Sunday May 3 9:00 PM / 8:00c
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The Graduation

Cassie and Sam prepare for the next chapter of their lives as Nick and Grace get ready to graduate and attend college. On the last few days of school, Grace helps a local fashion designer make a dress for a client. Martha continues to try and find clues to the Middleton treasure, and Nick’s mom, Linda arrives in town. Stephanie and Adam struggle to balance their workload and their relationship.

While working with the fashion designer, Mrs. Hansen, Grace discovers she loves fashion and creating pieces. George stops by to help Mrs. Hansen move some items and she offers him an old safe, but warns him she has no idea how to open it. Elsewhere, Donovan says “I love you” to Abigail but she is unable to say it back to him. She looks to Cassie for advice on expressing her true feelings to Donovan. A little while later Donovan opens up to Cassie about his declaration and she encourages him to give it time. Cassie, Sam, Nick and Grace share a special dinner together at the bistro on the eve of Graduation.

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