Recap: The Kite - Season 7 - Episode 5

Joy's dream sends the three Merriwicks on a search for Phillip Harper, Joy's father.
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Cassie is flooded by memories of her parents sparked by receiving their kite at the Middleton Exchange. She remembers they flew the kite every year on their anniversary and it was last flown the winter before they died.

Meanwhile, Joy’s dream about a day at the beach with her parents finally progresses. She realizes her dad is affectionate until her mom places an amulet around his next. He suddenly becomes distant and walks away.

Joy shares her dream with Cassie and Abigail. She believes the dream indicates her mom was trying to protect her dad. Abigail wonders if they now need the same protection. The only way to find out is by finding Joy’s dad.

Meanwhile, George and Adam need to find a new spot for the church. Sensing tension between Adam and Sam since the accident, George invites them both to the Leopard Lodge to hang out for a beer.

Stephanie and Joy discuss her upcoming casual date with Sean. Stephanie is worried she and Sean have two different ideas of casual. She likes cabernet and cheese plates. Joy jokes Sean’s casual date means ribs and video games.

Donovan feels like he is one step closer to the governor’s mansion as he was able to secure a meeting with Boyd Franklin. Abigail breaks out her glasses from the exchange to celebrate. She and Donovan are becoming a true power couple. As she pours champagne she notices “Willow View Inn” written on the glasses and gets an idea.

Abigail tells Cassie about the glasses, thinking it is a clue to finding Joy’s father. Cassie has doubts. Joy arrives and can tell by their faces they have found her dad. She is hesitant at first to go to the inn to find him, but decides to go after remembering what her mother told her after her dad left - they would always be family.

Stephanie asks Martha to pardon her parking tickets. Martha refuses to be bribed with a Tinsdale on Toast.

Meanwhile, George secretly enlists the guys, including Sam, Adam and Donovan, to be pledges for initiation into the Leopard Lodge.

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After Martha declines to waive Stephanie’s parking ticket she finds her best rose bush torn out of the ground and in her bed! It’s a Godfather style hit she feels Stephanie is behind. As Tom is out of town, she asks Sam if she can stay at Grey house to elude further retaliation.

At the Willow View Inn, Joy is seeing her father everywhere. Cassie and Abigail suggest she go rest. However, as they head upstairs they really do spot Joy’s father, Phillip. Much to her disappointment, he does not remember Joy and claims he does not have any kids.

Back at the Leopard Lodge, Adam, Sam, and Donovan take on pledge challenges. Adam tries to bond with Sam but he can still feel Sam pushing him away.

Back at the Willow View Inn, while eating french fries in their room, Joy and Abigail share their first intuitions. Cassie admits her first intuition was that she’d never see her parents again, right before their car accident.

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At Grey House, Martha thought she had escaped Stephanie’s wrath. However, as she comes down to the kitchen for breakfast and finds her name spelled in jelly on the refrigerator door.

Abigail questions Joy’s father Phillip, as she thinks he is hiding something. She realizes his memory has been blocked. They use Joy’s rune stones from the exchange to restore his memory and learn Joy’s mom separated them for safety. She also left a source of protection with Phillip: an amulet.

During a hot wing eating challenge, Adam tries to hang in there with Sam in solidarity. Sam says he is taking Adam down. Adam, hurt by the sentiment, gives up on the contest – and trying to make up with Sam.

Stephanie is unpleasantly surprised when Sean arrives for their date with ribs, videos games and lessons on how she needs to broaden her horizons. However, Stephanie takes on the challenge to live life by playing video games with him.

Phillip takes Cassie, Joy and Abigail to the spot where he buried the amulet under a tree. Unfortunately, the tree is gone, replaced by a movie theater. The magic of the movies has taken down the magic of the Merriwicks as the amulet is gone.

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Sam finally realizes it was silly to hold a grudge against Adam for his shoulder injury when someone else with a grind to axe with Adam appears. Jason, a former classmate whom Adam beat in chess, comes to the lodge to demand a rematch.

As Joy spends time reconnecting with Phillip, Cassie admits to Abigail she wishes she could have helped her parents the way Joy was able to help her father. Since her parents’ death she has vowed never to ignore her instincts again.

Sean visits Stephanie at the Bistro for a student teacher conference as she got a “C” on her latest quiz. Stephanie delivers her own grade to Sean for their date. He failed, but she says he’ll get a chance to make it up on a make-up date tomorrow night.

Cassie, Abigail and Joy turn again to the rune stones to find out what to do now that the amulet is gone. They get three clues: water, gift, and protection. Abigail wishes they could just be a normal family and Cassie thinks making a wish could be exactly what they need to do next.

As a last resort Martha secludes herself in the Mayor’s office to shield herself from further attacks. However, while working the next morning, Martha learns the saboteur has struck again as Stephanie enters to thank Martha for waiving her parking ticket. Martha did no such thing. Someone must have hacked her computer. She checks her security camera to find the culprit, only to discover she is guilty of all the atrocities. She has been sleepwalking!

Later, Cassie arrives home and gets a much needed hug from Sam. It was a long weekend and she has a lot she wants to tell Sam. Afterwards they fly her parents’ kite together.