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The Forever Tree Pt. 2

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Cassie asks George to walk her down the aisle, he has been so good to both her and Grace. George happily accepts. Stephanie watches the baseball game coached by Adam and is surprised to see him hug another woman. Abigail and Stephanie continue to set up for the wedding. Martha stops by to see if she can work at the bistro, as she continues to search for a place where she can fit in.

The wedding rehearsal is postponed as the Reverend goes home to rest after sneezing too much. Everyone celebrates the eve of the wedding with a bbq. Martha, Nick and other’s toast Sam and Cassie.

Highlights - A Toast - Good Witch

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Cassie shares she found another dress after her original one is ruined by moths. Grace goes to visit with the mysterious horse by the barn when it escapes and takes off. Grace confesses to Cassie that she thinks she could be bringing back luck to this wedding, and all the mishaps are her fault. She opens up that she has been thinking about her dad lately and she feels guilty that she is putting out negative energy. Cassie reassures her that she is not the cause of anything bad happening.

Vincent leaves town without telling anyone. Sam tries to track him down. Cassie goes back to check on Grace and discovers her gone. Martha provides Abigail with unwanted advice on mayoral duties. Nick finds Vincent in an empty baseball field at night. Vincent opens up that he didn’t get the job on the boat, he feels embarrassed, Sam reassures him that everyone loves him unconditionally.

Adam stops by the bistro to see Stephanie. He clears up the hug earlier revealing he doesn’t have a girlfriend. He turns down Stephanie for a date saying, he’d like too but is dealing with something so doesn’t think it is a good time. Cassie finds Grace at her father’s favorite spot. The two share a moment reflecting on the past. Cassie tells her that her father is always looking out for her.

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Abigail shuts off the water at the Mayor of Davenport as his water line is on their town line. Grace gives a pep talk to Nick about figuring out his future. Martha thinks Abigail struck a deal to her to be Mayor again, Abigail instead reveals she is going to take the money and redo the playgrounds, wanting to make Martha sweat things out a bit longer. Sam continues to look for the forever tree. He recruits Nick to help him find it. Nick reveals he wants to design video games and Sam is thrilled that he has found something he is passionate about.

Highlights - Wedded Bliss - Good Witch

The wedding day is here! Grace surprises her mom with the wedding dress fixed. Abigail is stranded with a flat tire on her way to the ceremony when the Mayor of Davenport, comes to her rescue. Martha reveals to Abigail that she is going to host her own TV show. Nick finds Lindsey and shares with her his plan to apply to schools. Vincent surprises Cassie just in time for the wedding. Before the ceremony starts Grace sees the white horse, and tells Sam they need to follow it. The white horse leads them to the forever tree. Cassie and Sam are married in front of the forever tree in front of their family friends.

Highlights - Happily Ever After - Good Witch