The Honeymoon

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Sam and Cassie eat cake as they enjoy their honeymoon at the winery. Erin, the winery’s owner, catches up with them but is surprised when her brother shows up unexpectedly with the news that the vineyard may be closing. At home, Grace talks to Vincent about Noah and their long-distance relationship. Grace then receives a call from Noah, telling her he wants to break up. She then opens up to Abigail about the breakup. Martha auditions for the talk show, but when it's her turn in front of the camera, she freezes on air.

Abigail and Donovan go head to head, planning town events on the same day. She confronts him and he offers a compromise. He suggests that they throw the two events together so everyone can attend. Nick reconnects with an old friend Tyler and the two decide they will see if there’s any truth to an urban legend about a ghost named Clementine.

On a walk around the vineyard, Cassie meets Alex, Erin’s niece. She shares with Cassie how much she loves being at the vineyard and that she has a passion for photography. Grace convinces herself that she is okay without Noah and to distract herself, she immerses herself in baking. Over at the bakery, Vincent and Stephanie flirt.

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On a morning walk in the vineyard, Cassie and Sam run into Erin who is examining the grapes, which aren’t growing. Erin and her brother argue in front of Sam about keeping the Vineyard going. Abigail and Donovan throw their joint events and Abigail wows the audience with her impromptu speech, uniting the two towns. Stephanie catches up with Adam, who reveals to her why he said he wasn’t ready to date. Adam tells her that he recently broke up with his fiance, but that Stephanie is filling him with hope again. Martha makes a plea for a second chance to audition for the host job. When the host of the party loses his voice, Martha steps up to encourage everyone to give, stealing the scene.

Cassie, Sam, Alex and Erin, sit around the campfire when Erin’s brother reveals that he filed a petition to split the vineyard. His announcement upsets Alex. Sam then notices that Erin’s brother's arm is hurting. Sam examines him and tells him he's having a stress attack. Sam urges him to get things under control as the next attack could be a heart attack. Alex runs away so Cassie uses social media to find out her last location.

Matha’s scene-stealing moment at the party impresses the station owner who offers her the talk show. Meanwhile, Nick and Tyler are hard at work, testing the urban legend. Suddenly, lights flicker, Tyler disappears and it feels like Clementine has appeared. Grace reveals it was her playing tricks on them. Nick realizes that Tyler just wanted to hang out and spend time with him.

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Abigail and Donovan bond over cupcakes after the party. Adam asks Stephanie out on a date but she declines, not wanting to be the rebound girl. She asks Adam to wait a bit and to ask again when he's sure he's ready. Martha interrupts Abigail and Donovan almost kissing. Martha urges her to not fall for Donovan

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On a break from cooking, Grace finally lets herself cry. The morning that Sam and Cassie prepare to leave, Alex comes rushing out to let them know the grapes have grown. Erin and her brother decide to run the vineyard together. Vincent stops by and asks Stephanie out on a date, and she accepts. Before leaving Sam and Cassie stomp the grapes. They return home and Cassie and Abigail spend time with quality time with Grace.

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