Recap: The Shell - Season 7 - Episode 2

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George reveals he knew Laurel Merriwick but promised not to reveal this or give Cassie, Abigail and Joy the bags until the start of the Red Haloed Moon per her instructions. They try to find clues to help them make sense of the symbol in the sand.

Donovan apologizes to Abigail for refusing to tell Dotty they want a long engagement. He makes up for it with gossip. Golden Boy Daniel is not so golden anymore as he lost his high-profile job in Washington politics.

Martha arrives at Grey House with bad news. She ran over Sam’s golf clubs. Sam rushes out to see what he can save. However, even worse -- at least to Martha -- she does not have a theme for movie night. Joy suggests Martha pick a movie first. Martha does not want to put the cart before the horse. She wants the theme to dictate the movie. Cassie has a sense that inspiration is coming. Sam re-enters with twisted golf clubs covered in grease. Inspiration hits Martha. Movie night will celebrate all things ‘50s and the movie will be “Grease.”

Adam is surprised by a visit from Eileen ahead of their next mission trip. Eileen is excited but senses Adam’s hesitancy to fully embrace the surprise. He loves that she is spontaneous but wishes she had given him notice. He thinks her visit is a great idea, but he does not want to make Stephanie feel uncomfortable, in turn making things uncomfortable for Eileen. Great surprise, bad timing.

At the Bistro, Stephanie loves Joy’s idea of adding an alcove. Suddenly she gets several notifications of guys “catching her vibe” on a dating app. Problem is, Stephanie did not join one. Joy admits to adding Stephanie’s profile to the dating app. While the gesture is appreciated, Stephanie is not looking to dive into the dating pool right now.

Sam hires Dr. Monica McBride as Hillcrest Hospital’s newest surgeon. His boss Grant enters and congratulates Monica. However, it is no surprise to him that she aced the interview because she has also conquered his heart. Monica is Grant’s girlfriend. Cassie arrives in time to meet the happy couple and insists they come over for dinner.

As Joy and Abigail train for the movie night egg race, Joy’s intensity reminds Abigail of Donovan and Daniel’s rivalry. Joy does not see them as poster boys for brotherly love. Abigail thinks talking can change it. They need to fix their relationship as she does not want their future children to think that type of behavior is okay. Speaking of parenting, Vincent enters and announces he is going to meet his birth mother. Joy cannot imagine working things out with her dad.

Eileen gives Stephanie a hand at the Bistro with some plates. In exchange she offers her coffee. Stephanie notes Eileen’s bracelet -- the same one Adam showed her from his mission trip. This must be the woman Adam told her about. Stephanie tells Eileen she fell for a really great guy.

Cassie, Abigail and Joy return to the beach where Joy made the symbol out of stones as a child. She recalls in the dream making the symbol and then her father finding a shell. Abigail finds a shell and wonders if this is the same one. Cassie wonders if the shell is what they were meant to find. Joy recalls the shell in her dream had a “J” on it. This one does not. Abigail asks if Joy kept the original shell. Joy claims it is long gone and feels the day has been a bust.

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As Vincent arrives at the address he received for his birth mom, he meets a fellow foster kid named Michael. Unfortunately, Michael confirms Vincent’s mom is not there. He is intrigued by Vincent and Cassie and surprised to learn that like him they were foster kids.

Abigail asks if Dotty if the Davenport family dinner may be a good time to have an open dialogue to help smooth things over between Donovan and Daniel. Dotty disagrees, stating her table, her rules.

Adam grabs coffee and pie at the Bistro, but what he really wants to know is what Stephanie thought of Eileen. He apologizes for the run in. Eileen came to surprise Adam, and he did not mean for her to also surprise Stephanie. Just them Adam gets a text from Eileen: she is having car trouble. Stephanie insists he go help.

George and Cassie reminisce about Laurel. She, as all Merriwicks, made him feel like family. Cassie has learned the last Red Haloed Moon was in 1913. George has done research as well and believes the tree in the middle of the symbol created by the dirt represents the tree of life, a sign of strength. It’s fitting as Merriwicks have survived many storms.

At the Davenport dinner table, Dotty insists they play her favorite game, “Who Had the Best Day.” Daniel thinks he did and lies that the congressman he is working for got a big meeting at The White House. Unable to control himself, Donovan breaks the news that Daniel lost his job. Later as the boys cool down, Dotty learns from Abigail her game is not so much fun for the boys.

During dinner with Grant and Monica, Cassie and Sam enjoy a bean bag toss. Cassie and Monica also school the guys on the electric slide. As Cassie and Monica head off to grab dessert, Grant reveals to Sam he intends to propose to Monica.

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At breakfast, Joy is confused. Her dream about being with her parents did not progress. She wonders if Cassie has some tea that may help unlock Joy’s memory.

Abigail brings Donovan coffee and a donut. Donovan is upset as nothing good came out of his reveal about Daniel. “Not yet,” Abigail says as Daniel enters. Abigail is right. Donovan did Daniel a huge favor as it is not easy being the golden boy. No longer the golden boy, Daniel finds common ground with Donovan and they begin to forge a positive relationship.

Sam and Vincent play basketball and chat. Vincent did not find his mom, but he did find a connection to Michael. He tries to shake it off as he is heading back out to sea. Sam thinks maybe Vincent should stick around a while.

Eileen wishes she could stay for ‘50s night and tries to give Adam a kiss. He pulls away. This was not how she imagined their first kiss. She guesses that Adam still has feelings for Stephanie.

During another couples’ dinner with Cassie and Sam, Grant recounts how he asked Monica on their first date. He suddenly realizes how much he loves her and does not want to wait anymore. He pulls out the engagement ring and proposes. Monica sadly and unexpectedly leaves the table, unable to accept the proposal.

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The next morning, Monica explains to Cassie she had a heart transplant five years ago and does not know how many years she has left. Due to this, she does not think it would be fair to marry Grant. Cassie thinks that is something Monica needs to let Grant decide.

Movie night begins. Everyone one arrives to get their ‘50s on. Even Grant attends to take his mind off his declined proposal.


Adam tells Stephanie he misses her, and Stephanie has missed him too. Adam asks if they can pick up where they left off. It sounds tempting but Stephanie does not want to get back together. She does want Adam’s support as she finds out what she is missing in her life.

Dotty grabs Abigail at movie night. She has two things to say to her: she was right, and thank you. Abigail says, “You’re welcome.”

Vincent is having a tough time getting Michael to open up. Cassie and Sam ditch their spots in the egg race to allow Vincent and Michael to participate. It is a great trick to help them connect.


During the movie, Grant gets up to leave. Cassie insists he stay for the best part. Suddenly the projector breaks. Grant says it looks like everyone is going to miss the best part. At that moment, Monica appears and apologizes for running out on him.
There is no picture on the screen, but they can still hear the movie. Tom decides to take Martha’s hand and turn the event into a sing-along dance. Everyone joins in.

Later at Grey House, Joy finds Vincent researching how to be a foster parent. Hanging out with Michael has prompted him to think about it. Joy thinks he’ll be a great foster dad.

Abigail is happy Donovan and Daniel repaired their relationship. She did not want to bring that toxic type of relationship on her and Donovan’s golden boy or golden girl in the future. Donovan is very happy to be having a talk about kids with Abigail.


Alone in her room Joy pulls out a seashell. On the back is a “J.” It’s the shell from her dream – it turns out she did keep it. Joy searches out George and Cassie with news. She knows what the symbol means!