A Perfect Match

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A fresh layer of snow covers the ground around Sam’s new lake house. Trudging through the snow, Sam and Cassie walk back to the house after a brisk hike in the wilderness. The scene is a vivid reminder of Sam’s childhood vacations in Montana. As they enter the house Cassie’s eyes are immediately drawn to a group of paint swatches hung on the wall. Sam explains that he always likes to start fresh when he moves into a new space. Sam then asks Cassie about her thoughts on John’s offer to join him on the dig in the Maldives. Cassie knows that the job is a great opportunity for adventure and she is seriously considering the opportunity. Silence follows and as they stare at each other, Cassie tries to break the tension by talking about Sam’s paint swatches. With his eyes still fixed on Cassie, Sam pulls her to him and kisses her deeply. The kiss stuns Cassie and she can only muster a nervous smile.

The next day Sam arrives at Grey House hoping to ask Cassie about what happened at the lake house. They indulge in small talk before Sam asks if they can talk about the kiss. Cassie reveals that she wasn’t surprised that it happened and says that it was nice. Before she can say more, Sam suggests that instead of dissecting and examining it, they try to just enjoy it. Cassie smiles and agrees that they should see where things go.

In downtown Middleton crews are hard at work hanging lights and decorations for the upcoming Middleton Light Festival. Inside Bell, Book and Candle, Abigail stops in to ask her cousin what all the fuss is about. Cassie explains the annual celebration is a big event for the town, drawing huge crowds and lots of customers for local businesses. As they talk, Martha enters, distraught over the departure of the festival’s planner. Seeing an opportunity, Abigail volunteers to take on the task of organizing the event. Martha is hesitant to give Abigail such a big responsibility, but Abigail promises that it will be the best festival Middleton has ever had. With that Martha relents and gives Abigail her first official duty and hands her a small batch of envelopes. From the stack, Abigail removes an envelope addressed to Sam and hands it to Cassie. With an air of suspicion in her voice she tells her Cassie, “Something tells me you’ll be seeing him before I do.”

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Back at Sam’s house, Nick notices that his dad is in an especially good mood. Curious, Nick asks his dad what’s up. Skipping over the news about Cassie, Sam tells him that they got the lake house. He then tells Nick that they’ll have all summer to hang out there before Nick heads to London in the Fall. Nick is surprised to hear his dad mention London and asks what he means. Sam tells Nick that that he read his essay and thought Nick carefully and logically laid out the reasons for studying abroad. And, after giving it some thought, Sam’s decided that Nick has his permission to study abroad.

Later in the day, as Nick walks to school, Grace excitedly runs up behind him and immediately congratulates him on getting his dad’s permission to go to London. Grace heard the news when she stopped at Sam’s office for some help with a class assignment. She immediately wants to know why Nick didn’t tell her himself. Nick struggles to find an answer and, as he does, Grace’s new friend Katy walks up to them. Grace tells her they were just talking about London. She tells Katy that Nick’s dad gave him permission to go, but that Nick still isn’t sure he that her really wants to go. Nick just sits uncomfortably quiet as Grace and Katy talk. As the conversation moves to the light festival, Nick decides to make his exit to go shoot some hoops. His sudden departure convinces Katy that that Nick doesn’t like her. Knowing Nick as she does, Grace tells her that Nick’s problem isn’t with Katy.

The next day, Sam stops at Bell, Book and Candle with a box of cookies for Cassie. Sam tells her that he bumped into John at the bistro and that John still thinks Cassie is going to the Maldives. Cassie still hasn’t made her decision and hasn’t said anything to John about the job offer. Sam promises to support whatever decision she makes. With a wry smile he then tells her that if she does go, she’ll have a big problem. He tells her that she’ll miss him terribly.

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The next day at Grey House, Abigail and Cassie talk about the festival. Cassie’s decided that she wants to hold an auction during the festival. She’ll auction off 8 designer cakes and the proceeds will go towards the library reading program. Cassie’s plan has one flaw and that’s finding someone to help her bake 8 custom cakes. Abigail smiles and suggests that Cassie ask Sam. Cassie’s non-denial is all Abigail needs to know her hunch about Cassie and Sam is right. She then tells Cassie that if she hasn’t told Grace yet, she’d better do it soon because news travels fast in a small town.

Just then Sam walks in and Abigail takes her cue and leaves. Realizing he walked into a moment between Abigail and Cassie, Sam asks what’s going on. Cassie tells him that they need to talk about their new relationship and their kids. Sam agrees and they decide to have a family dinner to talk with Grace and Nick. Cassie then jokes that they can leave out the part where one of them has to move if things don’t work out.

At the bistro, Abigail enjoys a fresh cup of coffee. As Stephanie tops off her cup, Abigail sighs as she tells Stephanie how exhausted she is. Stephanie’s heard that Abigail is in charge of the festival planning and asks when they can meet to discuss the food. Abigail casually tells her that she’s really swamped and that she’ll call her later. Stephanie reminds her that the festival is this coming weekend, but Abigail is sure everything will be fine. With that Abigail leaves and Cassie arrives. She asks Stephanie why she looks so concerned and Stephanie explains that Abigail hasn’t done any work for the festival and the vendors are starting worry. Stephanie goes on to say that she’s feeling the same sense of anxiety over her relationship with Ben. Stephanie isn’t sure where her relationship is headed and she’s not sure if she can ask Ben what he really thinks. The situation gives Cassie the perfect opportunity to present Stephanie with a needed distraction, and she asks if Stephanie will make her the 8 designer cakes for the festival. It’s a lot of work in a short time, but since it’s for charity, Stephanie is willing to do what she can.

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Later at Sam’s house, Grace stops by to talk with Nick. While there, Nick tells Grace that he knows what she’s doing. Grace tries to tell him she’s not planning anything but Nick’s figured out what’s behind Grace’s plan to push Nick to hang out with Katy. Katy’s father is still in London and the distance is hard for Katy to deal with. Nick believes Grace wants Nick to realize that if he goes to London, he’ll miss his dad too. Nick angrily tells Grace that just because she can’t leave her family doesn’t mean he’s the same. Grace snaps back telling Nick she’ll leave when the time is right for her. Nick tells her that he’s sure she’ll make sure the time is never right for her.

The next day at Bell Book and Candle, John arrives to talk to Cassie about the dig in the Maldives. He asks Cassie if she’s given any more thought to taking the job. Cassie knows that it’s the opportunity is a lifetime, but since she isn’t a trained archeologist, she wouldn’t feel comfortable leading the dig. Unless John can hire someone with practical experience, Cassie is not sure she can accept the job. John tells her that the dig isn’t just about what they would find and that she shouldn’t let the opportunity pass her by.

Later in the day at the bistro, Ben finds Stephanie immersed in sample cake designs. The daunting task has Stephanie worried that she’s in way over her head. Ben then calmly offers to help. He tells Stephanie that while he doesn’t look it, he’s not unfamiliar with the kitchen. Inspired to help Stephanie, Ben takes off his coat and prepares to bake.

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At City Hall, Martha and Chief Sanders discuss security for the festival. As they talk, Martha’s assistant walks in with an urgent call. One of the principal vendors hasn’t heard from Abigail and is assuming that the festival has been canceled. The news puts Martha into a panic and she must now wonder what else Abigail hasn’t done. Just then her assistant comes back with more messages about the festival. Making matters worse, the “pie lady” is on the phone and she is very unhappy. Martha gasps as she slowly prepares to take the call from the “pie lady!”

Later that night Cassie is putting the finishing touches on dinner. Sam arrives and notices that the house is empty. Grace ran to the store and Nick is still getting ready, giving Sam and Cassie a moment of privacy. After taking a taste of Cassie’s meal, Sam leans in and he and Cassie share another kiss. As they do, Grace arrives home. As she makes her way into the kitchen she glimpses her mother and Sam kissing. Unsure what to do she quietly leaves to process what she’s just seen.