Thursday August 6 5:00 PM / 4:00c


Outside Bell, Book and Candle, Cassie flips through pictures on John’s cell phone. The last time the two saw each other was years ago in Istanbul, where they were part of an archeological dig. While there, Cassie realized that her life was headed in a different direction and she unexpectedly left to pursue her own path. Her departure left John feeling as though he’d abandoned her and things were never the same for John again. But John is now on to the next new chapter of his life, teaching archeology at the college in Blairsville. John now hopes that his new job will give he and Cassie the chance to get reacquainted.

The next morning Sam awkwardly attempts to use a shovel to clear the leaves from his yard. Grace walks over and suggests he try using a rake. Sam asks how her driving lessons are going and Grace laments that while her mom and Brandon mean well, they are not the best teachers. As she recounts the horrors of driving with her family, Sam begins to realize that she has an ulterior motive for her visit. He cuts to the chase and asks what she’s really driving at. Grace then nervously asks Sam if he will be her driving instructor. Sam’s surprised at first, but Grace pleads that he may be her only hope of ever learning to drive. Her pleas convince Sam that as long as it’s ok with Cassie, he’d be happy to be Grace’s driving instructor and they plan their first driving lesson for after school.

Inside Grey House Linda pulls a fresh batch of muffins from the oven. Sam walks in and is surprised to see his ex-wife baking. Cassie then walks into the kitchen and, still doing her best to be a polite hostess, graciously invites Linda to use the kitchen anytime. Sam approaches Cassie and the two discuss Sam’s giving Grace’s driving lessons. Linda immediately interjects, suggesting that Sam is too busy with work and with Nick to “teach someone else’s child to drive.” Sam stiffens and tells Linda that Grace isn’t just someone else’s child and that he can always find time for important things. Cassie smiles and thanks him while Linda sits stewing over Sam’s rebuke.

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