The Tea

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Grace and Nick get excited for the mail, waiting to see if their college acceptance papers have arrived. Nick finds out that he has gotten in. Grace’s envelope is thin and she makes up an excuse to open it later. Martha, happily back as Mayor commissions a portrait of herself, but is disappointed by the first pass at it. Two guests staying at Grey House struggle to connect so Cassie comes up with activities to get them spending time together. Sam welcomes the new interns at the hospital and learns from Adam that one of them may have an issue with compassion.

George looks at old photos of his truck. Nick stops by to express anxiety over going to college and studying gaming. He feels a bit behind the other students since he just realized what he wants to do. He admires George’s truck, and George says if he can fix it up, he can keep it.
Stephanie and Vincent explore the idea of partnering together on the food truck. Martha assigns her interns a project and reveals that only one of them will stay on based on their performance. Donovan stops by the flower shop and invites Abigail out on a date.

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Later on Abigail talks to Cassie about going on the first date. Cassie makes a tea to help calm her nerves. Sam tries to talk to Josh the intern about his bedside manners, but the conversation doesn’t seem to resonate with him. Cassie advises Sam that in order to teach sometimes you have demonstrate. Martha also asks for advice from Cassie in terms of getting the perfect portrait. Cassie dishes out knowledge that “sometimes silence is true wisdom’s best reply.”

Abigail and Donovan go on their first date with his dog. He surprises her with a homemade picnic and the two really connect. At the hospital, Sam gives a motivation speech to his interns about how they are all doctors, and they aren’t good yet. This internship is going to make them into good doctors. Nick and George get the truck up and running. George says that if you put your mind to anything you can do it.

Grace and Luke work together and submit one essay to Martha. To their delight this was all part of her plan, a team building exercise and they both passed. Kate, the artist brings by the final portrait, which Martha loves. Vincent surprises Stephanie with a candlelit meal in their newly renovated truck. Donovan surprises Abigail at her shop, and the two share their first kiss. Grace confides in Cassie at the end of her day and finds a letter from a college mixed in with the magazines. Grace has been accepted to college!