Recap: The Sprint - Season 7 - Episode 8

Recap: The Sprint - Season 7 - Episode 8

Recap: The Sprint - Season 7 - Episode 8

Cassie and Sam disagree about his return to work after his injury. Flower Universe tries to undercut Abigail's business, but she won't go down without a fight.
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Cassie thinks George’s moon rock from the Middleton exchange can help them find out if the second amulet is hidden somewhere in Grey House.

Sam goes back to work for the first time since his shoulder injury. He promises Cassie not to push too hard as he is still healing. However, once at the hospital he jumps right back in full throttle, at times straining his shoulder.

Martha and Tom are excited to celebrate their wedding anniversary. The excitement turns to disappointment as they realize they got each other the same gifts as usual and even the same card. They decide to shake things up. Martha plans a Sweetheart Sprint, a couple’s race across Middleton for the chance to win a romantic hot air balloon ride.

Donovan gets news from his brother Daniel of an exciting opportunity to become a Senator. Donovan wonders how Abigail would feel about moving to Springfield to support this campaign effort. Abigail reminds him that her life is here in Middleton. Donovan suggests a long-distance relationship as a possible solution, much to her dismay.

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At the Bistro, Stephanie fills out an application for a French cooking academy. She is excited until realizing to be considered, she would need to be in Paris for a demo - tomorrow! Stephanie’s academy dreams are dashed, for now. However, she can take her mind off the application as she and Adam get invited to Martha’s Sweetheart Sprint. Martha insists they attend even though they are not a couple.

Zoey asks Joy out for a second date. The excitement fizzles out when Zoey gets called to fight a fire in Apple Valley. Joy realizes the true risk of Zoey’s job and is nervous for her safety.

Meanwhile at Bell, Book and Candle Dotty admits to Cassie that she and her husband Davis are having communication trouble. Cassie suggests a lavender candle to help.

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Couples arrives for the Sweetheart Sprint. Both Cassie and Dotty find themselves solo at as both Sam and Davis are hard at work. They decide to pair up and participate together.

During the Sweetheart Sprint, Abigail is distracted as Flower Universe has made a final – and insulting – offer for her flower shop. Abigail is equally insulted when Donovan suggests she consider the offer. Clearly, he wants to move to Springfield and the sale would make it easier for Abigail to follow him.

During the cake decorating portion of the sprint, Stephanie gets an idea of how she can show the French Cooking Academy her talent without going to Paris.

As Joy and Zoey bond as a couple during the Sprint, Joy admits to feeling uneasy with Zoey’s job as a firefighter. Zoey gets it. She went through the same thing with Avery. She hopes Joy can learn to handle it. Joy says she will.

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Dotty can tell something is weighing on Cassie – the fact that Sam is not there. However, Cassie tells Dotty it is Donovan and Abigail that need her advice as Donovan is thinking of moving to Springfield to become a Senator. Dotty asks them not to start their relationship apart as that is no way to start or sustain a marriage.

Meanwhile, Stephanie sends a photo of her masterfully decorated cake to the French Academy, garnering her a second chance to apply this year. All she has left to do is the essay. She enlists Adam’s help to write it.

Joy has another confession to make to Zoey. In a past relationship, she cheated by kissing a client. She promises not to do it again and wonders if Zoey can handle it. Zoey says she will have to learn.

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Abigail and Donovan win the Sweetheart Sprint. They gift the balloon ride to Martha and Tom as it is their anniversary after all. In addition to the balloon ride, Tom has a surprise for Martha. They will be the first to celebrate in the newly renovated Bistro space Joy has been working on.

In the Bistro back-office, Stephanie and Adam finish the essay and hit send. Stephanie is grateful and leans in to thank Adam with a kiss but stops short when the ding of her application submission interrupts them.

As love blossoms for some couples, others find trouble in paradise as Cassie and Sam have a fight. Cassie can tell Sam is pushing too hard at work. Sam disparagingly jokes Cassie knows everything. What Cassie does know is that Sam broke a promise.

Cassie and Sam’s relationship is not the only thing that is wilting. Back at Grey House George shows Cassie, Abigail and Joy a picture of a the Merriwick family plant. It is wilting and has been since the moon started turning red. Could this be why Cassie, Abigail and Joy are having troubles? More importantly, can they find the amulet in time to fix it?

Despite lighting the lavender candle Cassie recommended to Dotty to help with their communication with Davis, Cassie and Sam find themselves sleeping separately.