’ll be seeing him before I do.”

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