On a sunny afternoon, clad in hiking gear, John and Cassie prepare to repel off a cliff. Through all the years Cassie’s lived in Middleton, she’s never been to this hiking spot. John remarks that the trail is just one of the many surprises he’s discovered since moving to town. John feels an unseen force guided him to a rewarding teaching job, which has also given him the time to pursue an expedition to the Maldives. But while things are looking up for John, he’s got an important deadline that threatens to derail his upcoming dig. By the end of the week, John must name a field supervisor or lose the grant. With Cassie’s help, John’s poured over dozens of resumes and settled on two candidates. Since time is not on his side, John has decided to clear his head and spend the next few days camping. He hopes that the peace and quiet will help him come to a final decision about who will accompany him on the road ahead.

Later in the day, Cassie returns home to find Abigail sitting at her kitchen table. Abigail has come to tell Cassie that Martha is wise to the fact that Cassie is planning a party. She explains that while trying to figure out her next move with Greg, Abigail inadvertently let it slip that she was making floral arrangements for a party being thrown by Cassie. Cassie is surprised to hear that Abigail likes Greg enough to be distracted by him. Cassie advises her cousin that the attraction may be a result of Greg not immediately surrendering to her charms, but Abigail is sure that’s not the case. As they talk, Martha barges in to interrogate Cassie about the party. Having regained her footing, Abigail calmly tells Martha that Cassie is planning a romantic dinner for herself and John. She goes a step further and swears Martha to secrecy, saying that Cassie doesn’t want John to find out. Martha promises to keep the secret and, on her way out the door, laments that she wishes her her husband was as romantic as Cassie.

As night falls across Middleton, Cassie finds Sam outside playing basketball. She’s worried about a guest staying at Grey House and she believes Sam is the perfect person to help. Shortly after arriving at Grey House, Cassie’s guest Dan began seeing ghosts. Believing the problem is mental, Sam offers to give Dan a referral but Cassie suspects that he needs a doctor, not a psychiatrist. Sam relents and agrees to see Dan. Just then Sam’s phone rings. It’s his realtor telling him that another person is interested in buying the lake house and may take Sam into a bidding war. While Sam thinks he wants the house, he knows he doesn’t want to enter into a bidding war. Seeing his concern, Cassie suggests Sam write a pros and cons list and then decide what to do next.

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