Recap: The Wedding - Season 7 - Episode 10

Recap: The Wedding - Season 7 - Episode 10

Recap: The Wedding - Season 7 - Episode 10

Cassie, Abigail, Joy and George come together to protect the Merriwick magic from the mysterious force over Middleton. Cassie and Sam make a momentous decision about their life together.
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At the hospital Cassie, Abigail and Joy await test results. Sam enters to inform them, medically, there is nothing wrong. He does prescribe one thing. Go home and make an amulet.

Back at Grey House, Joy is having trouble recreating the process for creating the amulet. She needs to have the dream where she saw Meredith make them again. Cassie pulls ingredients to make a tea to help Joy dream.

At the Bistro, George acts as Maître’ D while playing a game of chess with a downtrodden Adam. It’s clear Adam’s heart is not in the game. He says his heart is on a plane to Paris. However, his frown turns upside down when Stephanie appears. Her flight was delayed, so she has one more day to spend with Adam.

As Cassie, Abigail and George collect the items needed to make the amulet, Joy has lunch with her father Philip. At lunch Philip is pleased to see Joy so happy with Zoey. Things take a turn when Charlotte – Joy’s ex – appears. Charlotte insists on catching up with Joy.

Abigail finds Donovan questioning if now is a good time to get married with everything going on with the Merriwicks. Abigail is certain of her love for Donovan. Those feelings will not change, even if she no longer has her gifts. Donovan is glad to hear it and shares he has booked them on a flight to Tuscany the day after tomorrow, where they will be married by a priest.

At the hospital, Sam goes through pre-operation instructions with Tom. Tom is nervous, but he is satisfied that he has been a good husband and father, always putting his family first.

Later, while trying to make another amulet at Grey House, Joy finds a note on the orb of intent. The note says to shake the family tree.

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Tom brings Martha some strawberries. He hopes if anything were to happen to him, Martha would be okay. Martha comforts Tom as he has always been her rock and she wants him to know it is okay to be nervous about the surgery.

Back at Grey House Joy pulls the amulet out of the mold. It seems to have worked until it cracks in her hand. Looks like they will have to try again.

Just as Stephanie and Adam prepare for a stroll to the wishing well, Adam gets called to see a patient at the hospital.

Joy has coffee with Charlotte, who admits she has took on Dotty Davenport as a client to find Joy. She misses their nights salsa dancing and has forgiven Joy’s indiscretion. She wants Joy back!

Joy tells Zoey about her coffee with Charlotte, including how they used to salsa dance and how Charlotte wants her back. Zoey realizes Joy has a choice to make.

Later at Grey House, Cassie, Joy and Abigail try making the amulet again. This time they start by using the dirt in the purple satchels they received. Could this be the key to making it work?

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Michael arrives in town. He is thinking of buying a house near Cassie. He wants a permanent home as he prepares to be a foster dad.

While at the hospital working, Zoey expresses her concern to Samantha that she may lose Joy to Charlotte. She jokes that she needs to learn to salsa. Samantha knows a salsa aficionado who can help Zoey – Sam! Sam supposes he can show Zoey a move or two.

Adam’s work at the hospital is keeping him longer than expected. He suggests they have breakfast and go to the wishing well in the morning before her flight. Unfortunately, Stephanie’s flight has been pushed up. Looks like they missed their window.

Joy is successfully able to create an amulet. Cassie puts it on just as a strong gale force wind tries to overtake them. Outside, amulet in hand, Cassie, Abigail and Joy face off with the red haloed moon. With the amulet’s help, they successfully prevent the moon from taking their powers. They each think that was a piece of cake - wedding cake. Someone is about to get married!

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In a surprise ceremony, Adam and Stephanie prepare to share their wedding vows on a boat with Cassie and Sam as their witnesses. However, Adam cannot get through them as he is overtaken by sea sickness. Stephanie assures him it is okay, she can finish them for him. Touched, he says that is why he loves her.

Afterwards at Grey House, among family and friends, Stephanie and Adam celebrate their nuptials. Adam has one more surprise: he did not want Stephanie to leave for Paris before marrying her. He also does not want to start their marriage apart, so he is going to Paris as well.

Seeing Adam put marriage before all else leads Donovan to realize he is not ready for marriage. He breaks up with Abigail.

Zoey enters the party looking stunning and makes a gesture of her own. She invites Joy to dance and hopes she will choose her over Charlotte. Joy gives Zoey a kiss. Looks like she has made a decision!

Adam’s grand gesture prompts Sam to get down on one knee and make a proposal of his own to Cassie. He wants to take her on a trip around the world, finally putting work aside and Cassie first. The next morning, Abigail decides to go to Tuscany without Donovan, while Cassie and Sam take off to see the world.