The Forever Tree Pt. 1

Cassie and Sam clean up a storage room as they prepare to have Nick move in. Sam expressed how he doesn’t think Nick is taking his future, post high school, seriously. Cassie encourages him to give it time and it will all work out. The two get excited as their wedding is only two days away. Cassie comes across an old folder with a wedding photo of her great great great grandmother and her husband Douglas on their wedding day. Cassie reminisces on the history around the photo which was taken in front of a forever tree. Cassie tells Sam the tree is a sign of good luck for a lifetime of happiness.

Stephanie, Abigail and Martha set up for the wedding. While looking for a ladder at the wedding site, Nick meets Lindsey in the horse stables and is rendered speechless. The two bond over their love for the game Destination. She shows him a new horse that they haven’t been able to break in.

Vincent, Cassie’s foster brother, surprises her at the house. He arrives with gifts for everyone and Cassie and Grace are thrilled that he will be attending the wedding. Cassie and Vincent reminisce about the old days growing up together. Privately Sam urges Cassie to be careful, he would hate to see her disappointed or hurt again with Vincent around. In addition to Vincent, Sam’s mother and father arrive for the wedding as well.

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