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The Prince

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Cassie accepts Martha’s offer to appear on her talk show. Martha wants her to come on and talk about holistic healing. A new guest, Henry, arrives at Grey House in search of a little peace and quiet after just finishing a tour in the navy. Abigail, overwhelmed by all the work as Mayor, offers Grace an internship.

At the hospital, Sam gets a surprise visit from Dr. Patrick Taylor, an old friend. Patrick asks for Sam's help with a patient, but before they can talk more, Patrick starts to have chest pains and suddenly collapses. Sam brings Patrick to Grey House while they try to figure out what is going on with him.

Henry beautifully plays the piano when Olivia overhears and stops to listen. The two flirt with one another. Later at the bistro, Oliva and Stephanie talk about the upcoming open poetry mic night when Henry arrives and says he would love to attend. Vincent overhears that Henry is from Cordonia, and mentions he docked into their port a few times.

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At town hall, Grace meets fellow intern Luke. The two immediately get off on the wrong foot as they both compete for Abigail's attention. Donovan goes head to head with Abigail over Wishing Well Park, which his family’s company just bought.

At breakfast the next morning Cassie and Patrick talk about what's going on in his life. Cassie listens and offers advice to Patrick on dealing with his estranged wife. Sam and Patrick do more tests at the hospital but all the results keep coming back normal. Sam then advises Patrick to talk to his wife.

Davis Davenport, Donovan’s father, stops by to meet Abigail. He urges her to allow him to build his country club on the Wishing Well Property. The two don’t exactly see eye to eye.

Henry and Olivia spend time at the bistro together during Poetry Open Mic. Henry asks Olivia to read one of hers and he is taken back when she does. Henry asks her out on an official date. Back at Grey House, Vincent confronts Henry and tells him he recognizes him and knows that he is part of the Cordonia royal family. Olivia overhears the conversation and is shocked.

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With Olivia is still upset, Henry shows up to the library to surprise Olivia in his real “royal” clothes and ask for a second chance. He invites her to dinner again and she happily accepts. Grace goes above and beyond to help Abigail, outshining Luke. Donovan stops by and urges Abigail to not go against his father. He says he is protecting her and looking out for her best interests.

Stephanie and Vincent go on a first date. Stephanie reveals that she wants to buy a food truck. Vincent offers to help. Henry stops the store looking for a gift for Olivia. Cassie recommends a journal for her. She encourages Henry to trust his heart when it comes to his feelings for Oliva. Martha does some digging on Henry and discovers he is engaged to someone else. She shares the news with Olivia. Henry tries to explain the situation to Olivia but she refuses to talk to him. Henry explains to Cassie that it is an arranged marriage that he doesn’t agree with.

Luke and Grace put their differences aside to work together to try and save the Wishing Well Park. Sam talks to Patrick and thinks all his symptoms have to do with Patrick’s broken heart. He encourages him to work on his marriage.

In an effort to impress Abigail, Donovan stands up to his father and gets him to agree to donate the park back to Middletown.

As Martha prepares for her first episode with Cassie, Henry rushes in asks to be on the show. Henry decides to clear the air about the rumors spreading around town. He tells Martha that his royal title means nothing if he doesn’t have someone to share it will and then he proclaims his love for Olivia.

Vincent surprises Stephanie by finding a food truck. Henry and Olivia reunite. Patrick heads home to work things out with his wife. Martha reveals that Donovan put her house back in Middleton and Abigail happily turns over the Mayor's duties to Martha. Luke gets a mysterious phone call while with Grace.