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  • Let's Dance
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    While talking to Robinson about his upcoming school dance, Holly realizes RJ missed out on this quintessential social milestone and she sets out to give him the experience he deserves. Dolores continues her search for her long-lost half-sister and comes closer than ever before. And, Robinson enlists an unlikely family member to help him ask a girl to the dance.
Past Episodes
  • Rodney tells Robinson he can redecorate his bedroom if he earns it, but Holly would rather gift it to him; Holly is asked to present her mother with a special award, but tensions mount when Dolores disagrees with her; Rodney plans a special surprise for Holly so the two can re-connect.
  • Despite landing her dream job in Vancouver, Holly’s overwhelming mom guilt prevents her from enjoying the experience; Rodney and the boys embark on adventures in Canada; the Peete’s offer hope and inspiration to families impacted by autism.
  • Holly heeds the call of mother and plan's a spontaneous trip with Dolores to visit Ryan in New York City; the hunt for Dolores' long lost half-sister begins; Rodney's school of etiquette is in session.
  • Holly and Rodney prepare for their twins' big 20th birthday party, but getting the whole family under the same roof will be tricky.