Recap: The Wishes - Season 7 - Episode 6

Recap: The Wishes - Season 7 - Episode 6

Recap: The Wishes - Season 7 - Episode 6

When Cassie, Abigail and Joy toss coins into the historic wishing well, wishes old and new start coming true.
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Cassie, Abigail and Joy make a wish at the well. Just as Joy wishes there was another amulet, Abigail’s ring falls in. There is no splash, since luckily it is caught by a bucket inside the well. The bucket has many coins in it - unfulfilled wishes. Cassie dumps them into the water.

Meanwhile, Tom has planned a trip to Buenos Aires with Martha. She also finds the homecoming tiara that went to Dotty years ago is now hers. Martha realizes the trip and tiara are old wishes she made at the well. She recounts having made a lot of wishes, prompting Tom to wonder what else is in store for them.

News spreads that the famous musician Logan Mann is coming to town. Middleton has many fans of Logan - self-dubbed Mann-handlers, including Martha. Sam reveals to Martha he used to be in a band with Logan. Martha does not believe him until Logan arrives at the Bistro and confirms its true. Since Logan is in town for a show he agrees to perform at a fundraiser to help Adam and George’s church. He also uses his time in town to reconnect with Sam. He is impressed by the life Sam’s built. Sam’s shoulder injury makes him wonder what Logan would do if he couldn’t play music anymore, as he may not be able to perform surgery anymore.

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Stephanie realizes her old well wishes have come true as she runs into Kyle, whom she shared her first kiss with at summer camp. She always wished their paths would cross again. Coincidentally, Kyle works for Logan Mann. Stephanie soon finds herself surrounded by past, present and maybe future loves as Kyle, Adam and Sean all help her make funnel cakes for the benefit concert.

Abigail faces her own balancing act as Donovan runs into Boyd Franklin, a key contact for his political ambitions, on the tennis court. Abigail suggests a doubles match with Boyd and his wife. Donovan encourages Abigail to throw the game, but Abigail thinks they’ll just be another couple in the crowd by letting Boyd win. Donovan finally agrees and goes for a win, earning him lunch with Boyd.

George asks Samantha out to dinner. He wants to make their relationship official, but Samantha is not yet ready. George is willing to wait and invites her to the benefit concert.

An old two-way hand radio George was tinkering with leads Cassie to connect with Ellen. Years ago, Ellen used the radio to communicate with her good friend, Jelly. However, she has not heard from her for a long time. Cassie has a realization: Ellen’s friend Jelly was her own mother, Jade. They were so inseparable years ago their nicknames were Peanut Butter and Jelly.

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Joy and Zoey go on their first date. It goes so well and lasts so long that they realize the restaurant has closed around them. Joy makes the date official by paying. Both she and Zoey do not want the night to end so Joy suggests they go to the Logan Mann benefit concert. Afterwards they enjoy ice cream and a walk in the park.

After Stephanie receives a rose from a secret admirer, she begins to focus on finding her true love, completely abandoning her journey to discover what she loves about herself. She realizes the error in ways when Abigail reveals she sent her the rose. Abigail was testing Stephanie to remember to focus on herself. Stephanie appreciates the reminder to put herself first.

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During the benefit show, Logan asks Sam to play with him to celebrate the good news about his shoulder getting a clean MRI.

Adam and George announce the benefit concert has raised enough money to buy the church. Unfortunately, they did not earn enough to buy land to place it on. However, Ellen who was invited to the show by Cassie, shares she has plenty of land she is willing to give them for free.

Later that night while Joy and Cassie are talking, a painting - Nathan Merriwick’s Tableau - falls from the wall. They discover another painting underneath it with Patience and Fortune Merriwick, each with an amulet around their neck. That means somewhere out there is a second amulet. It looks like Joy’s wish at the well has come true!