Thursday August 6 5:00 PM / 4:00c

Second Time Around

In the backyard of Grey House, Cassie drags the rake through the yard, gathering leaves into a pile. As she wraps up her yard work, Sam walks up to offer his help. Still dressed in a suit, Sam’s offer isn’t sincere, but it does serves as a useful pretense to start a conversation with Cassie. Sam and Cassie haven’t spoken about the night in the back of her store when they almost kissed. Sam wanted to kiss Cassie and he suspects that she wanted to kiss him too. With his heart on his sleeve, Sam asks if he’s just imagining the feelings that exist between the two of them. Cassie can’t deny the truth and tells Sam that he’s not imagining and that the feelings between them are real. But things between Sam and Cassie are far more complicated. As they talk, staring out from a first floor window, Sam’s ex-wife Linda casts an angry look at Cassie.

Later in the day, Grey House’s newest guests arrive. Beth and Larry are the couple that does everything together and now, they are having their traditional dream wedding at Grey House. They are so close and agree so much that Larry helped Beth pick out her wedding dress. Unfortunately for the couple, a mix-up with their booking means that for the next few days, they ‘ll be sleeping in separate rooms. Cassie promises that the distance will only make things better and, while not enthusiastic about the idea, Larry and Beth take their individual keys and head into Grey House.

Over at Sam’s office, his new receptionist Eve is busy with her normal routine, gossiping with patients. Annoyed, Sam stands next to her, phone ringing off the hook and Eve still chatting away. When it’s clear that Eve has no intention of breaking off her conversation, Sam picks up the phone just in time to hear the caller hang up. Just then, Martha Tinsdale bursts into the office, demanding Sam see her immediately. Before Sam can say two words Martha says that a she’s in need of immediate medical attention and promptly shows herself to an exam room.

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