Recap: The Exchange - Season 7 - Episode 4

Sam is excited to perform surgery on a star basketball player. Joy makes a discovery and decides to revive the Middleton Exchange tradition.
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Sam prepares to perform surgery on a huge basketball star, Damien Hall. Cassie hands him the stethoscope his sister gave him at his medical school graduation as a good luck charm. Cassie tells Sam he is a huge surgical star that makes her heart race. Sam thanks her with a kiss.

At his apartment, Donovan has prepared a huge breakfast spread of waffles and fresh squeezed orange juice. Abigail can clearly see the breakfast is from the bistro and juice from the carton. What she does not see coming is an envelope with a huge check from Donovan to pursue her agency dream.

Joy works on making a walk-in closet for Martha at her office. Martha notices Joy’s step is missing pep and there is no glow in her flow. Joy tells her it is because she cannot stop dreaming about her parents. Though she cannot find a good night’s sleep, she does find a fun antique hopper in Martha’s wardrobe. Martha recognizes the item from a grand Middleton tradition, the exchange. At the exchange, Middleton residents bid adieu to an item that served its purpose in exchange for the exact item they need in return.

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Stephanie invites her suave young French teacher, Sean, to participate in a speed dating event at the Bistro as they are a man short. Sean wants to know if Stephanie is just hosting or if she will participate as well – translation, does she have a boyfriend? Sean leaves as Adam enters. Adam is taken aback by Stephanie’s rapport with Sean. She seems to have moved on pretty quickly.

Joy tells George, Sam and Cassie that she is bringing back the Middleton Exchange. George warns that Laurel stopped it for a reason. Cassie adds it was because people started to take it for granted. Joy believes she can bring back the magic to the exchange because that is how Merriwicks roll. Sam decides to donate his stethoscope.

Martha prepares for a visit from her cousin Maxine. Martha and Maxine have not spoken for years over a missing family baby blanket. Tom hopes Martha is not getting her hopes up that Maxine will arrive with the blanket as a baby gift for Tomi.

Abigail tells Cassie about Donovan’s incredibly generous offer to fund her ad agency. However, it has made her uncomfortable as the check had a lot of zeros. She fears being indebted to the Davenports. Cassie reminds Abigail she is about to become a Davenport. Marriages are a partnership. Abigail realizes she and Donovan may have different views on what marriage means.

Joy fixes Zoey’s sink and learns about her passion for rock climbing. Joy was already impressed with Zoey seeking her pilot’s license. Zoey asks if Joy would want to be her first passenger. Joy is willing to take the ride. However, the vibe changes when Joy notices a photo of Zoey with a girlfriend. When Joy mentions they look happy, Zoey just answers, “We were.”

Adam catches Sam during his pre-surgery shoot around on the basketball court. He is having a hard time getting over Stephanie and wonders if they can really just be friends. Sam’s advice is that is that you cannot be friends with an ex, especially one you are in love with. Adam works out his aggression over his situation with Stephanie, making a rebound that knocks Sam into the ground. He lands hard on his shoulder.

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Sam’s shoulder injury means he cannot perform surgery. He needs to focus on recovery, so he won’t need surgery himself. He is going to have to cancel his surgery on Damian Hall. Adam catches Sam after he gets the news and expresses how sorry he is for what happened.

Cassie, Joy and Stephanie look over exchange items at the bistro and find Martha not quite herself. She speaks with an accent and is wearing a very casual outfit missing her usual flair. They approach her to find out what is wrong and realize it is Maxine, Martha’s cousin, who is a dead ringer for Martha.

Donovan arrives at the flower shop full of ideas for her ad agency. He is thinking “Ads by Abigail” with a loft space that has floor to ceiling windows. He is very excited for Abigail. However, Abigail does not want to take “his” money. Donovan’s feels it is “their” money. When they are married, they’ll share everything. Abigail does not agree and realizes they may have spent so much time trying to break the curse that they did not get to know each other.

Zoey arrives at the Bistro with an item for the exchange and an apology for Joy. She explains the picture Joy saw was of her and her girlfriend Avery. She was a fellow firefighter who died in the line of duty.

Adam finds himself wandering into Abigail’s flower shop. He is having friend trouble with Stephanie. Abigail repeats much like Sam, you cannot be friends with an ex. Abigail realizes that Adam is a good listener. She explains her issue with Donovan. Adam suggests they do pre-marital counseling.

Sam updates Cassie on his shoulder injury. He fears the injury means no more surgery. Cassie wishes she could cheer him up. She once tried to get his favorite childhood board game the Pirate Kings Adventure, which would be a great pick me up. However, Sam says even the Pirate King would not cheer him up.

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Maxine has a happy visit with Tomi and mentions she has a gift for her. Martha is hoping for the family blanket and is appalled to find out the gift is a rattle. Martha brings up the Middleton exchange in particular how they used to exchange the family blanket back and forth until it went missing after her son Dylan was born. Maxine realizes Martha is accusing her of stealing it. Maxine has an accusation of her own. Martha stole Tom from her.

Adam visits Sam to apologize again. He comes bearing hot wings. However, Sam is in no mood for talking.

Maxine explains over tea with Cassie how Martha stole Tom from her. Maxine and Tom went on a double date years ago with Martha and a man named Gerry Ridley. While visiting a record shop on the date Tom and Martha connected when they both reached for a copy of Rocket Man. Maxine felt Tom was taken from her in that moment and she has been alone ever since. Cassie says its sounds like Maxine never truly broke up with Tom.

Abigail raises the idea of pre-marital counseling with Donovan. He feels counseling is for a marriage in trouble. Abigail thinks it could help them avoid problems. As George finishes up his work overhearing their conversation, he adds his two cents that counseling could help.

A dater drops out of the Bistro’s speed dating event, turning Stephanie from host to participant. During the event Stephanie gets to learn more about Sean, such as the fact he almost made it to the Rio Olympics as an archer.

Cassie gets advice from Tom on how to help Sam, who has become withdrawn. He recommends giving Sam some space, saying sometimes the best you can do is nothing at all.

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Joy visits and comforts Zoey. Zoey shows her a canoe she and Avery were going to paint together before she died. Joy knows what it’s like to lose someone, as she lost her mom at 17. Joy recounts how her mom took in a squirrel they named Bow Tie. She raised him and when he out grew their home he left for his own adventures. Joy didn’t see Bow Tie again until a year after her mother’s death. She was sitting on the porch struggling with the loss and Bow Tie showed up out of the blue, letting her know she was going to be okay. Zoey is waiting for her Bow Tie moment.

Adam lets Abigail and Donovan know that marriage requires sacrifice. Abigail is not sure she can get used to relying on someone other than herself. She is a great singles player. Adam says now she needs to learn how to play doubles as Donovan is here now and Abigail does not have to do everything on her own. Adding insult to injury, Abigail also announces she wants to keep her name.

Later, Tom shares a photo album with images of Martha and Maxine when they were young and very close. They were M&M, nicknamed so as when together they were sweeter than candy. The album was in a box of Dylan’s old toys. Martha looks in the box of old toys and is shocked to find the missing family blanket. She asks if Maxine can ever forgive her. Maxine says only if Martha can forgive her for accusing her of stealing Tom.

Sean wants to take Stephanie on a real date, but she feels it is a bad idea for three reasons. One he is her teacher, two he is younger, and three she just got out of a relationship. However, Sean makes a good case and Stephanie agrees to a date.

George finds a distraught Adam at the church. He has gotten attached to the place and hopes they can save it. George has good news; the church is now theirs to move. Unfortunately, it comes with a hefty price tag.

At the triumphant return of the Middleton Exchange Abigail gets beautiful wine glasses. Joy gets rune stones and George gets a moonstone. Martha and Tom get a new Rocket Man album as Maxine reconnects with Gerry Ridley, the other man on their infamous double date.

At Grey House, Cassie works on her bonsai tree. Sam watches as she explains how cutting away the rot can help restore the tree. This gives Sam and idea for how to help his patient Damian Hall without picking up a scalpel.

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Later, Sam opens his gift from the exchange. It’s the Pirate Kings Adventure game. Cassie was right - it does lift his spirits.

Adam blames himself for Sam’s shoulder injury, especially as Sam won’t talk to him. Stephanie gives Adam advice to keep trying to talk to Sam as he needs a friend right now. This prompts Adam to ask about his friendship with Stephanie. Is it possible for them to really be friends? Stephanie laughs as they are literally doing exactly what friends do – drinking coffee and giving each other advice. So, it is possible.

Joy swings by Zoey’s to drop of her exchange gift. Zoey finds her gift is a bow tie. It’s her Bow Tie moment! Joy puts it on her. Zoey invites her to stay and help paint the canoe.

At Donovan’s office Abigail arrives with a peace offering. She tosses him a tennis ball and lets him know she is ready to play doubles in their relationship. In order to be a good teammate, she has decided to go by Abigail Pershing-Davenport. Donovan likes the sound of that and the two share a kiss.

Cassie encourages Sam to talk to Adam after watching him dodge his calls. Sam changes the subject and prompts Cassie to open her exchange gift. She opens it and finds an old kite that belonged to her parents.