Recap: The Magic - Season 7 - Episode 7

Recap: The Magic - Season 7 - Episode 7

Recap: The Magic - Season 7 - Episode 7

As the Merriwicks delve into the images on Joy's vision board, Cassie accompanies Sam on a trip to his childhood home to care for his sister.
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Joy’s vision board is a clue to the location of the second amulet, which could provide protection for the Merrwicks. However, a piece of the puzzle is still missing.

Stephanie discovers an old list of everything she wanted to accomplish in life. She wrote the list at age 14 and it includes doing a back handspring and reading “War and Peace.” Cassie thinks it is no coincidence she found the list as she is trying to find herself.

No one shows up at the church opening much to Adam’s surprise. Later, Adam is called to the hospital by Grant to provide support for Monica, who just lost a patient. While there, he takes back his job as Chaplain. At least there are patients he can help at the hospital, unlike his empty church.

Abigail and Donovan realize they don’t know much about each other, like favorite books, allergies, zodiac sign, etc. They need a second first date to learn more about each other.

Sam’s sister Joanne, who suffers from ataxia, recently took a fall and is alone at home. Sam and Cassie go to stay with her for the weekend. Joanne wants to continue to climb mountains and be adventurous, but Sam thinks she should slow down and let him help her.

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Joy gets Abigail’s help with flowers for Zoey. She includes yellow roses. Shortly after, Abigail learns the man who almost bought her shop is a part of a company called Flower Universe. He is no longer interested in buying her out as he has bought the other nearby shops. Abigail soon realizes they are in a flower war as three of her clients cancel their orders.

Cassie finds Sam’s old magic set from his grandfather in a hope chest. When she reveals it to Sam, she learns about the Remarkable Radfords magic shows. There was just one trick Sam could not accomplish – the Lemon Twist. It was a trick where his grandfather made a ring magically appear in a lemon. However, Sam can barely focus on old tricks as he thinks Joanne needs to use a wheelchair as her ataxia worsens.

Zoey receives Joy’s flowers but is not sure of their meaning. She asks Adam what he thinks, explaining it’s been a year since Avery’s death, and she is not sure if Joy’s yellow roses mean friendship or something more. Adam feels she is reading too much into things; Joy clearly likes her.

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Abigail and Joy go to a Wedding expo to drum up business and get inspired. Despite knowing the big day is a long way off, Abigail tries on a wedding dress. Once in the dress, Abigail realizes she is ready for marriage.

After finding a few magic tricks in the Radford hope chest, Cassie has a revelation. Patience and Fortune Merriwick were sitting on a similar chest in the painting she and Joy discovered. She contacts Joy and Abigail and asks them to look for a hope chest in the attic at Grey House. Maybe the amulet is there.

Joy and Abigail find a hope chest in the attic. Inside they find flowers and a letter to Patience from William Spry. They wonder if Patience took the amulet when she ran off with William.

Adam finds Stephanie at the hospital. She sprained her wrist trying to accomplish that back handspring task on her list. Adam feels Steph should concentrate on her current goals instead of past ones. Stephanie agrees as she also thinks Adam is playing it safe by taking his old job back. He should follow his own advice and focus on the church.

Later, Donovan makes lasagna for his second first date with Abigail. She reveals the wedding dress she tried on and her change of heart. She no longer wants a long engagement; she wants to get married.

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As Sam’s relationship with Joanne struggles, Cassie suggests he try the lemon trick to inspire Joanne to use her wheelchair. Sam successfully does the trick making Cassie’s ring appear in a lemon. Later that night Joanne uses the wheelchair.

Meanwhile, Joy stresses she has not heard from Zoey. Finally, Zoey appears with flowers and a photo of the two of them. Joy is touched and puts it on her vision board.

Later when showing her vision board to Cassie, Joy realizes the photo from Zoey was the missing piece. Now when they flip the board there is a message that reads, beware zenith of red haloed moon.