As Holly finishes up her work on the film set in Vancouver, Rodney continues to parent solo. Being the stricter parent, he puts the boys to work doing chores, and uses this as incentive when Robinson asks to re-decorate his room. If Robinson works hard around the house, he can earn a new bed and furniture he is wanting. However, when Holly gets home, she has her own ideas when it comes to Robinson’s requests, and she and Rodney and don’t see eye to eye.

Holly, is asked to present her Mother with an award for being a positive guiding force as both a Mom and manager. Dolores is excited to be getting this recognition, and it means a lot to Holly to give her Mom this honor, however the two hit a speed bump when Dolores also disagrees with Holly’s parenting style.

In an attempt to get back on the same page, and make good on the promise they made to each other in Vancouver to spend more time together, Rodney makes several attempts to romance Holly.
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