Recap: The Search - Season 7 - Episode 9

Recap: The Search - Season 7 - Episode 9

Recap: The Search - Season 7 - Episode 9

The pressure is on when strange things start happening to Cassie, Abigail and Joy's abilities.
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A young Patience and Fortune Merriwick are in a small room and start bickering as they can feel a great threat, the red haloed moon, coming. Their mother gives them amulets for protection. Years later Patience leaves with William. She also leaves her amulet with Fortune as she does not want to be found.

Joy awakes suddenly. She was dreaming about Patience and Fortune and has learned something. She immediately jumps out of bed, pulls back her dresser and takes a hammer to the wall. Behind the drywall is a door to a room.

Abigail, Cassie, and Joy explore the newly found room. It’s the room Joy saw Fortune and Patience in during her dream. Joy discovered the room through the dream but not where Fortune placed the amulet. Abigail jokes Joy’s dreams always end before the important part. Cassie doubts the amulet is in the house. However, Joy feels differently and thinks they should search Grey House from top to bottom.

Sam finds George, Joy and Abigail looking through artifacts from the room and around the house. Abigail asks for his help solving a cryptic but stops short and blurts out that Sam is avoiding Cassie. She was unable to control herself and spoke Sam’s thoughts aloud.

In the kitchen, Cassie has a vision of her parents, Jade and Conrad. The vision is interrupted when she burns her hand on a kettle getting them some tea. Sam enters and helps her, telling her to run cold water on her hand. He asks who she was talking to as the kitchen is empty. She simply says no one.

Meanwhile at The Bistro, Joy has a premonition and tells Martha Tom is hiding something. At the hospital Tom confirms an appointment with Sam, who warns Tom should be honest with Martha as he’ll want her by his side. As Tom leaves, Adam approaches. He notices Sam’s handwriting is off. Just like Cassie, he states Sam is pushing himself too hard.

Stephanie tells George she almost kissed Adam. She feels getting into a relationship with Adam is the last thing she needs right now. George says it could be the exact thing she needs.

At the church Abigail and Donovan stand before Adam as he now proclaims they can now say I do to book the church for their wedding six months from today. He says Donovan may now kiss the bride. Abigail leans in for a kiss, but before locking lips with Donovan, blurts out what Adam is thinking: “you wish you could kiss Stephanie.” Abigail explains she is literally connected to everyone causing her to feel what they are feeling and say what they are thinking.

Back at Grey house, Joy is overwhelmed by the number of items to go through. Cassie wonders if maybe all things, like their gift, must come to an end. At that moment, Sam enters saying she cannot give up. The doorbell chimes as he has invited friends to help search for the amulet.

Cassie explains to the group they are looking for the amulet because it is a source of great power, and they only have twenty-four hours to find it. Even Dotty and Davis show up to help but as usual Davis is distracted by work.

As the search begins, George admits privately to Sam he has never seen the Merriwicks this distraught. Sam too is concerned as seeing Cassie on edge is making him nervous as well.

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Later that night in the kitchen, Sam apologizes to Cassie for pushing too hard at work and breaking his promise. Cassie has not completely gotten over what happened but feels they are getting to a better place.

Martha and Tom look at a painting of Patience and William. Martha points out the mysterious Merriwicks and duplicitous Davenports. “Think of all the secrets they are keeping.” Tom knows subtlety is not Martha’s strong suit. Martha does not like a tight-lipped Tinsdale and demands Tom come clean about what he is hiding. Tom only admits he wants to find the amulet.

Stephanie looks through a Merriwick recipe book of desserts, including love licorice. Adam has found a diary stating the success of some the enchanting desserts, although the last page is missing. Stephanie jokes that page could have solved all of life’s mysteries. However, there is just one mystery they want to solve - why didn’t they kiss? Stephanie gets a text on her phone. She got into the program in Paris! She leaves tomorrow.

Cassie has another vision of her father, Conrad, in the kitchen spinning plates. He asks what is bothering her. She wonders how he feels about the Merriwicks’ abilities. He tells her to talk to her mother, Jade.

Donovan struggles to play a violin they found as Davis and Dotty bicker over the money spent on his violin lessons as a child. Donovan tells them to take it easy, he is playing according to the sheet music which includes bad notes. At that moment Davis’ phone goes off. Abigail then goes off on him, telling him to shut it off or the guest house will be his new permeant residence. Donovan is shocked and asks why she would say that. Abigail explains she only said what Dotty was about to say. Dotty confirms this and admits she and Davis have been separated for a few months.

Downstairs, Zoey arrives with ice cream for Joy. George is surprised she is late for the search until Joy intervenes. It becomes clear Zoey was not invited. George advises tells Joy it’s best to fess up when you mess up. Joy tries to smooth things over and explain why she lied to Zoey about what she was up to tonight. Upset, Zoey begins to leave. Joy blurts out the truth: “I’m a witch.” Zoey leaves.

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Tom finds a dejected Davis and wonders why he did not reach out to talk. Davis says it was hard to admit his marriage was in trouble. Martha walks in and tells Tom he is a good friend for keeping Davis and Dotty’s secret. Tom knows that is not the secret he is hiding but goes along with it.

Joy admits to George she told Zoey about being a witch. He feels if she cannot accept it, Joy is better off without her.

Stephanie tells Martha she wants to get back together with Adam. However, they cannot be together now as she leaves for Paris tomorrow. Martha reads a letter William wrote Patience that proves distance does not dissipate desire.

Abigail notices Donovan has been quiet since learning about his parents’ separation. He wants to do something to get them back together. Donovan plays out his frustration on the violin continuing to play the bad notes written into the sheet music. Abigail has an idea; she puts the six bad notes into the cryptic and it opens.

Zoey returns to Grey House with a question for Joy. They sit on the stairs and talk. Zoey asks if she a good witch or a bad witch? Joy assures she is a good witch. Just then Joy has another premonition, this time seeing Zoey saying she cannot handle this. Zoey asks if Joy can show her how being a witch works. Just then, a stair pops open revealing Fortune’s journal. Abigail and Cassie enter just in time and hope Fortune wrote about where she hid the amulet in the journal. Cassie offers to read it.

Suddenly, Dotty storms out of the house, exclaiming she is done with Davis. Dotty is not the only one to leave. Joy looks back and finds Zoey gone.

Cassie’s mother, Jade, appears to her. She knows Cassie does not want to find the amulet. It’s a big responsibility none of them asked for. Her mother explains how the kindness of a Merriwick to a traveler resulted in the transfer of this power to their family.

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Donovan tells Davis he can work things out with his marriage. However, Abigail has bad news. Dotty wants a divorce. Donavan asks what Davis wants. Davis explains he worked to give Dotty a good life but neglected their relationship. He urges Donovan and Abigail not to make the same mistake.

Sam finds a stunned Zoey; she doesn’t think she can deal with all this – it’s the moment Joy foresaw. However, realizing Zoey is having a tough time accepting the truth, Sam comforts her saying their gift is like a peanut allergy. They did not ask for it, it’s just part of who they are. Just then, Sam finds a clue in a purple satchel.

Meanwhile, Tom finally admits his secret to Martha. On Friday he is having heart surgery. He did not want to worry her, but seeing what happened between Dotty and Davis made him realize they need to be honest with one another. Martha assures Tom he does not have to go through this heart surgery alone.

George finds Stephanie playing the piano and lets her know Adam asked him to take over The Bistro as Maître D’. George is perfect for the job and Stephanie realizes Adam is a good egg.

In the kitchen, Joy has another premonition. Donovan is going to ask Abigail to elope. She tells Abigail. However, after what happened with his parents, Abigail is skeptical. Joy admits she told Zoey they are all witches. Abigail is impressed as she has not even told Donovan yet. Cassie arrives with the journal a little crestfallen. She reads a passage which states Fortune was so angry with Patience’s betrayal of the family that she destroyed her amulet.

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Zoey finds Joy and says she is now a witch’s girlfriend. Joy admits she may not be a witch’s girlfriend for long as they are not going to find the amulet. Zoey tells her about the message she and Sam found on the purple satchels: “light of a clear blue morning.” Joy thinks of the Dolly Parton song and grabs the record that belonged to her grandmother, Laurel. As she plays it, she hears a message from Laurel while Zoey on the other hand only hears the song. Laurel knew Joy would find this record. Laurel explains the threat the red haloed moon poses to their family and that there is an Orb of Intent hidden in the fireplace that can help detect any negative energy coming into Grey House.

Cassie asks the vision of Jade if she ever wondered what life would be like without their gift. Her mother realizes Cassie has let that define who she is. She reminds Cassie that happiness comes through helping others find their own happiness. However, Cassie admits she is very tired and ready to walk away from this gift.

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As Adam prepares to leave, Stephanie grabs him and pulls him in for a kiss. She admits she still loves him and her time in Paris won’t change that. She wants to be with him. Adam’s response is to kiss her.

Abigail asks Donovan to elope. Donovan reminds her what happened between his parents. Abigail says that situation is what made her realize they should be married right now. Donovan agrees to elope.

As Cassie watches a vision of her parents pull out a tray of blueberry muffins in the kitchen, she apologizes. She knew something was off the day they died and did not say anything. Jade does not blame Cassie; she blames herself for not teaching Cassie what it meant to be a Merriwick. If she had, Cassie would have known the power of what she felt that day. Cassie wonders why her mother didn’t know the accident was coming and why Merriwicks can’t see their own future. Jade tells her not to question a gift, just treasure it. Her parents disappear and Sam finds an emotional Cassie. He gives her the hug she has needed for a long time.

Upstairs, as Joy puts away the violin, she finds the latch on the hope chest is a mold for the amulet. Suddenly, Abigail and Joy get dizzy and must sit down. Sam turns to check on Cassie and finds her on the floor, passed out.