Season 7 Premieres Sunday May 16 9/8c

The Road Trip

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Together with Abigail, Cassie and Grace take a girls road trip to visit Cassie’s alma mater, which is also on Grace’s list of top choice colleges. Martha tries to make a change to her TV show now that she is also mayor. Sam holds down Grey House. Adam asks Stephanie for dinner reservations for two at the bistro.

At the college, we meet Willow, Cassie’s old college friend and the two reconnect about their college days. Ella hosts Grace at the school for an overnight visit and the pair hit it off instantly. Martha is shocked to learn that her new approach to the show has flopped. She must find a way to increase the ratings to save it from cancellation. She goes to Stephanie for advice and is told to bring on the spice.

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Sam and Nick are woken up early by their guest, Jack who is a violinist. Jack expresses how he doesn’t love playing the violin as much anymore and would really prefer to be just a normal teenager. Later on Jack and Nick are playing basketball when Jack injures his fingers. Sam examines him and tells him to rest.

Martha takes a new approach to the show by having the town’s controller appear, she then confronts him about not recycling. The ratings are through the roof, but Martha doesn’t feel right about the new approach of the show. She lets the station’s manager know she has to resign and put all of her energy into her position as Mayor. Stephanie prepares the bistro for Adam and his date and is surprised to learn that she is the date. The two share a delightful meal and open up to one another.

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Willow asks Cassie for advice on a potential job opportunity at a different college. She is conflicted about what to do. After taking a walk and running into current students and a conversation with the Dean of the School she decides to stay. Sam helps Jack find a way to talk to his dad about being a normal teenager. After a great visit to the college, Grace decides to go to Wellingsly.